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Thursday, June 4th, 2015

SEGMENT 1-The guys discuss how TXDOT is spying on your travel habits using Bluetooth, and other government spy tactics. Our Senior Political Advisor Joe Allbaugh joined us to talk about identity theft and the IRS.

SEGMENT 2-Troy Kimmel is back! We talk about if the Shoal Creek renovations held up through the flooding. The guys talk more about IRS identity theft and if America should adopt the metric system. Big news in Texas today as former Governor Rick Perry announces his presidential run. Joe Allbaugh breaks down Perry’s chances.

SEGMENT 3-Rita joins us for the entertainment segment. She talks about Willie Nelson and his many film appearances, including his role in the upcoming Zoolander sequel. Taco Bell now offers alcohol in Chicago! Rita reminds us to be nice to the people who handle your food.

SEGMENT 4- The Dallas City Council overturned their bag ban. The guys talk about the possibility of Austin following suit. They discuss the difference between your average grocery shoppers versus Whole Foods shoppers to coincide with the opening of their cheaper stores.


Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

SEGMENT 1– Dennis Farris is sitting in with the guys this morning! We have new information about the murder of Samantha Dean. It’s Willie Wednesday! The guys discuss traffic problems and how pedestrians don’t ever pay attention in Austin.

SEGMENT 2– The city of Austin is starting summer rates for energy billing and they released ways to reduce your bill. The guys talk about what the right temperature to set your home and office vs. what normal people do.

SEGMENT 3– Rita calls in and tells us the Top 10 Ultimate Life Experiences! She also talks Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner breaking a Guinness World Record for number of Twitter followers in an hour.

SEGMENT 4– Mike Clark from Natural Bio Health calls in and informs us about Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. After a serious conversation about the disease and symptoms, the guys lighten the mood by playing ‘Ode to Billie Joe’ in honor of it being June 3rd. Talk about a Viagra pill for women gets everyone joking around.


Monday, June 1st, 2015

SEGMENT 1– The guys start the show by recapping the aftermath of the tragic Memorial Day storm that swept across Central Texas. They talk about the increase in traffic fatalities from last year, and discuss the 10 craziest baby names. The guys also wish Eric Raines a happy birthday and discuss the construction on Mopac.

SEGMENT 2– The guys talk about the Austin people coming together after the storms to raise money for the community. We partnered with the Austin Disaster Relief Network and the Salvation Army on Friday and raised about a quarter of a million dollars toward the storm relief efforts.

SEGMENT 3– Rita calls in to talk entertainment. Urban Cowboy is getting a TV show remake. Johnny Manziel threw a water bottle at a heckler and missed, and Kim Kardashian is expecting another baby.

SEGMENT 4– The guys discuss the heat wave in India killing over 2,000 people, Texas Congress approving Campus Carry over the weekend, and the increase in kids surviving childhood cancer treatments due to less aggressive treatments. They talk about the new and upcoming movies, negative effects and personal experiences with smoking, and we hear the song Carlos from Angry Possum Productions made about Bob.


Friday, May 29th, 2015

SEGMENT 1– Today we celebrate Fun Friday with giving. KOKE FM and the Austin Radio Network team will be collecting donations today at the Austin Disaster Relief Network location. Don Miller will be broadcasting from the collection site today with information on what is needed for the flood relief.

SEGMENT 2– More flooding is possible this weekend and the guys discuss the fake flood photos circulating the internet. Erin Hogan from The Horn joins us, broadcasting from their location at the Hays County Store. Bob tells us the secret to buying candy at CVS. And we visit Don again at the ADRN site.

SEGMENT 3– Today is all about giving and Joyologist from Tito’s Vodka, Amy Lukken, has called in to issue a $50,000 challenge. Tito’s Vodka will match all monetary donations made today up to $50,000!


Thursday, May 28th, 2015

SEGMENT 1– The guys discuss Eric Raines’ popped hamstring while preparing for Reckless Kelly’s Celebrity Softball Jam this weekend. Round Rock Express is having “Pack the Park” night where the game will be nationally televised to show the country how big baseball is in Round Rock, Texas. The guys discuss the significant increase in the price tickets for professional baseball games. Texas baseball will play in the Dallas Baptist Regional tournament this weekend, playing their first game against Oregon State on Friday.

SEGMENT 2– Politician Joe Allbaugh calls in to deny rumors of possibly being hired as campaign manager if Ohio Governor John Kasich decides to run for the 2016 presidency. Greg Burger of Precision Camera joins us to promote their partnership with Boot Campaign. Precision will pay half the price of any pair of boots purchased from bootcampaign.com to benefit active duty and veterans.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter joins us to talk about his upcoming trip to Hawaii and his hobby of photography. In the news, Jimmy talks about the tragedies of flooding waters, including the recent discovery of the body of a small child in Hays County. Jimmy also talks about the success that new movies Entourage and Jurassic World will have in the box office during their opening weekend.

SEGMENT 4– The guys discuss the rising stardom of Chris Stapleton, who released his album two weeks ago and has written 11 number one hits for artists like Luke Bryan and Kenny Chesney. Lake Travis is at 629 feet after the storms over the weekend. General Manager of Round Rock Express Jay Miller calls in to talk about the televised game tonight against El Paso.


Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

SEGMENT 1– The guys discuss the new new information after the “How to Deal With Women” debacle. City Manager Marc Ott has taken full responsibility for the situation by firing Snipes. Oprah has dropped in the ranking of most powerful women and new women have made the list. As new TV programs emerge, the guys try to decide what is appropriate and what crosses the line. We talk about the aftermath of this past weekend’s storms and the damage done to the Shoal Creek area.

SEGMENT 2-It’s Willie Wednesday! The guys tell us about the great man who has a new book, “It’s a Long Story.” The book chronicles Willie’s alcohol addiction, marijuana and religion. The 2015 Best and Worst Cities for “Staycations” lists Austin at number 16. As if we needed another reason to celebrate Austin!

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter joins us this Wednesday morning. He informs us of the recent violence against cops in breaking news stories including a heroic K-9 officer. National news may neglect our officers but the guys discuss the importance of talking about these violent crimes. Jimmy reflects on the aftermath of the floods and the impact in Houston, which included a floating casket in the flood waters. Jimmy discusses the growing intensity of senior pranks, drones raining cash, and Sam Shepherd’s mug shot.

SEGMENT 4– The dam in Ellis county is in danger of breaking. The guys discuss Baltimore as it continues to face shocking violence and as a result the population has continued to decrease since the 1950’s. Officer “Tank” calls in to talk about the rising number of officer fatalities, including K-9 officers, since the Ferguson Riots. They discuss the shift in how American’s are viewing cops as a threat rather than protectors. In lighter news, this weekend is Reckless Kelly’s Celebrity Softball Jam! Our own Eric Raines practiced a little too hard last night.


Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

SEGMENT 1– Mayor Steve Adler calls in to talk about the storms over the Memorial Day weekend. The guys talk prevention methods we have learned to prevent Shoal Creek from future flooding. Lake Travis is up 20 feet after the flood. The aftermath has left many Austin area residents in need of relief.

SEGMENT 2– The guys discuss the problems that come along with losing power. We talk with former Mayor Lee Leffingwell about the storms and some Austin history. Salvation Army spokesperson Jan Gunter calls in to tell our listeners that they are here to help the Austin area relief effort. She tells us ways to donate and where to seek support during these hard times.

SEGMENT 3–  Jimmy Carter joins us to talk about these devastating storms. He tells us about the hopeful Lake Travis revival post-storm and the need to educate people, especially youth, about safety procedures during storms. He also tells us about the deadly Trace Adkins concert and reminds us to watch what we say on Twitter.

SEGMENT 4– Battery powered radios kept the Austin area informed during the storms. The guys talk about the flooding in Bastrop and after the recent fires, how much more devastation the city can take. We catch up with Mayor Adler again to talk about the aftermath of this weekend’s storms. Our listener Leslie from Ding Dong, Texas, calls in to tell us about the tornado that blew through Saturday night. The Austin Animal Shelter wants to remind you not only people are effected by the storms. In lighter news, Texas baseball is your new Big 12 champions!


Friday, May 22nd, 2015

SEGMENT 1– With all the bad weather the guys reminisce on the good ole days. The guys share their big plans for this Memorial Day weekend. Texas baseball continues to play well in the Big 12 Tournament. We give you a Memorial Day weekend montage and talk marijuana.

SEGMENT 2– Bobby Boyd and friends join us to sing his song “Finally Friday” and more in this week’s Celebrity Sing-a-long. Bobby Boyd has COPD and informs us about his awareness event next Sunday May 31st. Rebecca Nelson Thomas (granddaughter of Willie Nelson) tells us about the event at Willie’s Cut-N-Putt golf course in Spicewood.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter! Kenny Chesney played Austin 360 Amphitheater last night and Jimmy tells us all about it. Bob talks about his nose-bleed seats to see the Eagles at Frank Erwin. Jimmy tells us about the Nissan ad featuring The Voice funny guys Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

SEGMENT 4– UT seniors graduate this weekend and the guys take time to congratulate our Longhorns. Jimmy Buffet’s upcoming concert has a unique ticketing system. The guys talk about the ridiculous amount of money made by artists from concerts. New smart phone emojis baffle the guys.


Thursday, May 21st, 2015

SEGMENT 1– The guys start off the morning chat with what else but all this rain. They talk about the struggles of waking up in the morning. Poppa Henry Salas joins us for a talk about the dangers of social media for children. The guys predict the horse race, Bob gives us a history lesson, and the guys discuss the progression of Larry the Cable Guy.

SEGMENT 2– Let’s talk about this rain! Bob tells us about the Memorial Day weekend rain curse. The guys discuss government jobs and their flaws. Guest, we’ll call him “Lt. Dan”, joins the guys in discussing the VA.  Current police officer, deployed 6 times, “Lt. Dan” tells us his experience with the VA.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter joins us to continue discussion about the VA and the tendency for America to neglect our veterans. Letterman hosted his last ‘Late Show’ last night. The guys say goodbye to the Legend. The Ed Sullivan theater will undergo renovations for Stephen Colbert to take over.

SEGMENT 4-Major James Crabtree and former POW Sgt. Ken Wallingford join us to talk about the importance of Memorial Day. They tell us what FREEDOM means to them and ask veterans to send videos to voicesofveterans.org. Sgt. Wallingford tells the story of his 6 month capture in Vietnam. Our guests want veterans to take advantage of benefits available to them in Texas, and we remind our listeners how important it is to thank our Vets.


Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

SEGMENT 1– Dennis Farris joins us this morning to replace Bob who is out sick today! The Eagles concert last night kept some of our guys out late. An F-zero tornado, whatever that means, struck Giddings yesterday afternoon. Tonight is Letterman’s last night!

SEGMENT 2– Former police officer, Dennis tells us his opinion about the Waco shootout and the current anti-police climate in America. The guys discuss the ridiculous new title for the Waco shooting as a “White on White Crime”.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter joins us to talk about The Voice, Ray Charles, and killer guitar players including Brad Paisley. Jimmy will be staying up tonight for Letterman’s last show and the guys discuss potential guests. Jimmy takes us back to his trip to the World Trade Center before the 9/11 attacks as we prepare for the new tower to open.

SEGMENT 4– Ricky Brennes joins the guys to talk about the BEVO Foundation. You can get your picture with the big guy Friday and Saturday, 10 AM at DKR. Ricky tells a hilarious story about when Eric attempted to halter BEVO.


Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

SEGMENT 1– The guys start off the morning with a funny song by the Australian group “The Shonkeys.” Talk begins about Florida Congressman Al C. Hastings and how he believes men and women of Congress aren’t paid enough. Nostalgia ensues when the guys think about how expensive it is to eat out nowadays. Bob reminisces on a science experiment gone wrong back in middle school.

SEGMENT 2– Troy’s students are done with finals and the guys talk about whether or not he failed anyone. It’s David Letterman’s last week of shows and it brings back memories of how he shaped late night television. The guys talk about how different ice creams compare to Blue Bell; the results of an ice cream taste test may shock you!

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter is back today to talk about anything and everything! He starts off saying he’s on an ice cream hiatus until Blue Bell is back on shelves. More talk about the Waco shooting, and the shows Sons of Anarchy and Hells Angels are brought up. Jimmy tells us he would rather be stuck on a deserted island with ‘Wilson’ from Castaway than Taylor Swift.

SEGMENT 4– It’s time for the Face Off with Susan Oswald, Troy Kimmel, Chip Roy and Jason Nassour! They discuss medical marijuana and the Waco shooting.


Monday, May 18th, 2015

SEGMENT 1– Its Sam and Bob Monday! A biker-gang shootout in Waco killed 9 people on Sunday. The Guys discussed the White House decision to no longer send military surplus equipment to local law enforcement. American Pharoah won the Preakness Saturday after winning the Kentucky Derby, putting the horse one race away from the Triple Crown. Dick rode the big coasters at Fiesta Texas with his grandchildren on Sunday.

SEGMENT 2– The guys discuss the Billboard Music Awards celebrating The Breakfast Club’s 30-year anniversary. They review Faith Hill and Kanye West’s performances. The guys try to decipher Louis C.K.’s monologue on SNL. Oh yea and Robin Thicke’s dog is a pothead!

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter starts the talk about the ambiance of  Twin Peaks, and ties it to the  deadly shooting in its Waco parking lot. An APD officer was killed in New Mexico, which causes Bob to reminisce about when he met the fallen officer. On a lighter note they discuss drunken fools at country concerts and sporting events. Jimmy tells us who he thinks will win The Voice.

SEGMENT 4– Quick Hits of the day include smelly bathroom talk, old men still having the hots for women and recent movies. We celebrate George Strait’s Birthday!


Friday, May 15th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Scott and Bob remember a trip to Bourbon Street where they encountered a fake BB King. BB King died last night in his Las Vegas home at age 89. The guys talk baseball as the Round Rock Express is still in first place, but Hamilton will be moving to Double-A Frisco before returning to the Rangers. UT becomes the first university to offer a masters program in identity management and security. The guys discuss their experiences with credit card fraud.

SEGMENT 2 – It’s Fun Friday and we are saying goodbye to our intern Taylor Wiseman with a sing-a-long featuring the one and only Garth Brooks and ‘Friends in Low Places’. Police Chief Art Acevedo calls in to discuss National Police Week. Bob and Chief Art Acevedo talk about why they think people still choose the police career with all the scrutiny that comes with the job.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in today from a Homewood Suites to talk about the legend BB King and his guitar Lucille.  He tells us a movie ‘No Show Jones’ depicting the life of George Jones will be written by Alan Wenkus, writer of ‘Straight Outta Compton’. Bob butts in to inform us Nancy Pelosi is blaming republicans for the Amtrak crash in Philly.  Jimmy tells us to take a look at the latest David Letterman news.

SEGMENT 4 – Spokesperson from Spec’s, Lisa Rydman calls in to tell us about Spec’s Fest held all day tomorrow. The guys talk more about the city council, “how to deal with women” fumble. City council member, Ellen Troxclair calls in to talk about the controversy.


Thursday, May 14th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – The guys start the day with a controversial new topic, a public speaker comes to advise how to handle the new super-majority of women on Austin City Council and backlash ensues. Today is the anniversary of Frank Sinatra’s death in 1998. They also talk about Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias’s song ‘All The Girls I’ve Loved Before.’ Bob reminisces on a police ride along.

SEGMENT 2 – More talk about how to deal with women, the guys weigh in with their opinions and feelings surrounding the topic. Joe Allbaugh comes to talk about traffic in downtown and transportation changes needed. The guys discuss the etiquette on when to say goodbye and when it’s acceptable to leave parties early. They also talk about the new UT President Greg Fenves.

SEGMENT 3 – Entertainment expert Jimmy Carter phones in to discuss more about the ongoing investigation surrounding the Amtrak crash in Philly on Tuesday. Jimmy tells us about the star studded cast that American Idol brought in for the season finale last night. The guys discuss Aerosmith going country.
SEGMENT 4 – Heartfelt goodbyes for one of our spring interns, Paige Atkinson. The guys talk more in depth about the ‘How to Handle Women’ speech, and bring in the female perspective with two of our interns.


Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Dick walks us through his trip to the gas station yesterday to get Bob some more dip. The guys talk about drive through windows and how difficult they are. Heavy rains in forecast for Austin, hopefully to fill up our lakes. Stoney LaRue concert is postponed tonight for June 6. ‘Deflategate’ is brought up again, accompanied by a song. They talk more Ebola and other viruses and infections. They discuss famous UT alum.

