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WATCH: The Salvation Army’s ‘It Takes An Army’ (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Salvation Army’s ‘It Takes An Army’ (VIDEO)

It takes an Army to help families like these. As Austin continues to thrive, The Salvation Army Austin continues to serve the growing number of individuals and families in our community who come to us when they have nowhere else to turn. We are in the process of building two new facilities, to meet this expanding need, but providing these additional services will take additional resources. Are YOU the missing piece? Would you make a donation today to help your neighbors in need?

Featured in the film, the Hershkovitz family of six were living out of their small car two years ago when they reached out to The Salvation Army for help. Once a room became available, the family was able to get into emergency shelter. Similarly, the Castillo family lived with one friend after another until they ended up out on the streets. Then they called The Salvation Army and got a room in the Austin Shelter for Women and Children. Today, both families have their own apartments and have been self-sufficient for more than a year. Their relief and gratitude are palpable.

Rita Ballou

May 10th, 2018

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