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Texas Discount Furniture’s Father’s Day ‘Ugly Chair Contest’ Winners

Texas Discount Furniture’s Father’s Day ‘Ugly Chair Contest’ Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Texas Discount Furniture’s “Ugly Chair” contest! Thank you to everyone for your entries.

Happy Father’s Day!

$399 from Texas Discount Furniture to be used towards a new recliner.

Our chair is 8 years old, and is the first chair we bought together as a newly married couple. Like every marriage, this chair has seen better days and is no longer shiny and new but has been seen lots of care and love. We bought this chair at a TJ maxx in Texas, and it has since lived in 5 houses ( 2 in Texas, moved to 2 homes in Nebraska, and our current home back in Texas) and paid rent in 3 storage units. I can’t tell you how many hours my husband has rocked our children (and myself) in this chair. It now has a broken side and my husband now leans to one side when reclined, and is slowly shredding apart (probably as a way of saying it’s ready to retire) Is there a recliner heaven? I know my husband would greatly appreciate a new recliner to make new memories in with our kids.

Four Pack of Texas Rangers vs Cleveland Indians

Here is our recliner. This picture was taken over a year and a half ago. We have the chair backed up to that half wall and still use it like it’s not broken! The chair is a hand me down from my parents and is over 25 years old.

$50 The League Kitchen & Tavern

Rita Ballou

June 15th, 2018

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