SEGMENT 1 – The guys talk about Bob Wills, who died 40 years ago today. He wrote ‘The Eyes of Texas.’ The guys discuss the dating app Tinder with confusion, and conversation starts about technology and Millenials. Everyone starts to get hungry with talk about the new Shake Shack, and they start talking about other burger places in Austin.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter carries on the discussion of Millenials and technology. He also talks about the Amtrak train crash in Philly that happened Tuesday night, and he reminisces about how he proposed to his first wife on that train. He and the guys discuss the final season of ‘American Idol’ and they remember “General” Larry Platt, who was most famous for his ‘Pants On The Ground’ Idol tryout song.

SEGMENT 4 – Dr. Jim “Bubba” Cullington sits in on the ‘Quick Hits’ for today. They talk about everything from Obama to STDs.


Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Be on the lookout for more rain today. Bob is annoyed with all the talk about ‘Deflategate’ and Tom Brady.  American Idol is coming to an end after next season. We play some fun sound clips from around the Internet. ‘Deflategate’ makes its way back into the conversation. Bob reads us a story that one of the local stations picked up about the Maaco Collision Repair shop in Round Rock – the guys have some fun with it.

SEGMENT 2 – Dick and Bob have a funny encounter. Archer Hadley calls in to talk about his newest fundraiser. Check it out on our KOKE FM page! A doctor from the 1st floor of the building brought Bob a present. We play Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard’s new song ‘Unfair Weather Friend.’

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in with the scoop! Jimmy talks about the new song from Merle and Willie that we just heard. American will be done after next season; CSI is going away as well. There will be a new show starting that is based off of Dolly Parton’s ‘Coat of Many Colors.’ Many celebrities, one being Donald Trump, have been commenting on the Tom Brady suspension. Jimmy tells us about a picture of Burt Reynolds that he saw over the weekend.

SEGMENT 4 – It’s time for our weekly panel discussion, ‘Faceoff’, with Susan Oswald, Jason Nassour and Troy Kimmel! Listen in – we’ve got an interesting topic this morning.



Monday, May 11th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Sam and Bob Monday! We have a very rainy forecast for the week ahead. The guys discuss the biggest news story from over the weekend–that many news outlets won’t be covering. There’s only 41 days until Father’s Day and only 11 days until Memorial Day weekend! Bob tells the show what he think of the Austin “Silly” Council.

SEGMENT 2 – The guys talk about weather over the weekend and weather coming up this week. Bob talks about fiddle players – specifically Johnny Gimble. We play his hit “Fiddlin’ Around”. The guys talk about Tom Brady and ‘Deflategate’.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in with the scoop. Jimmy talks Johnny Gimble, Kenny Chesney and American Idol.

SEGMENT 4 – The guys talk about some interesting and controversial topics.


Friday, May 8th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Friday! We’ve got an “Insider’s Insider’s” club this morning! Bob is in early this morning and he tells us about an interesting story he saw in TIME Magazine. Bob talks about some true medical conditions and some ‘medical conditions’ he has, listen in to hear them! All the guys tell us stories of times they’ve been late and also they tell us why sometimes they become ‘okay’ with being late.

SEGMENT 2 – Troy tells us that weather is coming our way this weekend. Reenie Collins calls in from HAAM to tell us about the corporate Battle of the Bands. Joe Ables calls in from Florida, where Bob is supposed to be right now, to tell us the 2016 Texas Heritage Songwriter’s Hall of Fame inductees.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in with the scoop! It’s Jimmy’s daughters 18th birthday! Jimmy tells us a story about a high school principal and a student. Jimmy has started watching Shark Tank and he tells us a funny story from when he was in college. Larry Sobato has put out his presidential election predictions. Jimmy asks Troy about the weather from yesterday and coming up this weekend.

SEGMENT 4 – Brandon Rhyder calls in to talk to us about playing at Hardtails in Georgetown tonight! The guys tease Bob about screwing pictures into the wall. We’ve got ‘Quick Hits’!


Thursday, May 7th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Happy Thursday, y’all! Bob has a confession and Scotty got a haircut. Bob confesses that his priorities have been skewed lately, which is why he has been so late to the station. He promises to change and we talk about ‘Deflategate’ because it’s back in the news.

SEGMENT 2 – Melinda Fox is in studio with Bob this morning. David Letterman’s days on late night are numbered so we play some late night sound clips from his show with Cher!

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in with the scoop! Jimmy talks Snoop Dog’s newsworthiness and Tim McGraw’s new show. Jimmy didn’t think Willie Nelson’s TV appearance was too great. Jimmy also let us know about some other things happening on TV.

SEGMENT 4 – Joe Allbaugh joins Bob and Melinda! The guys talk about the City Council voting on taking a closer look at the expansion of MoPac.


Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – We have Dennis Farris in with us this morning! The weather was crazy last night so Scotty and Dick are updating on the water rescues and road issues. Dennis is a retired police officer, so Scott starts talking about the civilian police academy that his wife is enrolled in. The guys talk about the stock market and politics. Lt. Gov. of Texas, Dan Patrick is on the phone to talk about what’s happening in local government.

SEGMENT 2 – Jimmy Carter is with us this hour to talk about droughts and saving rain water. He also talked about Taylor Swift and her world tour, success of Zac Brown Band and Willie Nelson’s new book.

SEGMENT 3 – The last hour wrapped up with Bob and Dennis talking as well as more updates and predictions about the weather!


Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Happy Cinco de Mayo! It is also Sammy’s birthday. Bob talked about the history of Cinco de Mayo and other holidays. We talked about FCC laws pertaining to the volume of TV commercials.

SEGMENT 2 – Bob talked about how awesome it is that we are local and still use a local weather service. Its “truckin Tuesday,” so we listened to a truckin song! Bob talked about the low water levels at Lake Travis. This lead into a conversation about the water levels all over the United States and environmental issues generally. Jimmy Carter called in with his opinion about the environment and also Willie Nelson’s new book.

SEGMENT 3 – Face off!


Monday, May 4th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Happy Monday! Most people don’t like Monday’s, but Bob really enjoys them! Bob talks about what the Mayor of Georgetown did. Eric’s not in the studio this morning…he’s recovering from the Lone Star Jam. The guys discuss a “bathroom watch” and sports from over the weekend.

SEGMENT 2 – The guys and Sammy listen to old Geezinslaws jingles. Jimmy Carter calls in to discuss the big sports weekend that we just had. Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn broke up, Jamie Foxx sang the National Anthem and much more!

SEGMENT 3 – The guys do their “Quick Hits” segment. They listen to a clip of Longhorn Nate Boyer – a veteran and now signed with the Seattle Seahawks. Ken Moyer, the very first Radio Station Manager at the original KOKE FM, calls in to discuss the Geezinslaws jingles.


Friday, May 1st, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s May 1st! That means it’s “May Day”. Bob plays audio of a plane crash (no one gets hurts!) and the guys discuss the history of the term “May Day”. There’s only 21 days until Memorial weekend (which is also the beginning of Summer!). The guys talk about taking your family to amusement parks and the price of gas. Bob shares a few stories from the start of the “Sam and Bob Show” that you may not know….like how they couldn’t stand each other!

SEGMENT 2 – Jason Nassour joins the show to talk about the National Public Safety Football League. Bob says he’s sorry for getting his presidential history wrong. Jimmy Carter calls in to discuss the new Avengers Movie, Al Sharpton, the crisis in Baltimore and much more!

SEGMENT 3 – They guys listen to some audio of “The Draft”. John Beagle calls in to discuss the March for Babies and joins in on the Friday Sing-a-Long.


Thursday, April 30th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Bob and Eric share the “problems” in radio with the Insiders Club. The guys discuss the riots in Baltimore. Bob wonders why he has Josh Abbott’s phone number?!?!?  The show earns what “Red Nose Day” is and discusses other social media donation/awareness campaigns (like the Ice Bucket Challenge).

SEGMENT 2 – It’s the end of an era. Highland Malls will officially close its doors for good tonight. Our Senior Political Advisor, Joe Allbaugh and Jimmy Carter call in to discuss the crisis in Baltimore.

SEGMENT 3 – Joe Ables with the Saxon Pub joins Bob in the studio this morning. The Saxon Pub is celebrating its 25th Anniversary! They talk about Austin Music Permits, the history of the Saxon Pub and more!


Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Willie Wednesday! Bob talked about the historical landmarks at Hill’s Cafe in lieu of the Texas Music Series tonight. We talked about the unseasonably cool weather that’s happening this week. We have high-school senior Kord Davis in the station with us this morning. He’s talking with Bob about what he wants to do in college next year!

SEGMENT 2– Kord Davis talks with The Insiders club. Jimmy Carter calls in with the scoop!

SEGMENT 3– Kord Davis mentions his high school experience with FFA and Jimmy Carter’s update regarding Garth Brooks. Intern, Kelli Goebel talks with Bob and they guys about her experience here as it is her last day. The Insiders Club gives her life tips.


Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 -Bob was running a little late this morning, taking extra time to prepare for face-off. We talked about the increasing amount of traffic. Texas baseball is coming to an end this weekend. Bob talked about his predictions as the season comes to a close. We listened to political jingles. Bob compared past political gestures with the present. We talked about the prominence of trucking songs on the radio.

SEGMENT 2 – Bob also listed “12 words that smart people can’t resist,” which lead into a discussion about colloquial terms. Jimmy Carter was in this morning to talk about college and the job market.

SEGMENT 3 – Susan, Troy and Jason were in this morning for Face-off!


Monday, April 27th, 2015

SEGMENT 1– It’s a Sam & Bob Monday! Are you ready to start the day? Bob plays the Monday “Start the Day” Montage. The guys mention their weekend recap. Did you hear the interview with Bruce Jenner, well the Insider’s Club discusses it. Kelly Clarkson’s birthday was this weekend. Aaron Hogan is in the studio talking about the Annual Horn Golf Tournament.

SEGMENT 2– Bob plays back the Hilary Clinton running for President audio. Bob mentions some ‘quick hits’ and there will be more later on in the show.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter with the scoop!

SEGMENT 4– Hill’s Cafe Music series Wednesday nights! Sammy sings his Lonestar commercial Jingle from the 70’s and County Commissioner Johnny Vadoras jingle that got him elected.


Friday, April 24th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Friday! The guys talk about the Salvation Army’s Annual Lunch taking place today – Bob likes the idea of a lunch better than a Gala. Dick warns us about mosquitoes and Listeria. Bob talks about the story behind ‘Why Me’ by Kris Kristofferson. Weather is a little crazy today!

SEGMENT 2– The guys talk about their plans for the weekend and we have Louis Alvarez in studio this morning! Louis tells us about the Annual Class Car Show going on tomorrow in Thorndale from 9:00 a.m. to 1: 00 p.m., check it out! We’ve got our Wally’s Menswear Celebrity Sing-along today, you’re gonna want to hear it!

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter attempts to join our sing-along! Jimmy went and checked out the George Jones Museum – he said it was great and something you must check out! Stanley Cup playoffs continue and we find out what sport Jimmy really doesn’t like. Jimmy spoils last night’s Grey’s Anatomy episode and tells us, for the second time, about the stage collapse in Indiana.

SEGMENT 4– Jimmie Vaughn calls to talk with the Insider’s Club with at Copland’s Dance Hall Saturday Night. George Gimarc calls in to talk about the Moontower Comedy Festival.


Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

SEGMENT 1 -The Texas Music Series was last night. It was a great crowd, but unfortunately someone forgot to make Eric’s hotel reservation. He ended up sleeping on the couch! During Insider’s Club this morning we listened to Bob’s musical almanac. Tim Allen was in the studio this morning to talk about his cause, “Stand up for Children.”

SEGMENT 2 – Bob and Tim finish talking about “Stand up for Children”then Jimmy Carter calls in with the scoop. Jimmy tells us about a ‘political poll’ he looked at and he tells us about a Stanley Cup playoff game. Jimmy tells us about the Blue Bell recall and much more!

SEGMENT 3 – We have two callers this hour: George Gimarc, a disc jockey and Archer Hadley!


Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Willie Wednesday, Earth Day and Administrative Professionals’ Day! We also have a new segment ‘What’s Buggin’ You Wednesday?’ and Eric was the first to let us know what was bugging him – Bob’s mic has a flutter and it getting on Eric’s nerves. UT baseball beat Texas State last night; the bigger story is that Texas State coach, Ty Harrington, was back in the dugout after being out for a while as he battles cancer. Scotty figures out a simple solution to get rid of Bob’s mic that has a flutter. Bob talks about our ‘Faceoff’ discussion from yesterday. The topic he focuses on is the lack of energy companies to choose from in Austin. He reads some listener emails from areas surrounding Austin and what they have to say about energy bills where they live.

SEGMENT 2 – There’s a new study out that says taking too many vitamins can cause cancer. Bob wants Willie Nelson to sing ‘Remember Me’ at his funeral, Bob would also like to live as long as possible – no matter what. We play a small Earth Day montage that Scotty created for us. Bob and Scotty tried out the new thing to do in Austin – text inanimate objects and get a response. Scotty tried to text multiple inanimate objects but most did not respond. Bob reads more listener emails about electricity bills. Troy tells us why he’s so upset with the IRS.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in with the scoop. NASCAR broadcaster Steve Byrnes has passed away. Mindy McCready the Musical will open on May 8th in Los Angeles. Jon Stewart’s last day on the job will be August 6th. There is a new list out of the ’20 Most Hated Women in Hollywood’. Jimmy leaves us with an interesting tid bit – cruise lines will be offering Swinger’s Cruises this summer.

SEGMENT 4 – We have Elizabeth Candelario in studio today! Elizabeth is the Co-Director of the DEMETER Association, a Biodynamic agriculture incorporation. We have more information about DEMETER on our website and Facebook page, check it out!


Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

SEGMENT 1 -Good morning! This may not be the best morning for Bob– he lost his pen that he’s had for 12 years. We listened to some of the belligerent rant by Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price. He used the F word 77 times in 6 minutes… yikes! Willie Nelson started his own marijuana company. He released “It’s All Going to Pot,” a song celebrating the cannabis culture. Today is the anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto. Bob celebrates the importance of Texas History. In other news, Blue Bell ice cream has now recalled all of their products from shelves. Bob continued to debate who makes the best ice cream in the market.

SEGMENT 2 -Bob was mistaken for Garth Brook’s manager when he thanked who was important to him. After sharing this story we got a call from Jimmy Carter. Jimmy was also disappointed with the circumstances surrounding the Blue Bell recall. He recapped the American Country Awards, which occurred the previous evening.

SEGMENT 3 -We had face-off this morning! Troy, Susan, Jason and Chip Roy were here to debate and discuss current affairs.


Monday, April 20th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s a Sam and Bob Monday! Willie Nelson releases his brand new song, “It’s All Going to Pot”, this morning! The guys mention the weather this weekend and talk about who got the worst of the storms. We play the new Willie Nelson song and the guys discuss the ACMs and some of their favorite, and least favorite, parts from the night!

SEGMENT 2– The third day of the Reggae Fest was cancelled because of the bad weather we had this weekend. Bob reads us a list of cities with the best street food – Austin is not on the list. The guys diverge and talk about some of the interesting food you can find to buy around Austin! Bob talks about the event him and Rita MC’d yesterday. It was an event that recognized students for good things they are doing! We have a segment of Scotty Bennett’s ‘You Gotta Hear This’!

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter has a lot of news for us today! Erin Andrews boyfriend was arrested for suspicion of drug possession on Friday. Jimmy talks ACMs – the good, the bad and the ugly. Jimmy tells us a little about a show called ‘Naked and Afraid’ and he tells us about an interesting story of how a woman got away from an attacker that was strangling her with a bra.

SEGMENT 4– We play the new Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard song, ‘It’s All Going to Pot’. Telephone scams are back on the rise and recently the bad guys have figured out a way to call you and have someone’s name that is actually in your phone come up. BE CAREFUL! Bob reads some listener emails and tells us some caller comments about the Neil Diamond concert. Bob reminisces and tells us a story of when Sammy got stuck in a parking space because of a Fed Ex truck. There some important holidays coming up – Bob reminds us of them now so we have time to prepare. Bob tells us his opinion about what should happen when someone scales the White House fence.


Friday, April 17th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Fun Friday! The Insider’s Club talks about ESPN Sports Ancher, Britt McHenry, belittling a parking attendant employee video has gone viral. The guys are hoping for decent weather this weekend for the Round Rock opening season and the Old Settlers Music Fest tonight. Jimmy Kimmel is back in Austin to host Jack Ingram’s concert at the ACL Live Moody Theater.

SEGMENT 2 – The owner of the Round Rock Express, Jay Miller calls in with excitement about opening season. The Austin Spurs play tonight at 7pm. Representing Central Texas, Liberty Hill and East View Men’s high school along with Vandegriff high school Women’s Soccer are in the State Finals. Troy Kimmel and Bob talk about the weather conditions for this weekend.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in with the scoop!

