WATCH: Ray Wylie Hubbard Shares Personal ‘Knives Of Spain’ Video

WATCH: Ray Wylie Hubbard Shares Personal ‘Knives Of Spain’ Video

Do you every say to yourself, Self…I wonder what the Snake Daddy Ray Wylie Hubbard does on a Friday night off? Well, the video above and the message below is the answer to that question!

Via Ray Wylie’s Facebook page:

so i had nothing to do for a couple of hours so i looked at some stuff i had on my phone and threw it on iMovie and figured i’d mess around with it. then for some reason ‘knifes of spain’ cropped in my head and i put it on the thing and ”wha la” (i couldn’t find the french spelling so i used the ‘pho net ic’ spelling..which i think means ‘here it is’) [probably not]. i really should quit guessing and find out for sure some day.
anyhow its kinda jumbled but don’t you hate those country videos where the lyrics say ‘there was a letter in my mailbox’ and then they show a letter in a mailbox or ‘i got a truck’ and then they show the dumbass singing it in a truck.
i do.
so nothing literal for me and my kind.
anyhow what i did is pretty much do something, cuss and then redo it…which is not a bad way to get through life come to think of it. if you can get through life without cussing i probably would disappoint you. now i don’t cuss vulgar like, just the usual when you stub your toe words.
hey now cain’s and billy bob’s and luckenbach are coming up with jonathan and aaron lee so i imagine there will be a collaboration cutting’ heads showing off nasty licks ‘top that’ free for all jam at the end of the evening so no telling what will happen and no telling what happened if you there. i am looking forward to these shows.
so thats it. hope you dig the video (hey..remember you get what you pay for)
yours truly,

Rita Ballou

May 6th, 2016

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