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UPDATE On The Missing Willie Nelson Armadillo!

Good news!

The Willie-Dillo has been returned.

(If you missed the story about Willie Nelson’s “stage” mascot getting kidnapped in New York…click HERE for a recap of the story.)

Via the website Saving Country Music, this story has a happy ending!

9/27/13 8:30 PM CDT: 

According to theater manager Tom Bailey at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY, O’Dillo has been returned. The toy was returned to the theater’s box office in a sealed box. It was not the same woman who can be seen on the video below taking the animal, and the woman did not identify herself. Tom Bailey says they believe they know who stole the Armadillo, but Willie’s monitor engineer Aaron Foye has decided to not press charges. 



Rita Ballou

September 29th, 2013

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