SEGMENT 4 – Ed Horn with Santa Rita Ranch is in the studio to elaborate on the living community in Santa Rita Ranch. You won’t want to miss the ‘Wally’s Men’s Wear Fun Friday Celebrity Sing-A-long’ with Ed Horn! Join the fun at Santa Rita Ranch tomorrow from 10am- 5pm.


Thursday, April 16th, 2015

SEGMENT 1– Good morning! Bob talked about some famous country artists this morning like Johnny Paycheck and Gary Stuart. He talked about trends in current music and concerts getting sold out. The weather in Austin has been unpredictable. Weather forecasters even mentioned a possible tornado in the future. Bob introduced a news story about the Mexican border now being a possible destination for ISIS terrorists to enter the United States. There was as a national security stunt at the Capital. These news stories were at the forefront of discussion with Joe Allbaugh. He was in the station to discuss national security as well as his thoughts on Hillary Clinton’s race for presidency.

SEGMENT 2 – Our discussion with Joe Allbaugh continues. Jimmy Carter calls in with the scoop!

SEGMENT 3 – Bob reminds everyone that the Free Texas Music Series is back; Uncle Lucius will be performing next Wednesday! Bob tells us the top 10 beaches in the world according to Trip Advisor. The guys talk about celebrities that come out and throw the first pitch at baseball games.


Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Not only is it Willie Wednesday, but it’s also Tax Day! Bob talks about Willie Nelson’s new music that’s set to drop on 4/20. Scott is curious to know if Dick Ellis has ever broken any law, because he’s just “the nicest guy”. The guys discuss Roy Clark and how he’s aged…Then Bob tells everyone about the time Roy hit on his wife (Bob still holds a grudge)! Loretta Lynn’s 83 this week!! She’ll be in town this Sunday at Gruene Hall. Civil War Remembrance Day proposed by a kid to remind everyone that we were once torn as a Nation and that many Americans did die. Police Chief, Art Acevedo joins the discussion.

SEGMENT 2 – Police Chief, Art Acevedo is in the studio discussing the negative attention that Law Enforcement has been receiving lately. He also goes over different policies and gives idea on how they can be better. Bob asks about the “Hands Free” Ordinance…in the first month of there was close to 2,000 citations!

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter talks about the Dennis Quaid rant—is it a hoax? Rita Wilson announced that she has Breast Cancer. Percy Sledge, one of the greatest soul singers, passes away this week. Dale Watson joins the guys in the studio to talk about his show at Hills Café tonight (for the second week of our KOKE FM Free Texas Music Concert Series).


Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Good morning! Today Bob talked about how someone stole his parking spot. They discussed the make and model of the perpetrator.They discussed a comment made by Rebecca Forest and Austin legislators. There was a man who became stuck in an Alaskan airline cargo after falling asleep. This lead into a discussion about the best and worst airlines.

SEGMENT 2 – Bob remembered the lives of Paul Prior and Bill Arhos who both recently passed away. Bill Arhos founded Austin City Limits, which makes Bob think there should be an Austin hall of fame for the music influences like him.

SEGMENT 3 – Austin area students won 18 categories and 5 special awards at the Texas State Science and Engineering Fair. Bob shares the story of how he got into the radio business. Jimmy Carter shares his opinion on what public schools should offer, Tori Spelling hurt herself in a pretty strange way and more!

SEGMENT 4 – Bob makes a Balcones Dental announcement. In this week’s Face-Off Bob poses the question: Are red light cameras a violation of Constitutional Rights? Listener Laura, from Georgetown, calls in to offer up her experience with red light camera ticketing. A new condo project has been proposed in Austin and it’s definitely unique!


Monday, April 13th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s a Sam and Bob Monday! Bob asks Eric how his benefit went on Friday. Eric said it went better than he could have expected and they were able to raise quite a bit of money! It was a busy weekend for Bob and Scotty while Dick and Eric took it easy. Jordan Spieth, a former Longer, won the Masters this weekend…he’s the second youngest to win and he led wire to wire! Scotty tells us about his busy weekend and gives a shout out to his son’s baseball team. Sammy brings up Hillary Clinton announcing that she will run for president. We play a clip of the YouTube video Clinton used to announce her campaign. Bob and the guys talk about a 60 Minutes report on Cyber Security. The guys talk about how simple it can be to hack into things through electronics.

SEGMENT 2 – The guys talk about how bad the weather forecasts have been at predicting the weather lately – even Troy agrees but says that a Meteorologist is still better than an app. Bob talks about a mishap during ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ this weekend and we play a clip. Bob talks about his weekend at the benefit and some of the cool things he saw, the guys make some jokes and the conversation takes a small turn. Bob reminds us that our taxes are due in two days and Eric tells us about what happened last year with is taxes. We’ve got a segment of Scotty Bennett’s ‘You Gotta Hear This’!

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in with the scoop. Jimmy watched the end of the Masters last night and had only good things to say about Jordan Speith. Lou Holtz is rumored to be leaving ESPN, the guys think maybe Mack Brown could fill his place. Jimmy talks about Hillary Clinton announcing her run for President on a Sunday. ACMs are this weekend in Dallas – it’s going to be a big show! Furious 7 film has brought in $800 million after only being in theaters for a little over a week. There are a few videos you need to see according to Jimmy. The deputy in Oklahoma that grabbed for his taser but instead grabbed his gun, more video coming out of South Carolina and last but not least check out the video of a family of eight that got into a fight at Wal-Mart.

SEGMENT 4 – We’ve got Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis Robison in studio with us today! They talk about their upcoming concert at Old Settler’s Music Festival this weekend. They play a few songs for us this morning. Bob talks to Bruce and Kelly about some dates they have coming up in July where they will play a lot of classic duets – Bob is able to talk them into singing a duet for us. Bob talks about a duet award at the CMAs and they all recount who won the award each year.


Friday, April 10th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s FUN Friday! Rain is headed our way this weekend. Bob talks about the Bennie Raines memorial that is tonight at Schoepf’s Bar-B-Que! The guys talk about the OU – Texas baseball series this weekend. You can win tickets to Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic on our website until 10 a.m. today! Cap 10K is this Sunday. The guys tell us stories about their experiences with Cap 10K. Bob tells us a story about a man who tried to run over animal services officers with his truck, hmm. Bob talks about the ‘Right to Try’ Bill that has passed the Senate and is headed to the House here in Texas.

SEGMENT 2 – Bob talks about Moto GP going on this weekend at COTA, this leads into the guys talking about life threatening adventures they would like to go on. Bob wants to go running with the bulls in Spain, Eric wants to skydive, and Scotty and Troy don’t really feel like putting their lives in danger. Bob brings up a story he talked about during ‘Insider’s Club’ – experimental drugs and some success stories coming from them. We play some JB and the Moonshine Band this morning – they will be playing tonight at the Bennie Raines Memorial Benefit.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter has a lot to tell us this morning! Taylor Swift announce via Tumblr that her mother, Andrea, has cancer. Hillary Clinton is set to announce Sunday, on social media, that she will run for President. Jimmy talks about the news media in the US compared to in the UK. NRA has a big convention in Nashville this weekend so don’t even try to get a flight, they’re sold out! There was a good storm chaser in Illinois last night that caught fascinating video of the massive tornado – luckily not many were injured. Jimmy tells us a little about the release of Sandra Bullock’s phone call, to police in California, last year when a stalker broke into her house.

SEGMENT 4 – Former Round Rock Mayor Charlie Culpepper is in studio this morning to talk about a great event! The Round Rock Rotary Club is putting on its 17th annual Rotary Car Thing event this Saturday! Find all the info on the KOKE and Cole Morning Show page! Charlie is also our ‘Wally’s Men’s Wear Fun Friday Celebrity Sing-along’ guest!


Thursday, April 9th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Last night was KOKE FM’s concert at Hill’s Cafe! It was a huge success. Eric and Bob talked about the Roger Kreager show in comparison to past KOKE FM concerts. If you’ve been listening, you know that Eric has been worried about the weather on Friday (during his benefit). But, it may not rain as bad as everyone thought… the heavy rain may not be coming until Sunday! Eric and Bob talk about how a simple “Thank You” can mean so much and motivate you to do so much more. You know its insider club when the guys start talking about the “procedure,” that Scotty just had done.

SEGMENT 2 – Bob accidentally kills off another person early – this time it’s Louden Waynewright III. Bob tells us some terrific news, kind of, there’s a new IOS update. The guys talk about the changes that come with IOS 8.3 and what they think about it. Senior Political Advisor Joe Allbaugh is on the phone with us from Nashville. Bob talks about the new female NFL referee. Congressman Jon Carter is our next guest this morning! He talks to us about some positive, uplifting news.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in with the scoop.

SEGMENT 4 – Bob reminisces on how he used to run the show and how things have changed. The guys talk about the song ‘I Am Woman’, they play a clip and Bob tells us that he really likes that song, a lot. Bob talks to Troy about the rain that’s headed this way! The Bennie Raines benefit is tomorrow! Tim Revell is on the line with us this morning talking about his son’s diagnoses of Duchenne and what they have done to raise awareness for Duchenne! Tim talks to us about the upcoming event ‘Champions to CureDuchenne’ that will be hosted by Vince Young – check out the KOKE and Cole Morning Show page for more information!


Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Willie Wednesday! The guys talk about the forecast for Friday and our potential for rain. TONIGHT is the night that the Free Texas Music Series comes back to Hill’s Café! A SWAT standoff took place in Round Rock this week – a 45 year old woman barricaded herself in the attic, the guys discuss. We play a clip of a Big and Rich song that Rand Paul used in his Presidential Announcement. The announcement video has been pulled from YouTube because of song rights. Bob tells us about changes he’s seen in and around Austin.

SEGMENT 2 – Eric Dexheimer from the Austin American Statesman calls in to talk with us about an Austin woman who is trying to reclaim her home. Jimmy Carter calls in with the scoop! The Blue Bell recall will soon be talked about in PR classes because they’re not doing a good enough job staying on top of things. Jimmy tells us who could potentially be the new face of the $20 bill. There is a missing verse in ‘American Pie’ – we’ve got it for you. PEOPLE Magazine is reporting factual stories and Jimmy is kind of impressed. Jimmy lightly touches on the police footage in South Carolina – he says it’s shocking.

SEGMENT 3 – Free Texas Music Series is back tonight at Hill’s Café! Bob tells us a few stories about Hill’s Café. The guys talk about how things change from your first child to your second. Bob talks about the officer involved shooting in South Carolina.

SEGMENT 4 – Bob asks the guys why they’ve been so quiet and if they disagree with what he has been saying about the officer involved shooting. This leads into the guys discussing previous officer involved incidents. To lighten the mood Bob tells us about a couple that recently got engaged in Illinois. Joel Burger and Ashley King will have their wedding paid for by Burger King – the fast food restaurant chain.


Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It looks like it could rain for the rest of the week, right in time for Eric’s outdoor benefit on Saturday! Bob told him that he’s becoming “Concert Promoter” nervous about the weather. The guys discuss how Troy’s weather forecasts have been pretty accurate this year (well, compared to his forecasts last year). It’s spring time in Austin, TX…This means there’s pollen on everything—especially Bob’s son’s black car. And, the Koke FM Free Texas Music Concert Series kicks off this Wednesday at Hills Café with Roger Kreager!

SEGMENT 2 – Bob shared the story of why Austin is called “The Live Music Capital of the World”. Despite this nickname, code enforces shut down 19 venues during SXSW. Greg Burger from Precision Camera is a friend of the show and joins the guys in studio! They talk about his weightloss. Bob complained about Airline business techniques and skyrocketing prices.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter talked about Duke claiming the national championship last night.  James Best, the Dukes of Hazard sheriff died. Rand Paul will be announcing his presidential candidacy today. Jimmy also talked about the issue of bullying but among celebrities in a comedic context.

SEGMENT 4 – Susan Oswalt, Jason Nassour and Chip Roy join Bob and Troy Kimmel for this week’s face off. They discuss whether or not marijuana should be legalized (in any capacity) in Texas. John McCain (Senator of Arizona) has announced he will pursue a sixth term (if he gets it, he will have been in office for 36 years!), is this okay? And, is the President in the wrong for threatening to push through the treaty with Iran, even if Congress rejects it?


Friday, April 3rd, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Good Friday and fun Friday, woo! We’ve got a real ‘Insiders Club’ this morning! The guys talk through some things and make sure that no one’s feelings were hurt yesterday. Bob and Scotty tell us a funny story about something that happened in the bathroom yesterday. The guys talk about the people we share the floor with and the way they act. Bob reminisces about some old co-workers while looking at a few pictures. Today is Dick’s 45th wedding anniversary!

SEGMENT 2 – Rita Ballou, from the Rita and Raines Show, calls in to talk to us about some possible drama – she’s going up in a hot air balloon today. Bob was prepared to scare her and talk her out of going up in the hot air balloon by telling her two stories from his experiences in a hot air balloon. All of that went out the window when Rita tells him a key piece of information that was left out. Bob tells us about some events going on today and this weekend. Sarah Jane Daly, a Grammy winner, calls in to talk about an Easter celebration taking place on Easter Sunday at the Long Center.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in with the scoop! We’ve got a big weekend ahead of us: Easter, Final Four of the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament and lots of movies! The guys start to talk about some TV shows…all genres. There are people starting ‘nude art galleries’, listen in to find out what that means.

SEGMENT 4 – Drew Womack is in studio today. The guys talk about the benefit that Eric is having next week in honor of his Dad. Drew will be one of the performers! Drew sings ‘Hallelujah’ for our ‘Wally’s Men’s Wear Easter Weekend Song’.


Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It looks like Shaka Strong will be taking the Men’s Basketball coaching position at The University of Texas at Austin – That means that Bob’s prediction was wrong!  The guys discuss Rick Barnes and other issues going on with the UT Basketball team.  April 10th is the Benny Raines Memorial Scholarship Fund Concert at Schoepf’s Bar-B-Que. Eric talks about the planning process and explains the scholarship.

SEGMENT 2 – Our Senior Political Adviser Joe Allbaugh called in to talk with us today.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in with the scoop.

SEGMENT 4 – Bob talks about some controversy with a chair here in the studio. Bob talks to Pastor Randy Phillips about his annual Good Friday service at the Long Center.


Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Good morning, its Willie Wednesday and April Fools’ day! Bob starts the morning off by talking about trains and how they typically go through bad neighborhoods. Eight million dollars has been seized in Houston for illegal hunting. We talked about laws and a new bathroom policy in Arkansas that was repealed. Bob talked about how his wife played an April Fools’ joke on him this morning!

SEGMENT 2 – During this second hour we listened to some music before talking about the oldest woman in the world. A Japanese woman died at age 117. Lake Travis Lifestyle magazine played an April Fools’ joke by saying there would be an Iceberg brought to Lake Travis. We remembered the old days before there was a TV remote control. Bob discussed odd prohibitions by Mayor Lee Leffingwell. John Hilgers is on the phone this hour to talk about his new show, “Outdoor Troubadours.” He will showcase new musical artists on outdoor adventures.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter calls in with the scoop. He doesn’t believe that the Germanwings passenger cell phone video that is out right now is true. Jimmy talks about the Religious Freedom Law that was passed in Arkansas and discusses some of the stuff from Indiana passing this law as well. Jimmy says he grandkids watched the Justin Bieber roast on Comedy Central and he also tells us about his grandkids playing ‘Call of Duty’ and what he thought about it. Joni Mitchell was taken to the hospital yesterday after she was found unconscious. Ed Sheeran is a big hit right now; he’ll be playing at the Toyota Stadium in Dallas in September. Jimmy touches on a big story coming out from HBO about the Church of Scientology. Listen for an interesting story about hot chocolate and the ER.

SEGMENT 4 – Jim ‘Bubba’ Cullington sits in with Bob today to talk about the new Dell Medical School that is being built. They talk about the opportunities this will bring to UT students and the community. Bob and Jim discuss some other things within the medical field and a recent medical bill his wife just received for an ingrown toenail. Jim tells us a little about Austin Smiles and what they’re all about.


Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

SEGMENT 1 –  Good Morning! The Koke Fm Free Texas Music Series starts next week! Find out what Bob means when he says, “We have eggs!” The guys discuss UT baseball and basketball. Listen to the first single from the new Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard album! Reminder: Tomorrow is April Fools Day! The guys talk about the future of the toll roads and how frustrating it is to hit red lights at 5:00 am.

SEGMENT 2 – During this segment Bob discussed Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic and also how Willie Nelson fits into society.

SEGMENT 3 – Time for Jimmy Carter! Jimmy talked about how he loves smelling like BBQ smoke. He also discussed the new music downloading program and what that means for the industry.

