Texas Discount Furniture’s Ugly Chair Contest Winners

Texas Discount Furniture’s Ugly Chair Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Texas Discount Furniture’s “Ugly Chair” contest! Thank you to everyone for your entries.

Happy Father’s Day!

1st place – Dale Krueger
$399 from Texas Discount Furniture to be used towards a new recliner.

Enclosed you will find pictures of my husband’s ugly chair before and after. We purchased it in 2011 shortly before the birth of our daughter, Sarah. My husband (Carl) and I went through a lot to have her.

After three years of infertility treatments, we finally had her. My husband would rock her to sleep in the ugly chair. Feed her in the ugly chair and together they would take naps in the ugly chair. Two peas in a pod. The ugly chair has seen a lot over 5 years now; wear and tear have taken its toll. It’s seen heartache; it’s seen happiness. My husband works long and hard hours in our family farming business and comes home for lunch and takes short power naps in the ugly chair. He is both Sarah’s and my hero and deserves a better chair to take his power naps in.

We would like to surprise him with a new one.

2nd place – McKenna & Patty Dallmeyer
4 tickets to the Texas Rangers vs. Los Angeles Angles at Global Life Park in Arlington Friday, July 7th

My mom and I bought this chair from Big Lots for my dad 5 years ago for his birthday. It is where he spends most of his time after work watching TV, eating dinner, and sleeping. We have definitely gotten our money’s worth out of it. The faux leather fabric covering the seat, back rest, and arm rests is nonexistent. Now there is a hole in the newly exposed cloth in the seat where we can see the internal padding. We got him a cover for Christmas but there is no way it can hide its ugliness. We have been needing to get my dad a new one (as you can probably tell it is a “need”) but they are so expensive… Please pick us for the grand prize so I am not embarrassed in front of my friends when they come over to my house anymore and my dad can sit in something not so ugly.

3rd place – Robynn Shayne 
$50 GC to Mighty Fine Burgers

This is my daddy, Dan. No one works harder than him. After a long, hard day, he comes home to this old recliner, turns on the TV, curls up with his pup (and grandson when he’s visiting) and naps until supper is ready. He’s never been one to sit at the table for dinner. This is where he eats! After dinner, it’s TV, XBox or Facebook for him until bedtime.

Lots of stories have been told from that old recliner, and I’ve gotten lots of advice from him while he sat there. Mom and I bought him this recliner at Sam’s Club about 11 years ago for him for Father’s Day. He had never had a “fancy leather” chair before and his face lit up like I’d never seen before when he came home from work and we had surprised him with it. I’d sure love to see that look on his face again if he won a new one!

Rita Ballou

June 16th, 2017

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