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WATCH: ‘You’ve Gotta Love Millennials’ Viral Parody Video

WATCH: ‘You’ve Gotta Love Millennials’ Viral Parody Video

Micah Tyler’s “You’ve Gotta Love Millennials,” Parody went viral in June of 2016 with over 20 Million hits on Facebook.

The parody, sung to the Beatle’s tune “Obladi-Oblada” is a look into the millennial generation and the negative attitudes and beliefs associated with them. Millenials are categorised as being addicted to technology, lazy and unrealistic and this parody is a shout out to that.

“There he sits in your local coffee shop, sporting a man bun and facial hair, somehow he believes that although he has no job, that by his thirties he will be a millionaire,” he sings.

“She posts lots of selfies on her Instagram with a quote that’s inspirational, hopes to change the world while wearing yoga pants, armed with her dreams and knowledge of essential oils.”

While the song seems to make fun of the younger generation, Micah Tyler is actually a millennial himself and is looking to break the attitude.

“My hope is that future generations will be able to look at how we overcame our differences and fought as hard as we could to break down the barriers created by negative attitude, easy excuses and pointing fingers,” Tyler explained.

Check out the video above.

Rita Ballou

June 9th, 2017

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