SEGMENT 4 – We had face-off this morning! Troy, Jason and Susan are in this morning. They are joined by Austin American Statesman writer Ben Wear.


Monday, March 30th, 2015

SEGMENT 1– It’s a Sam and Bob Monday! Texas Longhorns Men’s Swimming Team won their 11th NCAA National Championship. The guys talk about 4 fatalities this past weekend in the Austin area. The fatalities have doubled since this time last year, does the cell phone ban have an impact on these accidents? UT Austin did a study of men’s preference in woman…they guys talk about the results from the study. In Singapore if a person is found with possession of marijuana, they are sentenced to death.

SEGMENT 2– The guys joke that Willie Nelson will not be playing in Singapore. A KOKE FM listener, Randy Fields sends Bob his song “Bluebonnet Time in Texas.” Bob decides to do a musical almanac along with celebrity birthdays.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter calls in with the scoop. Bob has a big surprise for Sammy…Kinky Freeman calls in to chat with the guys and his buddy Sammy.

SEGMENT 4– Troy mentions there is a cool front coming in the next week. Bob lists the upcoming concert at the Frank Erwin Center. April Fool’s Day is two days away.


Friday, March 27th, 2015

SEGMENT 1– Happy Friday! Eric talks about the traffic on his way home yesterday after the accident that caused a bridge to collapsed on I-35 in Salado. Even though Bob says he’s always hot, everyone else in the studio is FREEZING! Bob said that’s the way it works at his house too! The guys pick on Dick Ellis for is slightly-off weather forecast from yesterday. Bob talks about how he lets his kids quit baseball/softball…The rest of the show wants to know, as a parent how far is too far when pushing your kids to play sports.

SEGMENT 2 – Homer Ingram from the Manchaca Optimist Club is in to talk about the ‘All You Can Eat Fish Fry’ they have tonight! It’s the last weekend of Rodeo Austin – Lee Brice is playing tonight and Kevin Fowler closes the rodeo tomorrow. The guys talk about the bridge collapse in Salado again. Bob tells us an interesting story from a panel discussion about Ted Cruz on MSNBC.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in with the scoop. Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard are playing at the Whitewater Amphitheater in New Braunfels. Little Big Town has some controversy surrounding their song ‘Girl Crush’, the guys discuss. Jimmy tells us about three main things we will hear about in the news this weekend.

SEGMENT 4 – We continue talking about the controversy around Little Big Town’s song ‘Girl Crush’. We have a poll going on our Facebook page and our Twitter page, check it out! Scotty tells us everyone calling in loves the song! You have a chance to meet Dick Ellis tomorrow at Nyle Maxwell in Taylor. He’ll be out there from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.! Hap Feuerbacher is on the phone with us for the last time as the rodeo comes to an end tomorrow. The guys are headed out to the Bob Bullock Texas Museum for the Youth Auction Show today! Bob talks about the return of the Free Texas Music Series coming back to Hill’s Café! The guys talk about an interesting topic and being written up.


Thursday, March 26th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – The guys talk about Texas Relays starting up and how some businesses close down during this time because of the amount of people in town. There is some controversy about the businesses closing down. Bob highly recommends seeing Jersey Boys. The guys talk about a disturbing statistic of how many fatalities are due to car accidents in the Austin city limits.

SEGMENT 2 – The guys talk about the Germanwings plane that crashed in the Alps earlier this week. We have a country music hall of fame recap and Bob and Eric reminisce about Jimmy Carter. The conversation turns to the guys talking about crimes and leaving your kids in the car.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in to give us the scoop on things going on around the world.

SEGMENT 4 – Jay Miller, GM of Round Rock Express, calls in to talk with us. Bob talks about Sturgill Simpson and the time he saw him in New York. Hap Feuerbacher, Rodeo Austin President, calls in to give us an update on how things are going out there.


Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Dennis Farris, a retired APD officer is talking with Bob this morning. Bob is very interested in how the police department plans for high profile presidential visits. They talked about the UT win against Texas State’s baseball team. Bob talks about a bad registration sticker replacement job and a good one. Dennis talks about his time as equipment manager for the UT football team back from 1980 to 1984

SEGMENT 2 – During the second hour Bob and Troy discuss the weather. Bob took a few calls from high school FFA students. Bob talks about the Raminator Car Crunch in Bastrop tonight. Eddie Ledesma has pneumonia, so he was not able to make it this morning but Craig Teykl and Brian Lehne are here to talk about the rodeo. Brian is the President elect this year and will be president of the rodeo next year, Craig is the Youth Auction Committee Chair. They’re here to talk about the Youth Auction at the rodeo this Friday. Jimmy Carter talked about his love for Twitter and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

SEGMENT 3 – Bob continues talking to our Rodeo Austin guests and how about 300,000 people make it out to Rodeo Austin. The Youth Auction Show is this Friday. We listened to whats happening with the Texas Hall of Fame.

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – This morning starts off with some tragic news about a plan crash in France. Bob remembers the 10-year anniversary of the smoking ban in Austin. This ban has changed the bar climate of Austin. There is news about possibly hiring a new UT basketball coach. Eric doesn’t think UT is in the position to fire Rick Barnes, if they don’t have someone else in mind. This lead into a conversation about college basketball throughout the country. They also talked about Texas baseball and did quick hit news.

SEGMENT 2 – Bob continued with quick hits by talking about the new president and vice president of the UT student body and their mockery campaign. The president of the Austin Rodeo, Hap Feuerbacher was on the phone with us this morning to talk about activities with the Austin Rodeo.

SEGMENT 3 – In this segment Jimmy Carter called in and discussed a range of topics including alcohol laws that vary throughout the US. We also had face off with Troy, Susan and guest Chip Roy.


Monday, March 23rd, 2015

SEGMENT 1– It’s a Sam and Bob Monday, even though Sammy isn’t in the studio with us but he calls in. District Court Judge who was arrested for a DWI after leaving Jimmy Kimmel’s Show. Bob and Eric talk about their weekend recap. Jimmy Kimmel sang with Willie Nelson this past weekend in Austin. Extra troopers joined APD this past week during SXSW.

SEGMENT 2– Jimmy Kimmel asked Willie Nelson about smoking at the White House and when he visited Japan. Willie Nelson tells jokes. Rodeo Austin President Hap Feuerbacher, calls in with the update and news regarding the Rodeo. Pit Stop has the #1 best cooked brisket and largest tent to raise money.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter calls in to talk about the Houston Rodeo, he met George H. Walker Bush and much more.

SEGMENT 4– Archer Hadley calls in to talk about his trip to the White House and meeting President Barrack Obama. Bob mentions the time he met Ronald Reagan. Jimmy Kimmel’s video from Friday night here in Austin, you don’t want to miss it. October of 2014, Brad Paisley wrote a song about Austin.


Friday, March 20th, 2015

SEGMENT 1– It’s Fun Friday! Yesterday’s temp in Austin was 80 degrees, but this weekend that will change. The hotel taxes in Austin are the highest in the country. Dick mentions that today is the vernal equinox, total eclipse of the sun and a super moon. Bob educates the guys on weather, that the four seasons are set up astronomically. Big 12 baseball games this weekend, UT plays K-State. The price for a lower level ticket at the UT Basketball game during March Madness this year was over $4,000! Jimmy Kimmel visits Willy Nelson’s “ghost town.”

SEGMENT 2– Senior Political Adviser Joe Albaugh calls in. Hap Feuerbacher, President of The Austin Rodeo calls in to talk about this years rodeo and with the weather conditions this weekend..rain or shine come join the fun.

SEGMENT 3–  We have special guests in the studio from St. Baldrick’s Foundation, Caren Heilman and Helena Kelly. Not only are they in the studio to talk about the St. Baldrick’s Foundation but also part of the ‘Fun Friday Celebrity Sing-Along.’ Harley a cancer survivor, calls in.


Thursday, March 19th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – The first day of Spring is tomorrow! It could reach up to 80 degrees today…or at least feel like it! The guys discuss the racist decal prank that happened yesterday in East Austin. Jimmy Kimmel gave shout outs to local businesses on his show last night. Jimmy also makes fun of the SXSW lanyards…and so do the guys on the show!

SEGMENT 2 – The Austin Code Enforcement are cracking down on loud music during SXSW. The guys think SXSW should add a foodie section to the festival. JJ with the Round Rock Express calls in to talk about their game in San Antonio.

SEGMENT 3 – Rita Ballou (who Bob calls a “Snark Merchant”) was actually a Code Enforcement Officer in Waco, TX! Jimmy Carter calls in to discuss a serious question: Is it weird to have formal family breakfasts?

SEGMENT 4 – James Chelf with the Rodeo Austin BBQ Cook Off calls in to talk about the event. Troy Kimmel tells the guys how his dentist appointment went yesterday. Hap Feuerbacher calls in to talk about this years Rodeo.


Wednesday,  March 18th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – We discussed the showcase last night on Sixth Street and more on insider’s club.

SEGMENT 2 –  We started off hour number two with a visit from Gene Cernan, the last man on the moon.

SEGMENT 3 –  We spoke to Drew Seeley from the cast of Jersey Boys early in the hour and then to Hap Feuerbacher, the Rodeo Austin president.


Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Bob thinks that the end of concerts are awkward and someone should fix it. Scotty tells the guys about his trip to Vegas. Bob and Scotty weren’t able to get tickets for Jimmy Kimmel…Bob think there may be an age limit.

SEGMENT 2 – The show celebrates St. Patrick’s by  sharing some facts about the holiday. Bob talks about “The Jinx”, the Robert Durst docu-series. The show talks about the latest Jimmy Kimmel live from Austin show. The President of Austin Rodeo, Hap Feuerbacher calls in to talk about this years rodeo.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in and discusses very important topics..this morning he’s listening to Panic at the Disco! The Rolling Stones are making a summer tour announcement. Jimmy lets us in on his term “Millennial Condominiums”.

SEGMENT 4 – Troy Kimmel, Susan Osborn and Chip Roy join Bob for this week’s Face Off! Their discussing the difference between Federal Government and State Government. They also weigh in on presidential candidates.


Monday, March 16th, 2015

SEGMENT 1– It’s a Sam and Bob Monday! This past weekend Bob hung out with Jimmy Carter. Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson have a new single release April 20th. Former Texas Longhorn, Jordan Spieth won the Valspar Championship Golf Tournament. Scott Bennett and Eric Raines are on vacation.

SEGMENT 2– The Big 10 & Big 12 Conference basketball tournaments. Jimmy Kimmel is in Austin this evening. Congressmen John Carter calls in about his diplomatic mission he was sent on.

SEGMENT 3– Millionaire real estate successor Robert Durst’s life is so bizarre that HBO documentary series. Durst, 71 year old admitted to killing his neighbor but claiming it was in self defense and beat the charge. Austin’s Rodeo President Hap Feuerbacher joins us to talk about last nights rodeo updates.


Friday, March 13th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Friday! The guys start the show with a few warm-up songs for ‘Fun Friday Celebrity Sing-along’! Jimmy Carter is here to co-host with Bob. The guys can hear people walking past the studios again. Hap Feuerbaucher is going to be on the show later and Bob talks about an email he got from a listener after playing a certain song. The guys and Jimmy talk about Miranda Lambert’s music video for ‘Little Red Wagon’. Will Ferrell pitched for the Round Rock Express last night. We play a few songs that Jimmy Greenspoon played the keyboard on, sadly Greenspoon passed away Wednesday.

SEGMENT 2 – Bob and Jimmy realize that Jimmy has been with the show for about 20 years now, they can’t believe it has been that long. Be on the lookout for Jimmy’s blue windbreaker – he lost it after getting into Austin and he has no idea where it could be. We have Tony Plohetski on the phone with us to talk about a big story in the Austin American Statesman.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter is in studio today! Jimmy tells us how much he enjoys coming to Austin each year. Luke Bryan played his final Spring Break show yesterday in Panama City, Florida. Jimmy asks Troy if anyone in the country is having nice weather over Spring Break. Jimmy tells us about a Virginia Tech student who fell off a cruise ship and has not yet been found. The ACMs will be in Dallas for the 50th anniversary of the award show! Jimmy tells Bob that his wife is sad she wasn’t able to come down to Austin with him; it’s on her bucket list to attend SXSW. Jimmy tells us some fun stories!

SEGMENT 4 – We’ve got Hap Feuerbacher, Rodeo Austin President, in studio today! Rodeo Austin starts tomorrow, Willie Nelson kicks it off! Hap tells us a little about the rodeo and what it’s all about. The rodeo is a lot of fun for people of all ages but Hap says it’s really about the kids! Bob and Hap tell us who will be performing at the rodeo and we play some Boyz II Men.


Thursday, March 12th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Bob talked about all of the best things in Austin. Eric shared some details about the annual KOKE FM SXSW showcase. In the news this morning, two police offers were shot in Ferguson. This lead into a discussion about crime and Bob talked about a UT football player has recently found trouble with the police on 6th street. We listened to an audio clip of how the meaning of cop changes as kids get older.

SEGMENT 2 – SXSW is happening in Austin and Bob talked about Austin being the “live music capital of the world,” but all of the permitting required. We talked about the “citizens police academy,” and how Bob supports city officials attending it. Joe Allbaugh called in this morning to talk about Hillary Clinton. Bob asked Joe about the recent allegations against Hillary Clinton. Joe spoke from personal experience about the issue.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy calls in with the scoop. Jimmy and Bob talk about the shootings in Ferguson. We play a fun song from Thom Shepherd.

SEGMENT 4 – We have 25 performers that you can see at Peckerheads on St. Patricks Day! Doors open at 4 pm and music starts at 5 pm! Bob plays a few fun songs new and old. Bob talks about personalized license plates and how much some of them cost. He tells us a story about the A&M license plate that someone paid over $100,000 for and what he did with it. We play a clip of responses from children to adults who hear the word ‘police’.


Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Willie Wednesday! Only three days left until the rodeo kicks-off here in Austin! Eight days until Spring and six until St. Patrick’s Day! Bob tells us some ‘Old Artist Stories’. We play ‘Six Days on the Road’ and the guys sing along.  Bob tells us a fun fact that in our lifetime we eat about 7,500 animals…WOW. Bob has some interesting stories for us, you’ll want to hear them!

SEGMENT 2 – Bob tells us some country music history this morning and we play a clip of a song from Chris Stapleton. ‘Blurred Lines’ lawsuit has a verdict, Marvin Gaye’s family is taking home $7.5 million. The guys discuss the verdict and what it means for the future. Hawaii is expecting FIVE inches of snow, yes you read that right five inches! We’ve got some ‘Quick Hits’ today!

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy has the scoop for us today! Uber the car service has a lot going on at the moment…Jimmy tells us all about it! Jimmy tells us about the military helicopter crash that has been breaking news all morning. A TV reporter was mugged right before he went on for a live report. Jimmy talks about the ‘Blurred Lines’ lawsuit and Nightly News has done well without Brian Williams. Bob plays a clip of his cab driver that he had in New York a few weeks ago.

SEGMENT 4 – Bob and the guys talk some more about Uber and Lyft. Bob has an interesting story about Robin Wright and her new fiance Ben Foster. We play the SNL clip of Hillary Clinton and we also play a clip of Clinton addressing what happened. The guys discuss. We have a caller, Will who is in the military and currently in Fort Hood, weigh in on the Hillary Clinton discussion.  Bob tells us about the most expensive license plate bought in the state of Texas.


Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – During this morning’s insiders club Bob bragged about being the last to leave last night. He also talked about city council and how Austin has he most parks for a city its size. Austin is also ranked number one for being the most committed to wild life preservation.

SEGMENT 2 – Bob talked about the rising cost of textbooks. Troy weighed in since he requires textbooks in his class. Mike Capps is the voice of Round Rock express and was in the station this morning to talk about baseball. He talked about new rules of the game and also “fan fest.”

SEGMENT 3 –  Jimmy Carter talked about the new apple watch. Bob hosted Face Off with Susan Oswald, Jason Seward, and Mike Capps. They discussed race relations.


Monday, March 9th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s a Sam and Bob Monday! Bob asks the guys if they watched the PBS special on John Denver. We’ve got some rain coming today. Bob now has a camera on Dick Ellis so that he can see when Dick is in the studio! The guys discuss Hillary Clinton potentially using her own private email for business. The big Texas Round-Up is happening soon. The guys talk about yesterday’s NASCAR race.

