Will Hoge Releases ‘My American Dream’ Album

Will Hoge Releases ‘My American Dream’ Album

Nashville singer-songwriter Will Hoge has released his new album ‘My American Dream.’

It’s described as “the fiercest, angriest, and most heartfelt collection of songs he’s released. Eight songs of rabble-rousing political commentary that turns a critical eye on the crisis of conscience and culture threatening to tear apart his country, the album is Hoge’s impassioned portrait of what he holds dear — and what we all might risk losing.”

The album’s topics range from border police to political corruption to anti-intellectualism. Poverty. Gun control. A broken education system. Indifference to others’ suffering. Each of these things weighed on Hoge, who says laughing: “Those things kept me up at night — and this record was less expensive than therapy. Silence couldn’t be a part of my deal anymore”.


Order/download the album HERE

Rita Ballou

October 5th, 2018

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