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Mel’s Onnit Fitness Blog: #6

Mel’s Onnit Fitness Blog: #6

My ankle is doing SO much better! Thank you sweet baby Jesus!

I am really starting to see a change in the definition in my arms and especially my legs! I have gained so much muscle! My arms are where I have really seen the most change. When we first started 10 weeks ago, you probably couldn’t pay me enough money to wear a sleeveless shirt. Now, I can see and indention on the inside of my arm! It’s not all chub! That has been one of the best things about having Chris Maranon as my trainer. He asked me weeks ago, what I want to look like and what my goals are. He listened, and with his expertise has been able to help me sculpt my body. My legs are now solid muscle, I actually feel good about shorts weather coming!

I have now fallen in love with boxing. If you would have asked me 10 weeks ago, if I thought I would be boxing I would have told you, you’re crazy! It is such a different awesome workout and amazing stress reliever for me!

Let’s talk vitamins. I have always had the best of intentions of taking them. I buy them, I keep them out on the counter but the bottles just sit there. It was a pain to  get the  5 plus pills out of each individual bottle everyday. One of my favorite products that I have tried from Onnit, is the day and night total primate packs. It has a packet for obviously daytime and then nighttime…but all the vitamins are in a convenient packet that you can grab and go. Convenience, is always a key factor for me. I have actually CONSISTENTLY taken them!

We only have a couple weeks to go! #GetOnnit

mel hering

April 5th, 2018

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