SEGMENT 2 – Bob jokes about the sun not coming up this morning then reminds everyone to change their clocks and watches because of the time change. Troy doesn’t think the cold weather is gone just yet, darn! Legendary Texas Aggie, Billy Pickard, passed away early this morning. The first class of the Texas Heritage Songwriting Association was announced and Sammy Allred was on the list! We play some of Sammy and The Geezinslaws songs.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy has the scoop for us! Apple is having their event for the Apple Watch today. There are a lot of cool things coming up in March and Jimmy is headed to Austin this Thursday! The SAE fraternity chapter at OU has been closed down after a video that came out this weekend. Jimmy and Bob talk about McDonald’s and some changes coming to the franchise. American Sniper passed Hunger Games as the biggest movie of 2014. Jimmy tells us to check out the SNL Hillary Clinton opening and a recent Arizona car chase that was pretty funny.

SEGMENT 4 – We play some clips of Sammy telling jokes on TV. Bob talks about Tony Dungy being in town today. Bob talks about the Apple Watch event today and we’ve got ‘Quick Hits’!


Friday, March 6th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – The guys talk about there sleepover in the studio Wednesday night! The cold weather will subside for a few days but will we have more wintery weather later this month or even into April? Last year we had wintery weather on April 2nd! Police pulled someone over with liquid meth…that’s a new one for Austin! Daylight Savings is this weekend, don’t forget!

SEGMENT 2 – Jamille Ruebsahm joins us to talk about Amplify Austin! She’s our ‘Fun Friday Celebrity Sing-along’ guest! Jamille chose a great song for the guys to sing –  ‘Man I Feel Like a Woman’! Tony Dungy calls in to talk with Bob about his upcoming appearance in Austin.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in to give us the scoop. He’s headed to Texas soon and talked about some places he’ll go to for some good chicken fried steak! A man at the Florida Strawberry Festival ate four pounds of strawberry shortcake in eight minutes! Harrison Ford crash landed his plane on a golf course yesterday. Jimmy and the guys talk about the Ringling Brothers and some changes that are coming to the circus. Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys will be making a trip to the Frank Erwin Center on June 23rd – he has some special guests that will join him!

SEGMENT 4 – We’ve got Sam Seifert, Ray Benson’s son, in studio today talking to us about the album ‘Still the King’. We play a few songs from the album and Sam gives us some background on how the album came to be.


Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Arctic fog rolls through Austin and the guys think it’s a great name for a band. The guys discuss their drives into work and how the fog impacted them. We may have a wintery weather mix tonight; keep an eye on the forecast. The Letterman episode that Bob attended was aired again this week – Bob was edited out. The guys talk about some of the odd flights they’ve had. Only 10 days until Rodeo Austin and 16 days until Spring, woo! The guys discuss the Israeli President’s speech from yesterday.

SEGMENT 2 – Yesterday was the anniversary of William Frawley’s death. We play a clip from an episode of ‘I Love Lucy’ that shows who the real William Frawley was and how he acted. Monte Warden stops by the studio. Bob talks about the Frank Erwin Center and how it has helped Austin bring in big artists. Eric Church and Drive-By Truckers are playing at the Erwin Center tonight and lots of big artists are coming soon!

SEGMENT 3 – Shania Twain is going on tour for the 1st time in 11 years and she’s making a stop at the Erwin Center. Carrie Underwood had her baby – Isaiah Michael Fisher. Houston Rodeo kicked off last night and runs through March 22nd. We play some Shania ‘Man I Feel Like a Woman’!

SEGMENT 4 – There’s a possibility that we have Suzanne Somers on the phone! But…we don’t we’ve got Scotty acting as Suzanne Somers. Bob thinks Scotty did better than Don Miller did last week when he tried to impersonate Mel Tillis. Bob and Scotty talk about Natural Bio Health. Bob pretends that Suzanne Somers is on the line again…Bob has an interesting question for her. Troy gives us an update on the weather and has a question for Suzanne Somers. The guys joke about Scotty’s attempt at impersonating Suzanne Somers…they say he sounds more like Ms. Piggy.


Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – We talked about the poor weather in Austin this morning. Bob shared the story behind his new bracelet he bought to support Ty Harrington, the Texas State baseball coach taking a leave of absence to get treatment for rectal cancer. Bob talked about his memory loss and his vitamin routine. He is getting some backlash for the story he shared last week about local businesses hiring registered sex offenders. Gas prices are on the rise.

SEGMENT 2 – Kent Finlay passed away this morning. We reflected on his life. Bob discussed local government issues with Don Zimmerman.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter called in and we talked about the variety of country stars in the public eye today.

SEGMENT 4 – We had face off where Bob continued the conversation around rights of registered sex offenders with Troy and Jason.


Monday, March 2nd, 2015

SEGMENT 1 -Happy Texas Independence Day! The show share some Texas inspired facts and trivia. Today would also be Lou Reed and Karen Carpenter’s birthday, they guys reminisce by playing some of their songs.

SEGMENT 2 -This month Texas introduces a new law regarding the Registration and Inspection Stickers. Alan West calls in and discusses a controversial issue with the show.

SEGMENT 3 -Jim Travis’ letter from the Alamo will be on display at the Texas Library until Friday! Bob reads an email he received from a listener regarding Randy Travis. Eric tells everyone how his trip to Nashville was!

SEGMENT 4 -The show listens in on the Fringe 105.3 as they launch their new classic station!


Friday, February 27th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – The show talks about the biggest news stories from yesterday: Llamas on the loose and what color is that dress! Bob also discusses Net Neutrality and the FCC potentially controlling the internet.

SEGMENT 2 – We have a potential for snow today! Bob plays a clip of what a Llama sounds like and a clip of a voicemail he got from Jim Schwertner. Archer Hadley calls in to talk Longhorn sports and he has some big news! Archer and Scotty are co hosting the Easter Seals Gala tomorrow! Archer has been invited to talk to Congress to give a testimony on the ADA.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy calls in with lots of news! Cheap Trick played on the big boat last night at the Country Radio Seminar. Wynonna Judd is fine after her tour bus caught fire. Kanye West has come out and said sorry to Beck. Apple Watch coming out soon, woo! Bill O’Reilly is being looked at for possibly exaggerating stories.

SEGMENT 4 – Fake Mel Tillis calls in, aka, Don Miller. The guys talk about waiting for the real Mel Tillis to call in to the show. Don Miller tells us that next week is the one year anniversary of him joining the show! We play a clip of Mel Tillis’ song ‘Neon Rose’. The guys take on our ‘Friday Celebrity Sing-along’ with a song from Mel Tillis. Bob steps away from the ‘Fun Friday’ mood and tells us a serious story. UT Baseball this weekend, go check it out! Bob plays a clip from one of Mel Tillis’ Whataburger commercials.


Thursday, February 26th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Bob talked about the status of the University of Texas baseball team. He asked Dick what he wanted to talk about and they lamented over the tragic fire and death of a child earlier this week in Austin. Bob held a trivia game for Scott, Ron, Troy and Dick.

SEGMENT 2 – We discussed laws in Austin and the case of one citizen who stood up against a city code in court. The historic Saengerrunde hall announced its first ever swing night tonight in Austin. Bob brought the conversation back to UT baseball and major league baseball news.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in with the scoop. Garth Brooks had a secret show in Nashville, Eric was at that show. Jimmy tells us about a new movie that will be coming out called ‘Love and Mercy’. Rayvon Owen is the guy to watch on American Idol according to Jimmy. Have you seen the video of Madonna falling down stairs during a recent performance? Jimmy tells us there’s an unexpectedly high demand for Girl Scout cookies this year!

SEGMENT 4 – We have two callers this hour! Eric Raines calls in from Nashville and former APD Senior Police Officer Dennis Ferris calls in to talk about the Texas Medal of Arts Awards.


Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Willie Wednesday! The guys are talking about some serious topics this morning: Southwest Airlines grounding 128 planes, The Chris Kyle trial and the KXAN news story about sex offenders. But don’t worry, they also talk about going to Vegas and they even get good news from the Veteran who called in yesterday!

SEGMENT 2 – Warm weather is coming this afternoon but it won’t last long. Bob tells us about a new flavor of Blue Bell Ice Cream. The guys talk about videos from back in the day and we play a clip from one of them. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick calls in to talk with us about the recent tax relief package that was announced.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in with the scoop. Bobby Emmons, a legendary musician, has died at 72. It’s cold out East…check your flights if you’re traveling that way! Jimmy tells us about TV ratings. ‘The Voice’ ratings have gone down – it is the beginning of the season though and Jimmy tells us about ‘The Walking Dead’ ratings.  Ray Stevens has a new song out called ‘Taylor Swift is Stalking Me’. Alan Jackson’s album, ‘Here in the Real World’, has its 25 year anniversary coming up. Also, if you watched the Oscars that was Clint Eastwood in the audience and that was his NEW girlfriend sitting next to him.

SEGMENT 4 – We play a few songs from Ray Stevens and the guys have some fun with the segment. The guys talk about snow in places around Texas.


Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It was not very good weather in Austin this morning. Besides that, Bob talked about potential Republican presidential candidates.

SEGMENT 2 – Bob talked about a baseball talk show he did last night. They also talked about the development happening at the Domain. Bob played a few Johnny Cash songs this morning.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter talked about the Oscars.

SEGMENT 4 – This hour was face-off with Troy, Jason and Susan.

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – The guys talk weather and try to scare Eric as he is supposed to head to Nashville tomorrow morning. Bob gives us some ‘Quick Hits’.

SEGMENT 2 – Jimmy Carter calls in to talk Oscars. Jimmy tells us that both of the Busch brothers are out of NASCAR at the moment. Jimmy talks about the Rudy Giuliani situation and tells us that Homeland Security is saying we should ‘be vigilant’ at malls.

SEGMENT 3 – Tony Plohetski calls in to talk about the Samantha Dean case. The guys talk weather and Brian Williams.


Thursday, February 19th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Bob is out sick this Thursday morning! The guys predicted this would happen after Bob spent time traveling last week. Scotty, Dick and the interns discussed their biggest pet peeves. They talked about the health benefits of bacon… or rather the lack thereof. Eric played songs by Restless Heart. They talked about Eddie Murphy and how he refused to play Bill Cosby in the SNL 40th Anniversary show.

SEGMENT 2 – Eric played some Robert Earl Keen since Bob saw his show in New York, before he got sick. Eric has some complaints about the new IPhone and one of its features. Scotty played audio of a dad threatening to send his son into space. We listened to audio from The Letterman show with Will Smith’s ode to David Letterman since he will be leaving soon.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in with the scoop and Archer Hadley calls in to talk Longhorn sports!


Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Willie Wednesday, y’all! The guys talk about the dog that won the Westminster Dog Show. Bob talks about an incident that happened the other day and Bob has the ‘burger shakes’. Bob took home second place in the ‘Spec’s Hungry Games’. Gas prices are going back up. The guys talk about how the most recent ISIS incidents got little coverage. We play a few old songs this morning and the Bob tells us a story about the first time he heard the song ‘Crocodile Rock’.

SEGMENT 2 – We play a new song from The Mavericks. It’s Ash Wednesday. The guys discuss what they plan on giving up for lent this year. Did you send flowers to someone on Valentine’s Day? Let’s hope you didn’t use 1-800-Flowers. Bob once did an 80 hour broadcast from a waterbed for a ‘Stay Awake’ marathon; he tells us some stories about that experience. Someone put a collection of previous Budweiser Super Bowl commercials together; check it out on our Facebook page!

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls from the frozen tundra this morning. There is no Oscar buzz today…Jimmy thinks it’s because most people haven’t seen the movies that are nominated. Jimmy talks about how people have perceived some of the immigration rules that just came out; he thinks journalists need to make sure they understand legal documents so they report them correctly. A picture of Joe Biden is going viral – Jimmy tells us some of the captions people have made for the image.

SEGMENT 4 – The Austin Rodeo is coming up, Bob reads the line-up. We’ve got an edition of Scotty Bennett’s ‘You Gotta Hear This’. Bob and Scotty talk about healthy eating and cutting out carbs. Bob tells us about a study showing that Cholesterol does not cause Heart Disease.


Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Bob Cole was running late this morning after the huge burger-eating contest yesterday. Scotty and Dick debated the weather. They took calls from listeners about what kind of weather they were experiencing this morning.

SEGMENT 2 – Lesley Gore, singer of “Its my party,” has died at 68 from lung cancer. We listened to some clips of hers in tribute. Bob called Carlos Machiste about some of the souvenirs he bought for him while he was in New York. We talked about the burger eating contest Bob won second place in.

SEGMENT 3 – Scotty talked about the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s MDA Muscle Walk which will be held February, 28 in Austin. Jimmy Carter called in and talked about his dog among other things.

SEGMENT 4 – Troy, Jason and Susan joined Bob for Face Off.


Monday, February 16th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – We’ve got a Sam and Bob Monday! It’s Presidents’ Day, some schools and businesses are closed and some are open. The guys are participating in the ‘Spec’s Hungry Games Burger Eating Contest’ today! SNL had their 40th anniversary show last night and for the most part it was a hit. Bob brought Eric and Scotty gifts back from New York! George Jones and Tammy Wynette got married on this day 46 years ago.

SEGMENT 2 – Bob talks about some of the cab drivers he had in New York, some were way better than others. Bob reads an email from a listener. Bob, as promised, plays a clip from one of his cab rides. The guys talk about the ‘Specs Hungry Games’ again, they’re getting excited. Bob talks about Josh Abbott being here last week and how he called him ‘Bro’. Bob thought it was cool but some people took offense to it. The finale of ‘The Apprentice’ is on tonight! Bob and Eric think Leeza Gibbons will win and Scotty thinks Geraldo Rivera will win. Baseball started this weekend for the Longhorns.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy calls in with the scoop. Nashville has lots of snow today, so much that the city has all but shutdown. Jimmy talks about SNL 40th anniversary show. Willie Nelson has a book coming out in May. Garth Brooks oldest daughter, Taylor, is looking for her truck that was stolen over the weekend. We play a clip from the SNL show and Jimmy informs us that Bob Dylan is coming to Austin.

SEGMENT 4 – ‘Laugh-In’ announcer, Gary Owens, has died at the age of 80. Sammy Allred has decided to donate $200 dollars to the ‘Specs Hungry Games’. Bob spent nine hours at JFK to get a flight out of New York back to Austin. Bob talks about what goes on at ABIA throughout the year. Troy lost a dear friend over the weekend and he tells us about it. Some new non-stop flights will be available soon, the guys discuss.


Friday, February 13th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Fun Friday! Bob tells us about the cold weather in New York. There’s a name for your fear of Friday the 13th – Triskaidekaphobia. The Texas Country Kickoff concert is today! Did you listen yesterday? Josh Abbott was here and he stayed in the studio until 7:30 last night!

SEGMENT 2 – The guys text Bob during the show and he reads a few on-air. Did you hear about the new furniture in the Mayor’s office? The sunrise is gorgeous this morning! Bob gives a shout out to a listener that sent us a nice message yesterday. The guys are participating in a hamburger-eating contest on Monday at the Spec’s at Arbor Walk from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

SEGMENT 3 – Bob tells us about the news stations in New York – NBC has the nicest station. Archer Hadley calls in to talk Longhorn sports! Jimmy Carter calls in with lots of news. Journalists have been in the news a lot this week – Brian Williams, David Carr and Bob Simmons. There was a shooting in New Orleans during a Mardi Gras parade, this isn’t the first time this has happened. Are you online dating? A study shows that you’ll get more hits online if your nickname is cutsie. Jimmy talks Emoji’s and movies.

SEGMENT 4 – Today marks 13 years since Waylon Jennings passed away. Bob went to David Letterman last night, he tells us about the experience. We play a clip of Sturgill Simpson performing at last night’s episode of Letterman.

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Bob is still broadcasting from his trip in NYC! He talked about a John Hopkins basketball game he attended last night. He is getting tickets to see Letterman tomorrow and sit in the live audience. We discussed Powerball odds and also what its like to sit and eat by yourself in public. Bob Simon of 60 Minutes died in a car accident yesterday. Bob remembered him and how cordial he was.

SEGMENT 2 – Bob spoke highly about the Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. This lead into a conversation about Catholicism and the unique prayers involved. Bob’s police friend, Dennis Farris, is retiring. Joe Allbaugh joined in the conversation this morning and talked about his faith. He also talked about the possibility of the US taking on ISIS.

SEGMENT 3 – Joe Allbaugh and Bob discuss the sentencing of the Costa Concordia Captain. Then, Jimmy Carter calls in and talks romance, Brian Williams and 50 Shades of Grey!

SEGMENT 4 – Dale Watson joins the show in studio. He discusses the term “Ameripolitan” and even plays a few songs.

SEGMENT 5 – The guys from the show interview Josh Abbott! They discuss sports, goals for the band and much more.

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Willie Wednesday and Bob joins us from New York! The guys discuss the new developments with Brian Williams. The Texas Country Kickoff is this Friday at the Cedar Park Center! Bob tells us stories of his adventures in New York.

SEGMENT 2 – The guys discuss the story that’s out today about the APD Officer that has ties with Samantha Dean – the officer has been placed on paid leave. Bob tells us a little bit about where he’s staying in New York and what he can see and hear from his hotel. Bob is going to the taping for David Letterman on Thursday – it looks like the guests will be Tom Hanks and Sturgill Simpson.

SEGMENT 3 – It’s foggy out this morning, be careful! The guys play a clip from David Letterman about Brian Williams. Jimmy Carter calls in and he is feisty this morning! Jimmy lets Bob know he stole his big story this morning: Brian Williams. Bob and Jimmy discuss the issues around Williams. We play a clip of Jon Stewart announcing that he’s leaving ‘The Daily Show’. Kyle Kraska, a sports anchor in San Diego, was shot and wounded outside his home Tuesday afternoon. Jimmy asks Bob to paint a picture of what he is seeing right now in New York.

SEGMENT 4 – We’ve got Rick Treviño in the studio today! Rick is jealous that Bob is in New York. He tells us a story of a time he went on a run in New York, got lost and had to take a cab back to his hotel. Bob talks about how the image/stigma of New York has changed over the years. Rick is playing his annual Valentine’s Dance this Saturday at The Coupland Dance Hall – The Debonaires will be opening for him!  Rick plays ‘Doctor Time’, ‘Cowboys Like Me’ and ‘Just Enough Rope’ live in the studio! The guys still want Bob to bring them back a ‘Folex’ and Rick puts in an order for a Yankees cap.


Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Bob is live this morning from New York City! He is staying in the tallest hotel in NYC and talked about his trip so far. He saw Robert Earl Keen and attended his album release party last night. Bob and Dick reminisced about the old Darrel K. Royal football show. We also discussed the traffic on I-35 and the possibility of a toll road for 18-wheeler’s.

SEGMENT 2 – Troy and Bob discuss the inaccuracy of weather forecasting due to new technology. We also talked Bob’s hotel and new towel technology. They are putting chips in towels to decrease towel theft in Hotels. Robert Earl Keen’s Album comes out today so Bob played one of his new songs.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in to give us the scoop! Kanye and Kim K. are in New York. Grammy ratings hit a six year low and other award shows went down in ratings as well. Jimmy talks I-35 and Monarch butterflies. We have the first half of our ‘Faceoff’ segment.

SEGMENT 4 – ‘Faceoff’ continues and Senator Kirk Watson calls in to join the discussion.


Monday, February 9th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Sam and Bob Monday! Bob is live from New York CIty! The guys discuss Brian Williams, Valentines day and the Grammy’s!  Bob talks about his trip to NYC. The guys found out that Bob signed them up for an eating contest!




Friday, February 6th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Fun Friday, y’all! Bob is headed to New York today for a vacation with his family. The guys discuss the Anthem BCBS data breach and what it means for customers. PDA in public – is it appropriate? The guys weigh in. Bob and Eric don’t think men should wear flip-flops unless they’re at the beach. Scotty sends Bob an email from a listener that called in yesterday and Bob reads the email on-air.

SEGMENT 2 – Measles, measles, measles. The Grammys are this Sunday, woo! Bob and Eric ran into Bruno Mars in an interesting place. The guys play a clip from Obama’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter is fired up about the clip we played of Obama, the guys discuss. Bob asks Jimmy about the Anthem BCBS data breach. Jimmy tells us a little bit about Brian Williams and the hot water he’s in right now.

SEGMENT 4 – We play a clip from Alcee Hasting’s, a representative in Florida, who had something to say about the Lone Star State.  The guys weigh in on the clip. This leads to quite the rant from the guys about an interesting topic. Scotty is headed to the dentist after the show to get a wisdom tooth pulled and a few other things. Bob and Troy talk about when they got their wisdom teeth out.


Thursday, February 5th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Its a windy Thursday morning! Scotty and Dick discuss the crime that happened in Austin overnight. We listened to a clip of Larry Gatlin defending Texas to a congressman who insulted the Lonestar state. Bob then started talking about politics.

SEGMENT 2 – The second hour started out with a song by Larry Gatlin about Johnny Cash. Bob told the story of how Gatlin wrote, “Johnny Cash is Dead and his House Burned Down.” Senior political adviser, Joe Allbaugh joined the discussion. Bob and Joe talked about the ISIS video and its implications. We then listened to a Fox broadcaster’s description of the video. This audio describes the graphic video produced by ISIS terror group. Archer Hadley updates us with the latest Longhorn sports.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter talks about ISIS video.  American Idol changes to Hollywood week. Bruce Jenner is changing his name.

SEGMENT 4– Bob talks about the Nightly News Anchor, Brian Williams controversy. A listener emails Scotty during the show to give his opinion about the Washington Redskins. The guys join in on a sing-a-long ‘Hail to the Redskins’. Dick Ellis mentions that The Texas Longhorn’s recruiting class rank. In 1966, Sergeant Barry Sadler’s song was #1 in the top charts for 13 weeks in a row.


Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Willie Wednesday! The guys talk about National Signing Day and our intern, Paige, tells us a few things about World Cancer Day. Bob watched the entire ISIS video…if you decide to watch it, watch with caution. How many recruits will Texas land on National Signing Day? Nice weather is headed our way this weekend. The guys discuss the issues with the Toll Roads. Lance Armstrong is in some hot water, again. Bob explains why he almost feels sorry for him.

SEGMENT 2 – Bob talks about a website he needs to re-subscribe to…it’s called Dead or Alive and it has a list of famous people who are, Dead or Alive. Erin Hogan, from The Horn, calls in to talk about National Signing Day. Bob brings up the fact that the last few years we have not been this invested in signing day, times are changing for UT Football! Bob gives us an update on recruits that have put pen to paper and signed with Texas.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in with a few topics. Big time TV Morning Shows are not leading with the ISIS threats rather they are dropping them to later in the show. Have you seen video of the plane crash in Taiwan? Jimmy and Bob talk about how serious the threat of ISIS has become. Tom Brady is giving away the 2015 Chevy Colorado, which he received after being named MVP of the Super Bowl, to teammate Malcolm Butler.

SEGMENT 4 – People are being fined a large amount of money on their first bill notice after going through the toll roads. Bob gives us an update on Texas signees. Representative Tony Dale calls in to talk about the issues with TxDOT and the toll roads. Erin Hogan calls in, again, to talk more UT football and National Signing Day.


Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Good morning! We’ve got Scotty’s intern corner today! Scotty and Dick talk to the show interns, Kayla and Paige. The guys talk about their favorite Super Bowl memes. Gas prices are back on the rise and the guys talk politics. One of Bob’s friends thinks that in the future the notion of buying gas will be crazy…this guy also owns a Tesla. Bob commemorated “the Day the Music Died.” Fifty five years ago today Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. Richardson aka “the Big Bopper,” were killed in a plane crash. Waylon Jennings was supposed to be on this flight, but gave his seat to J.P. Richardson.

SEGMENT 2—Troy and Bob talked about the dreary and cold weather in Austin this week. Bob also announced a new statistic about the biggest cause of crime in downtown Austin. This rise in crime is a result of rowdy bar bouncers. Some bouncers called in to give their perspectives including Scotty’s friend Steve.

SEGMENT 3—Jimmy Carter called in and was very stressed about his Internet not working. He talked with Bob about the dependence they have on technology. They also talked about Johnny Manziel and his recent comments about rehab. Carter brought up the rise in measles as a result from lack of voluntary vaccinations. He talked about the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, which comes out on Valentines Day.  Bruce Jenner is in the news because of his potential sex change. He will confirm these allegations in an interview with Diane Sawyer, Carter said. Troy chimed in with Jimmy Carter to report a story about ISIS and how they threw someone off a 6th story building.

SEGMENT 4 – Troy, Jason and Susan finished up Face Off with Bob.


Monday, February 2nd, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Sammy and Bob Monday! The hands-free ordinance has gone into effect today. Super Bowl Sunday was yesterday, the guys discuss the game and the commercials. National Signing Day is coming up and today is the 22nd anniversary of Willie Nelson making his return to civilization by calling into KOKE FM. Greg Abbott has declared today as ‘Chris Kyle Day’ in Texas. ‘American Sniper’ brought in the most money of a Super Bowl weekend. ‘Boyhood’ brought in just $89,000 this weekend. Whitney Houston’s daughter is in a medically induced coma after being found in a bathtub lying face down.

SEGMENT 2 – Bob plays a couple of songs and has the guys try to guess the songs. Weather Fest 2015 was a hit! Troy says it was packed and there were around 2500-3000 people in attendance. Bob accidentally kills off people on the air – some have been worse than others. The guys go more in depth on the Super Bowl. Bob and Sammy tell some jokes and Bob’s son made it back from New York!

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter has a lot to talk about this morning. Jimmy talks about the Super Bowl and the halftime show! The guys wonder if the National Anthem is pre-recorded…Jimmy thinks it is. Pete Carroll’s bad call…Jimmy gives us his thoughts. Jimmy watched the trailer for ‘Whiplash’ and he is pretty excited to go see it when it comes out. The Measles outbreak is STILL growing! Whitney Houston’s daughter is in a medically induced coma and Justin Timberlake’s wife, Jessica Biel, is pregnant. There is a debate on gas prices…people think it’s as low as it will get. Michelle Obama is beekeeping at the White House. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow – six more weeks of winter.

SEGMENT 4– USA Today ranked the 61 Super Bowl commercials. The guys talked top ten commercials and five worst commercials of the night. Bob did not like the commercial from Jeep, ‘This Land Is Your Land’.  We’ve got a special edition of Scotty Bennett’s ‘You Gotta Hear This’! SNLs 40th anniversary is coming up and the guest lineup is huge! Scotty Bennett has your ‘Weekend Update’.


Friday, January 30th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Fun Friday! This weekend police will be getting serious about texting and driving in Austin. Kyler Murray tweeted out ‘Following my heart…#GigEm’, potentially breaking the hearts of Longhorn fans. The Super Bowl is this weekend, woo! Bob goes more in-depth about the specifics of the hands-free ordinance. Did you know Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest drunk driving day of the year, be careful. The guys talk about gambling on the Super Bowl and a potential UT football recruit, Soso Jamabo. Also, the UT Alumni Baseball game is this weekend!

SEGMENT 2 – Want to go to the National collegiate Baseball Hall of Fame benefit? Well, you still have a chance because tickets are still on sale! Troy talks about this weekend’s weather. The guys talk about ‘CodePink’ protesters at Henry Kissinger’s hearing. Gas prices are still low! Texas has the third cheapest gas prices in the US. Ed Horne sits in with us to talk about the house that he and his partners at Henley Homes will be giving away to a veteran tomorrow! Staff Sgt. Ray Coffey will be presented with the house tomorrow at 10 a.m. out at Santa Rita Ranch in Liberty Hill.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter has the scoop. The ACM Awards will be huge this year! The five artists up for Entertainer of the Year are: Jason Aldean, Garth Brooks, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert and Florida Georgia Line. Jimmy tells us about movies that are coming out soon. Bob and Jimmy talk about ‘CodePink’ protesters. Suge Knight turns himself in after being involved in a fatal hit and run. He has been charged with murder. Justin Bieber apologizes for the way he has acted lately. Charlie Daniels who is partnering with the ‘Journey Home Project’ has tickets on sale today for his ‘Volunteer Jam’. The Oak Ridge Boys are visiting George H.W. Bush.

SEGMENT 4 – We’ve got our ‘Friday Celebrity Sing-along’ today and you don’t want to miss it! Archer Hadley calls in to talk Longhorn sports. Weather Fest 2015 is this Sunday! Our very own Troy Kimmel will be there speaking, check it out. Need a place to watch the Super Bowl? Head on out to Willie’s Joint in Buda, Texas. Bob tells us a story he’s been holding on to…a Comcast employee went into a company computer and changed a customer’s name to ‘A-hole Brown’ on their bill. Round two of our ‘Friday Celebrity Sing-along’!


Thursday, January 29th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Good morning everybody! Bob says he needs to get his ears checked because he is having a hard time hearing. The guys play different frequencies to see who can hear them…Scotty could hear it a little bit but the rest of the guys couldn’t hear anything at all. Most people don’t even know who’s playing in the Super Bowl; all they’re interested in is the entertainment surrounding the Super Bowl. National Signing day is coming up and the guys talk about how friendly the staffs at UT athletic events have been lately.

SEGMENT 2 – Senior Political Advisor Joe Allbaugh calls in to talk with the guys. Bob talks about a Rollingwood police officer whose foot was run over by a suspected drunk driver. We play a clip of audio from a local news report on the incident.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in to give us the scoop. A man in the US Navy decided to fly over UC Berkely on Tuesday may be in some hot water. The drone that made it onto the White House lawn was flown by a man who works at eh National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. The FAA says DO NOT bring a drone to the Super Bowl, they have been banned. Jimmy’s daughter told him to look up a kid on YouTube and listen to the song he sings. Jimmy talks about how times have changed. People can bypass recording companies and be seen because of social media. Also, Jimmy and Bob talk about how Millennials don’t go to McDonald’s as much anymore and they don’t typically wear watches. Measles are spreading! The disease has now spread to college in Minnesota.

SEGMENT 4 – The guys play a song from the movie ‘The Judge’ that is sung by Willie Nelson. Bruce Elfant, the Travis County Tax Assessor, calls in to talk about property taxes. Troy and Bob talk weather and we play a clip of a 108-year-old East Austin resident. His responses to questions are extraordinary.


Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Willie Wednesday, y’all! Bob talks about linguistics in the context of race and racism in the US. The International Space Station flew over Austin this morning. The UT alumni baseball game is this Saturday and there’s rain on the way. UT has completed a five year analysis of an event captured by a tiny telescope that has led astronomers to believe that a black hole tore apart a star. Scientist have also found that there is life like ours on other planets.

SEGMENT 2 – The guys talk UT football recruiting and Super Bowl Media Day. Marshawn Lynch from the Seattle Seahawks answered every question at Media Day with the same response: “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.” We learned Bill Belichick’s favorite stuffed animal is a little monkey puppet. Today is national ‘Data Privacy Day’ reminding us to be careful on social media! Poppa Henry Salas was able to video the International Space Station flying over Austin this morning. Gas prices are still low and because of this it looks like the average family will get the equivalent of a two percent pay raise this year. Bob has been testing out a new Dodge Durango that has ALL sorts of bells and whistles! Bob asks Dick if he has seen that ISIS threatened Obama, Dick has not seen any reports and that’s because only a few outlets have reported it. Why is this not a big news story? The guys discuss.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in and joins the conversation about the ISIS threat to Obama. Jimmy thinks we should really be worried that drones have made it onto the White House lawn and that a man made it all the way to the front door of the White House, how are these things happening? Where is out security? It’s national ‘Data Privacy Day’ and Jimmy talks about how dangerous social media and the Internet have become. Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram was hacked by ‘The Lizard’. Jimmy thinks we should be worried about hacking here in the US. Michelle Obama has not been wearing the proper attire in Saudi Arabia. GoDaddy has pulled their Super Bowl commercial after an uproar over it being inappropriate. Bob talks about the KOKE FM app. Emily a previous intern joins us to talk with Bob. Emily introduced Bob to a few apps while she was here and Bob thinks it’s fascinating that apps can do almost anything! Eric talks about the Crazy Helium app that he has and plays a clip of a video he made with the app. Bob and Emily talk RetailMeNot an app developed right here in Austin!

SEGMENT 4 – Jamille Ruebsahm calls in to talk about the Salvation Army and what they have coming up on the calendar. Bob has Jamille give us details about what they do at the Salvation Army and where the money goes that is donated. They have new volunteer opportunities coming up that you can find on their website. We’ve got a concert announcement to tell you about and where you can get tickets.

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Scotty and Dick talk about the International Space Station and when it’s supposed to fly over Austin. The guys discuss the NYC snow storm…it wasn’t as bad as they thought it would be! Bill Criddle calls in to talk about the International Space Station and NASCAR. A video of the Patriots equipment manager has surfaced but Bob doesn’t think it will prove much. Bob talks about the Celebrity Apprentice episode from last night. This Sunday in Austin we have Weather Fest 2015 and our very own Troy Kimmel will be a guest speaker!

SEGMENT 2 – Troy Kimmel talks ‘Snowmageddon’. Sturgill Simpson is a country artist to watch and he’s headed to Austin soon. In the latest ratings, every country radio station in the country went down. KOKE FM was the only one in Austin to go up in ratings. Is Bro-Country to blame? Tom Petty received writing credit on Sam Smith’s hit ‘Stay with Me’. Soctty talks about a new Super Bowl ad that makes fun of Katie Couric and the Today show clip where she questions what the internet is and we listen to sound bites from Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Farewell to SkyMall’ bit.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in to talk about the impact of the snowstorm in the Northeast. He also discusses the use of Twitter and other social media apps. Jimmy talks about TV shows and celebrities including American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips, who is suing against the record company. This discussion led into a conversation about ethics of contracting in the entertainment industry. Bob and Jimmy talk airline deals.

SEGMENT 4 – We have a discussion panel in today to talk about President Obama restricting offshore drilling in Alaska. Troy Kimmel, Susan Oswald and Jason Nassour discuss this topic and give their opinions. The panel predicts who will be the final two or three running for President.


Monday, January 26th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – It’s a Sam and Bob Monday here at KOKE FM! Blake Shelton hosted SNL this weekend and we listened to a few clips from the show. There’s more talk about ‘Deflategate’ and Bill Belichick’s interview over the weekend. There’s a storm a-brewin’ up in the Northeast.  Lots of snow and high winds! Bob and Scotty saw ‘American Sniper’ over the weekend. They thought it was a great movie and said the theatre was silent as they walked out. Bill Cosby shows are still selling out, the guys were a little surprised by this. Eric thought the Pro Bowl was more competitive this year than it has been in previous years. He enjoyed the way it was set up this year. The guys talk five-star qb prospect Kyler Murray and what the chance is of him coming to Texas. The Longhorn Baseball alumni game is coming up this Saturday but weather may be an issue. Johnny Depp’s new movie ‘Mortdecai’ was a dud this weekend and SkyMall has applied for bankruptcy.

SEGMENT 2 – I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. The guys talk the best places to get ice cream. The Super Bowl is coming up and the guys talk no fly zone, dropped ticket prices and commercials. Jeff Gordon is retiring from NASCAR and Coach K, basketball coach at Duke, got his 1,000th win. There’s cold weather up in the Northeast but we’ve got sunshine here! We’ve got ‘Scotty Bennett’s You Gotta Hear This’.

SEGMENT 3 – Bob teases a story about how many guns are found at an airport on average each day. Jimmy Carter went to see ‘American Sniper’ again this weekend. Netflix did well at the SAG Awards and you can bet on over 340 things in Vegas that deal with the Super Bowl. Donald Trump for president, Jimmy weighs in. When should you book your summer vacation? Prices are going up. Winter storm in the Northeast and Jimmy talks about Miss Universe.

SEGMENT 4 – We find out how many guns are found on average each day at an airport. There are also a lot of interesting things that are taken up during your walk through security. In Texas anything confiscated at airport security finds its way to Austin and is sold at the state surplus store. Bob ends the show with a couple of ‘Quick Hits’.


Friday, January 23rd, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Breaking news this morning. An officer involved shooting occurred early this morning closing Slaughter Lane at Congress Avenue. Bob reminds everyone what events are happing this weekend. We have Police Chief Art Acevedo’s press conference regarding the officer involved shooting. Bob teases a ‘sensitive’ news story and they talk about a study that looks at Presidents who were late to their own press conferences. Can you guess who might be at the top of the list for being late to their own press conferences? Dick gives us a recap of the breaking news that continues to develop. It’s gloomy right now but the sun may be out this afternoon! Dick and Scotty talk about the Astros Caravan yesterday and the show is live with the Art Acevedo press conference.

SEGMENT 2 – Bob talks about an interesting topic and we have Scotty Bennett’s ‘You Gotta Hear This’. The guys play a clip of a young man, Griffin, who just had his first kiss and all he can do is gush about how he feels after it. Craig Morgan spoke out about Michael Moore’s comment regarding Snipers and the new movie ‘American Sniper’. The guys talk about a woman who had to be rescued in Northeast Travis Count after going around a low water crossing barricade. ‘Deflategate’, who did it? Bill Belichick says he knows nothing about it, Tom Brady says the same. Bob is a little skeptical that Brady knows nothing about the incident.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter checks and talks Patriots and the ‘Deflategate’ situation. There’s a dash board video involving a police officer and a shooting in New Jersey that is being heavily talked about. We have the Pro Bowl and the Senior Bowl coming up this weekend along with Blake Shelton hosting SNL! Jimmy says that TV is going to get a little more interesting in the upcoming weeks as The Grammys, Super Bowl and Oscars air. Bob watched American Idol last night and a singer from Austin, Tori Martin, was on and made it on to the Hollywood round! SNOW being reported in multiple places!

SEGMENT 4 – Shane Hill, a member of ‘The Burn Unit’ BBQ cook off team, is here to talk about the first ‘Beers and Tears’ Chili Cook-off and fundraiser happening in Hutto, Texas, this Saturday! Shane has an inspiring story and now works with multiple charities. Shane and one of his friends, Scott Ellis, join us for the ‘Fun Friday Celebrity Sing-along’.


Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Good morning everybody! It’s rainy out today. The guys talk about Bob’s unusual gift he got and his reoccurring finger injury. Oh, and how about the Patriots scandal.

SEGMENT 2 – Traffic delays caused by the wet weather. The Houston Astros caravan is in Round Rock today. Bob reminds us about the bet him and Scotty have regarding the State of the Union address. Our KOKE FM Senior Political Advisor, Joe Allbaugh, joins us in studio today!

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter talks MLB Spring training camps and ‘Deflategate’. Who should we blame, Tom Brady or Bill Belichick? Don Shula refers to Bill as Bill BeliCHEAT. Jimmy talks a little about the State of the Union address. Tiger Woods is missing a tooth; Lindsay Lohan was bit by a Mosquito in Bora Bora and contracted a non-curable disease. Luke Bryan will have a big year on tour playing at large venues.  Miranda Lambert will perform at the Grammys while her husband, Blake Shelton, hosts the show. Jimmy tells us about more confirmed cases of Measles at Disneyland.

SEGMENT 4 – RAIN, all day. School bus overturned in Round Rock, there were no students aboard the bus. Big phone scam going on, beware! The IRS will not call you on the phone…they will send a letter! How did Georgetown get its name? Carl Dahlstrom calls in to tell us about the upcoming Travis County Youth Show. The guys talk about the State of the Union Speech some more!


Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Good morning everyone! The guys talk about how happy Dick Ellis is with his new office space. Troy gives us his new weather predictions and also reflects on yesterday’s prediction. Bob talks about working for Dan Shula and the guys talk about the Inaugural parade.

SEGMENT 2 – Chief Art Acevedo joins us today with a special guest of his own, Deputy Police Chief Mike Brown from the Salt Lake City Police Department. The Chief weighs in on a clip Bob has of an Officer in Florida using the term ‘Gun fight’. Bob and the Chief listen to a few Mac Davis songs.

SEGMENT 3 – Chief Art Acevedo talks about robberies and other crimes. Then, Jimmy Carter joins us! Jimmy gives us the scoop on a man that knocked down his house without telling anyone, not even his wife. There was a fashion faux pas at the State of the Union speech. Do Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez need to cover up? Sylvester Stallone hangs out at the top of the ‘Rocky’ stairs and takes a SELFIE with some fans. Measles at Disneyland, beware!

SEGMENT 4 – The guys talk about the State of the Union speech and Archer Hadley calls in to talk Longhorn sports and the Inaugural ball!


Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

SEGMENT 1- The Insider’s Club….you have to listen to find out.

SEGMENT 2- The hour started off with a visit from Mike Clark from Natural Bio Health to discuss men and women’s health.  We then tackled another poll about the best place to find a job.

SEGMENT 3- FACE OFF with Jason Nassour, ADA Susan Oswalt, Troy Kimmel and today, special guest Frank Leffingwell. He is running for Round Rock City Council. We also discussed the price of gas and if it’s good or bad to be so low…


Monday, January 19th, 2015

SEGMENT 1- We talked about the celebration of MLK Day today and the football playoffs yesterday.

SEGMENT 2–  We talked about the Cedar pollen and the passing of Radio great Sonny Butler.

SEGMENT 3-– We played some new music from Robert Earl Keen and played some old music from Herb Alpert mixed in with some more current events topics.


Friday, January 16th, 2015

SEGMENT 1- We talked sunshine, the big house fire and the Oscars

SEGMENT 2- We talked to Eddie Wilson from the Armadillo World Headquarters about his auction this Saturday.

SEGMENT 3- We talked to Archer Hadley about the UT Basketball and the new proposed clock in baseball.


Thursday, January 15th, 2015

SEGMENT 1– We started the day talking about Miranda Lambert when she used to hang aroung Hill’s Cafe.  Yesterday was Bob and Linda Cole’s Anniversary and he told us how dinner and shopping went yesterday.

SEG,MENT 2-  In the 7 o’clock hour we talked about the strange weather in Austin and how long it’s been since it snowed.  We played some clips from the 1985 snowstorm….back when people would help each other out in bad weather!

SEGMENT 3- Rick Trevino called in to talk about the Travis County Youth Show and Rodeo this weekend at the Travis County Expo Center. Rick will be playing Saturday night. Scotty did an episode of “You Gotta Hear This” and we talked about the University of Texas athletic program running in the red.


Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Good morning everybody, it’s Willie Wednesday! Warm weather is headed our way…so are high Cedar counts. Today is Bob and Linda’s anniversary. Bob remembered the date without anyone reminding him! The guys talk about how much time they had off between Christmas and New Year’s. Bob recalls when Freddy Fender was the guest act at a company Christmas party.

SEGMENT 2 – The guys talk about the KOKE FM listening audience. We look at and play a few songs from the Billboard Chart top hits of the 2010s decade.  Bob talks about bass fishing and where the song, ‘Five Pound Bass’, by Robert Earl Keen came from.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter gives us the scoop about schools looking to get rid of recess. Also, Jimmy thinks Glen Beck is a nut when talking about the movie ‘Selma’. Ann Curry is done with NBC and GE has produced a ‘Revolution CT’ that can scan 3D images. Dick Ellis talks to Dara Heyman, a Probation Officer with the Williamson County Juvenile Services, about sex trafficking in Austin.

SEGMENT 4 – Bob brings up an interesting topic…Circuit of the Americas track may be in trouble. The guys weigh in.


Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Dick Ellis and Troy Kimmel are out today, bummer! We introduce our new interns Taylor and Kayla and learn a little about them. Ohio State makes history as the first team to win the National Championship in the College Football Playoff era, the guys weigh in. We also talk about some old legends and hear some of their top songs.

SEGMENT 2– Wade Bowen was on Conan last night and it seems country stars have been making quite a few appearances on late night shows recently. Bob Gear, from the Texas Workforce Commission, calls in to tell us about the hiring event for Veterans taking place tomorrow. Legislature is back in session and Bob  has a few words about Michael Keaton’s speech at the Golden Globes.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter talks Golden Globe speeches and more ‘Selma’ movie controversy. Jimmy discusses the possibility of a George Jones Museum and ‘White Lightning’ Moonshine. Music festivals are releasing line-ups and Jimmy talks about the National Championship game. Some words now have different meanings because of the Internet and there is a lot of controversy about Obama not sending a high ranked official to Paris fast enough. Senator Kirk Watson calls in as legislation comes back into session.

SEGMENT 4– This week the panel discusses the price we pay for medical care. People can’t afford to go to the doctor or the hospital while some medical professionals are making as much as six million a year. Dr. Jim Cullington faces off against Jason Nassour.


Monday, January 12th, 2015

SEGMENT 1 – Good morning, Eric is back from Colorado! Bob talks about the foggy weather and the high cost of medicine. Eric tells us a little bit about what went on in Colorado and the guys discuss the Cowboys playoff game.  Bob predicts who he thinks will make it all the way to the Super Bowl and the guys take their pick of who wins the first College Football Playoff Championship. The guys discuss beer. One has killed 69 people while the other is helping people with their creative side. Bob finally announces the most ‘taco crazed cities’ and a few vanity license plates are on the chopping block and may not be around much longer.

SEGMENT 2 – Bob and Troy talk weather and Troy tells us he’s headed to Colorado. The guys discuss who the big winner was at the Golden Globes and what airports are the most on-time. Eric Church ‘Outsider’ ticket pre-sale is coming up and we have Scotty Bennett’s ‘You Gotta Hear This’.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter joins us and has information about the Golden Globes. Jimmy talks about seeing the movie ‘Selma’ over the weekend and tells us his thoughts about it. We get Jimmy’s thoughts on the NFL playoff games and Jimmy thinks Oregon will win tonight. Archer Hadley joins the show and gives us the scoop on Longhorn Sports.

SEGMENT 4 – Eric gives us his top three favorites from Steamboat and plays a song he liked. Bob talks gas prices and bro country mash-ups. The guys talk about a camel that trampled and killed two people over the weekend. Parents are having trouble helping their kids with homework and the guys weigh in on this topic. The guys bring in Carrie Ingram from the Advertising department. She’s a long time Ohio State fan and the guys want to trash talk.


Friday, January 9th, 2015

SEGMENT 1– Happy Friday! Today is Morgan’s last day. The show talks about the cold weather for today and this upcoming weekend. Scotty plays us some songs off of the audioboard and the guys discuss not feeling well due to the cedar in the air. Major Applewhite has been offered a job as the Athletic Director for the University of Houston and Malcom Brown will be entering the draft for the NFL. Morgan talks with the guys about her part time job.

SEGMENT 2– President Hap Feuerbacher of Rodeo Austin calls into the show to announce the final four acts that have been added to the rodeo lineup and gives us ticket info.

SEGMENT 3– Bob reads us some quick hits before hearing from Jimmy Carter. Jimmy lets us know that Blake Shelton will be hosting SNL on the 24th, and the guys talk about the upcoming Cowboys vs. Packers game. He also tells us about the life and career of Little Jimmy Dickens, as his funeral was yesterday. He also informs us on the deaths of Andre Crouch and Rod Taylor, talks about the Golden Globes scheduled for this weekend, and more. We have our Fun Friday Singalong with Morgan for her last day.

SEGMENT 4– Eric calls in from Steamboat. We play a new song by Robert Earl Keen called, ‘Hot Corn, Cold Corn’. The guys discuss the song and we hear opinions from some callers. Eric and the guys also discuss the Texas Music Scene and some of the great Texas Country artists.


Thursday, January 8th, 2015

SEGMENT 1– Today is Elvis’ birthday! We will be playing plenty of Elvis tunes this morning. The guys also discuss the chilly weather and Scotty recaps his trip to the dentist yesterday. The guys swap dentist procedure stories in which they were under the influence of medication. The show also briefly touches on the gasoline and economy controversy. Bob received a Christmas card from a listener and this inspires a conversation about thoughtful gestures.

SEGMENT 2– Bob reads some interesting facts about what certain states Google most often. He also tells us a story about trying to find a drink holder adapter for his truck. Archer Hadley calls in to give us our UT basketball report. The guys also discuss some of the past great coaches at Texas.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter gives us a call to weigh in on the Shooting in Paris, give us some details on the funeral scheduled for Little Jimmy Dickens, and recap the People’s Choice Awards. The guys also talk about a funny Jimmy Fallon segment discuss bad TV commercials. Jimmy also lets us know about a case of measles that have broken out and thought to be contracted at Disneyland.

SEGMENT 4– Eric and Drew Bennett call from Steamboat and give us an update on Texas Music Fest. The guys also talk about the strange relationship between Jerry Jones and Chris Christie. You gotta hear this! Scotty tells us about American Idol and the Consumer Electronics show in Vegas where a self-driving car was introduced. The guys also discuss 3D printers.


Wednesday, December 7th, 2015

SEGMENT 1– Bob is running a bit behind today, so we start the show with Scotty, Dick, Don, Morgan and introduce our new intern, Taylor! Scotty tells us he has to leave early today to get a double root canal. Bob arrives, and the guys discuss root canals, other dental procedures, and experiences at the dentist. Bob also tells us that he has not sleeping well.

SEGMENT 2– It’s the first “you gotta hear this!” of the new year. Scotty tells us about singer/songwriter Jamey Johnson beginning his own record label. We hear a clip from Jimmy Kimmel of a girl out on Venice Beach asking some stoners some common knowledge questions, and they are unable to answer them. Then, the show debates about the drop in gas prices. Is this good or bad?  How badly will it hurt our economy?

SEGMENT 3– The guys briefly talk about some of the things Americans spend the most money on before Jimmy Carter calls in. Jimmy also weighs in on the debate about gas prices. He also gives us some information on the upcoming funeral of Little Jimmy Dickens. Toby Keith’s restaurant is closing in various locations, and the Houston Rodeo lineup for this year has not yet been released. Jimmy and the guys also reminisce about the Astrodome. Then, the guys discuss Billy Bob’s in Ft. Worth, the amount of Friday the 13th’s this year, and Rita and Eric’s broadcast from Steamboat.

SEGMENT 4– Scotty had to leave for this dentist appointment, so Nick Schwartz is filling in as the board operator. Nick tells us that his dad was an Endodontist, a dentist that specializes in root canals. Bob lets us know that he will be filling in for Tom Allen this weekend on the Country Gold Show. Dick informs us that the new Austin City Council members were sworn in last night, and had to go through an interesting process. Bob reads an email from a listener who calls him out about some of his habits. Lastly, we read a list of the healthiest places to eat in Austin.


Tuesday, December 6th, 2015

SEGMENT 1– The show begins with recapping and  talking about their live coverage yesterday from Austin High School. Scotty and Don battle over traffic, and the guys talk about some of the perks that come with being in radio. The show also discusses the possibility of the Obama statue and other changes in the past that have happened to Austin. Don retells his story about traveling to LA for Bob, and the guys complain about traveling through LAX.

SEGMENT 2– The guys discuss UT’s loss against Oklahoma last night in Men’s Basketball and how sports have evolved. Bob tells us about a movie he saw that he really enjoyed. Eric and Drew Bennett, who hosts the night show on KOKE, check in with us from Steamboat, Colorado. They give us some insight on what they expect for Texas Music fest, talk about how Coloradans dislike Texans, and tell us about the legal marijuana dispensaries they’ve seen around the state.

SEGMENT 3– We speak with Jimmy Carter, and he talks about how so many things have changed because of the internet, such as TV news, journalism, movies and more. They talk about the pros and cons of the internet. The guys also discuss low gas prices and the stock market numbers going down. Face-Off begins, and the panel talks about the newly elected positions being sworn in this week, and the salaries they make.

SEGMENT 4– The panel also talks about the budget all of these elected positions receive, such as members of City Council. The panel discusses how much money is spent on nice offices for these council members and talk about how that money can be used and other ideas. We also mention campaign lies, and Bob tells us about a suspicious government survey he received last year.


Monday, December 5th, 2015

SEGMENT 1– We’re back! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break. Bob and Scotty are live from Austin High School today for the grand opening and dedication of the handicap accessible doors that our friend Archer Hadley set out to make happen. The guys catch up from the holidays and talk about last night’s Cowboys game and other football bowl games. The show also discusses the new cell phone law in Austin and Bob tells us a story about riding with Chief Acevedo on New Year’s Eve.

SEGMENT 2– Archer joins Scotty and Bob to co-host for the rest of the show. The guys all talk sports and Archer gives us some more information about the new handicap accessible doors. Rita and Eric will be in Steamboat, Colorado for the Texas Music Festival this week, and Rita gives us a call while she is at the airport.

SEGMENT 3– Archer expresses his happiness with how he was able to achieve his goal and talks with the guys. Then Jimmy Carter calls in to talk about the death of Grand Ole Opry legend, Little Jimmy Dickens, and also the death of Donna Douglas, who played Elly Mae Clampton on The Beverly Hillbillies. Jimmy also tells us about his trip to California over the holidays. The guys discuss the Alabama vs. Ohio state game, along with many other things.

SEGMENT 4– Governor elect Greg Abbott has accepted Archer’s invitation to be there for the opening of the new doors at Austin High School. The show discusses how important it is for the first disabled governor of Texas to support the local community and take part in an event such as this. Don Miller recaps his interesting trip to LA over the holiday break, and the show discusses New Year’s resolutions.


Wednesday…Christmas Eve!!

SEGMENT 1 – Insider’s Club with guest Mac Richard and we exchange gifts.

SEGMENT 2 – Roy Spence stops by, Chief Acevedo calls in from California and Jimmy Carter has his special Christmas Eve report.

SEGMENT 3 – Jack Ingram comes in with Judy Maggio and Tom Allen.

SEGMENT 4 – Judy Maggio reads the news with Dick Ellis and Troy Kimmel just like old times. Governor Elect Greg Abbott calls in then part one of the Mack Brown interview.

SEGMENT 5 – Conclusion of the Mack Brown interview.


Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

SEGMENT 1– The guys discuss how people sometimes get upset when you “shhh” them, including our own Eric Raines! Bob tells us a time Eric got upset with him for holding his hand up to shush him. Bob tells us about a prank he pulled on Dick yesterday. The show gets into a discussion about practical jokes. Bob and Scotty tell us some funny stories.

SEGMENT 2– Bob gives us a little insight on tomorrow’s Christmas Eve show. We play Joe Crocker songs and sing along to honor him in his recent passing.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy checks in with us. He also reminisces about Joe Crocker’s musical career and does some serious hating on the banjo! Casey Kasem was finally buried; he was laid to rest in Norway. The Today Show cancelled actress Amy Adam’s interview because she refused to talk about the Sony hackings. Jimmy and the show also discuss the new technology in cameras, film and video.

SEGMENT 4– Normally we have Face-Off during this segment, but Susan Oswalt is on vacation today. Jason sits in for a little bit. Bob, Jason, Dick and Eric have to go to an insurance meeting, and so the guys discuss different types of insurance plans and costs. Then, Scotty, Troy, and Morgan take over for the end of the show to talk about what they want for Christmas.


Monday, December 22nd, 2014

SEGMENT 1– We start the show off by talking about the Cowboy’s amazing win against the Colts last night and clenching a spot in the playoffs. The guys also discuss the horrendous NYPD officer shooting that occurred over the weekend. The show also mentions how annoying it is to deal with other drivers in the parking lots of the mall or shopping center during the holidays. Eric tells us about his kids complaining of boredom during Christmas break and the guys recap the company Christmas party.

SEGMENT 2– We have our friend Greg Berger from Precision Camera join us today! He and Bob talk about cameras, The Broken Spoke and changes in Austin, and more. The show also discusses high school football championship games.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter gives us a call. He talks about the NYPD officer shootings and about Garth Brooks joining Justin Timberlake on stage to sing a duet of ‘Friends in Low Places’. He also tells us about a settlement that was made by Sugarland, Live Nation and other defendants settle claims stemming from the deadly 2011 Indiana State Fair stage collapse. Jimmy talks about the top stories in country music for 2014 and gives us some info on movies in the box office. The show discusses the new stories this year with accused racism and the police force. They also talk about flat screen televisions and different brands.

SEGMENT 4– We have our annual Christmas Eve show coming up this week, and Bob reflects on some past Christmas Eve shows and the guests that have been on the program. Bob tells us a story about Rick Perry putting him in the doghouse. Austin is the number 4 best city to be single in, and the show discusses online and mobile dating.


Friday, December 19th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Happy Friday! The guys talk about bets for picking bowls and Bob tells us a story of his son winning football bets even as a kindergartner! Bob reads a story about other states suing Colorado for the legalization of marijuana. Scotty is sick today, and the guys joke that he’s faking sick to miss the Christmas party and that he got sick from Vegas. Then the guys talk about slot machine tricks and secrets. The guys discuss talk show hosts and the case of an APD officer forced to retire.

SEGMENT 2– Bob and the guys talk about the Christmas party that the company is having this afternoon and compare it to past Christmas parties. Bob tells us a hilarious party story. The guys also discuss the final games of the high school football playoffs.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter calls in to discuss the news about the Sony hackers and let us know the stock market is currently up. Jimmy talks about songwriter Larry Henley’s death, the weatherman shooting investigation and Cuba. Jimmy tells us that fatal heart attacks occur on Christmas more than any day of the year, and much more. Singer/songwriter Monte Warden of the Wagoneers sits in with us to tell us about their upcoming Christmas show!

SEGMENT 4– Monte is still sitting in with us, and he and Bob discuss bad Christmas songs and the career of singer/songwriter Bill Anderson. Then, Jamille from the Salvation Army joins us to talk about donations benefiting local women and children in Austin. Jamille and Monte both join in foro ur fun Friday singalong.


Thursday, December 18th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Scotty isn’t feeling well this morning, and the guys talk about getting sick during the holidays. The unofficial election total results have been released, and the guys weigh in on those numbers. The show talks about Mike Martinez’s loss in the mayoral race and what they think will be in store for him from here after losing this race. The guys also talk about the new logo for the city of Austin that will be unveiled today.

SEGMENT 2– The show talks about the cancellation of the showing for the controversial movie, ‘The Interview’. Theaters have decided not to show the film due to receiving threats and in order to protect citizens from any possibility of attacks. They discuss the ways North Korea runs their government, including the propaganda they use to make their citizens believe that the U.S. is constantly plotting against them. Archer Hadley calls in to give us a report on UT men’s and women’s basketball.

SEGMENT 3– Joe Allbaugh has been sitting in with us today. He and Bob discuss the downfall in the economy briefly before Jimmy Carter gives us a call. Jimmy talks with the guys about the decision to make nice with Cuba, more information on ‘The Interview’ being pulled, and the story of the weatherman from KCEN in Waco being shot. Jimmy also tells us about some of the New Years Eve specials that will be on TV and the guys have a little singalong to “Auld Lang Syne”.

SEGMENT 4– Bob tells us about new laws that will be in place beginning January 1st, including the change on inspection stickers and not being allowed to be on your phone at all while driving. Jamille from The Salvation Army gives us a call and Bob talks with her about the efforts being made by The Salvation Army to help women and children in the Austin area, and how our KOKE FM listening family can help too.


Wednesday, December 17th, 2o14

SEGMENT 1– Yesterday was run-off election day, and Bob and the guys talk about the results this morning. The show discusses the differences in the newly elected council members pertaining to political party affiliation and how it will bring changes to the council. Bob reads a list of the best and worst airports around the US and the guys talk about how Austin and other airports compare to one another.

SEGMENT 2– Neal Spelce joins us by phone to discuss the election. He gives his opinion and talks with Bob about the newly elected council members in comparison to those who currently sit on City Council. 3 conservatives have been elected and they discuss how this will lead to change in Austin. The show does some silly impersonations and also talk about the finale of  The Voice last night. They discuss the winner, Craig Wayne Boyd, and predict the success for his career.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy checks in. He also talks with the guys about Craig Wayne Boyd from The Voice finale and how bad the American County Countdown awards were from a few nights ago. A few reports from 2014 so far– Hilary Clinton was the worst selling People magazine cover and Ebola and ISIS were two of the most interested/talked about topics of the year. Carmike threatres have chosen not to premier the movie, The Interview, due to the threats from the Sony hackers and fear of public safety. If you haven’t heard about this film, Jimmy gives us the back story and controversy over this movie.

SEGMENT 4– We have Louis Alvarez of downtown cafe in Thorndale and Dr. Jim “Bubba” Cullington on the show for our last hour. Louis wants to tell us about Brown Santa benefiting Milam County. They are looking for new unwrapped toys for children 12 and under. The guys also talk about flu shots, Obamacare, and the rise of prices on medication.


Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– The guys catch up with Scotty and ask him how his Vegas trip went and if he won any money. He said he did well and saw a lot of people in town for the National Finals Rodeo. The guys talk about how watches are coming back in style with the younger generation and compare them to items such as a jawbone or fitbit, which can tell you the time as well as track your fitness and other things. Bob talks about traveling, especially during the holidays. We have guest co-host Billy Carter from SuperShuttle with us today. He bid to spend a day co-hosting with us at Blue Santa and won. He tells us a little bit about his company, SuperShuttle.

SEGMENT 2– The guys get on another discussion about health insurance and the cost of medication. This leads into talking about how Walgreens and CVS are always right across from one another. The show compares corporate pharmacies to local Mom and Pop pharmacies around the Austin area. Then, the guys the competition between burger chains such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Whataburger. They also talk about some of the best local burger joints. Austin City Council candidate for District 6, Don Zimmerman, joins us by phone to talk about the run off election.

SEGMENT 3– We talk to Jimmy Carter to discuss recent police scrutiny, the Pakistan school massacre and some issues happening in Germany. On a lighter note, Jimmy also tells us about last night’s American Country Countdown awards, the movie Birdman, and how it’s technically politically incorrect to call gingerbread men “men” instead of “gingerbread persons”. Face off begins, and the panel talks with guest Billy Carter about how SuperShuttle works and compare with services such as Uber.

SEGMENT 4– Face off continues. The panel discusses former Vice President Dick Cheney’s response to the torture report being released. The panel then discusses the issue of the use of torture and compare it with things happening such as the Pakistan school massacre and events from the movie Lone Survivor. The panel also talks about their opinion on the nativity scene that has been put up in the state capital.


Monday, December 15th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– It’s a Sam and Bob Monday here on KOKE FM! The guys start off with some football talk including NFL and both Johnny Manziel and Colt McCoy’s performances, bowl games, and high school football playoffs. Marcus Mariotta of Oregon University was the Heisman winner on Saturday. The show talks about Christmas lights and how people either get really into putting them up or don’t really care. We also talk about an interesting survey poll.

SEGMENT 2– The guys discuss Dick Cheney on Meet the Press and also go into details about the run-off mayoral race, as tomorrow is voting day. Then Bob tells us about some issues he’s had with his prescriptions and health insurance. This brings up a discussion about Obamacare and the general cost of medications going up. Reporter Eric Dexheimer of the Austin American Statesman phones in to weigh in on the investigative story the Statesman did about the woman who is trying to buy her house for a decent price after a deal she had made with the city of Austin.

SEGMENT 3– The guys talk about the upcoming weather for the week before Jimmy Carter checks in. Jimmy tells us about some computer troubles he’s been having and talks about going to see the movie, Exodus, this past weekend. He also relays some more information on the recent hackings at Sony. Former Florida coach, Will Muschamp, will be coaching at Aurburn next season. Jimmy also tells us about Dawn Sears passing and what programs will be on TV tonight. The guys talk a little bit about local high school football.

SEGMENT 4– Bob tells us about an article from the Houston Chronicle, telling Austin to “grow up” and embrace the growth happening to the city. A hotel manager in Round Rock was arrested for stealing $29,000 from the safe. Bob reads us some hilariously bad news headlines. We play a clip of a news anchor in California who unknowingly reads phony names of pilots involved in an Asiana airplane crash a few years ago.


Friday, December 12th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– It’s finally Friday! Scott is leaving for Vegas later today, and the guys talk about gambling, valet parking and shows in Vegas. Bob tells us about what Christmas time in Vegas is like. The Austin City council had a big meeting last night, and the guys discuss some of the things that were talked about. Today is the final day for KEYE’s Blue Santa toy drive.

SEGMENT 2– There was a program in Austin in the 90’s that allowed people buy their homes for a dollar after 15 years if the tenants paid their rent on time and took excellent care of the property. Well, there is a woman who is trying to buy the house and now the city is not honoring that deal. The guys discuss the in and outs of this story. Archer Hadley calls in; Bob has given him the duty of reporting on the UT men’s and women’s basketball teams.

SEGMENT 3– We speak with Jimmy Carter regarding the show Nashville’s mid season finale, Golden Globe nominations,hacked emails, and the Bill Cosby and Taylor Swift spoof on South Park earlier this week. Whoopie Goldberg “passed gas” on The View, there are some movies coming out this weekend, and Jimmy also sheds some light on politics. The show plays a clip of Kasie Hunt’s interview with Rick Perry, questioning his intelligence to be the next President. Ellen Troxclair, candidate for Austin City Council district 8, joins the program to talk about different issues in Austin, in her district, and what she hopes to accomplish if elected.

SEGMENT 4– Ellen is still with us. She and Bob talk more about the election, and she is our celebrity guest for our Fun Friday Singalong.


Thursday, December 11th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– We start off the morning with a story from Dick; he got pulled over on his way to the station this morning. His “cyclopse” light was out, which is the middle back light, usually on a hatchback. The guys debate whether this is actually a ticketable offense, the same as if your break lights were out, and we hear from a few callers. There’s a pretty bad wreck on 35 this morning, and the guys talk about driving in bad weather. Then the show talks about the outlet malls in San Marcos and finding good deals.

SEGMENT 2– Bob addresses the possibility of sex reassignment surgeries being covered by company health insurance, as most insurances won’t cover that surgery. The show also talks about the ideas from Austin City Council regarding a new proposal on a different public rail transportation system. The anniversary of singer Sam Cooke’s death is today and the guys sing some songs and talk about how he died.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy checks in. Today is singer Brenda Lee’s birthday! The show talks about her songs and success. Jimmy tells us about an acapella group called the Pentatonics, Letterman’s final show in May, and the guys discuss some other late night hosts. Jimmy tells us about upcoming movies and more. Walt Maciborski from KEYE joins us for the last hour and he gives us some info on the Blue Santa Toy Drive.

SEGMENT 4– We play a funny clip of Louis C.K. The guys discuss with Walt journalism and the news now with the younger generation vs in the past. Walt tells us about reasons people tune in for the news and talks about TV ratings. Then, he and Bob discuss the “Christmas” vs. “Holidays” debate.


Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Bob talks about recovering from being sick and how important it is to completely finish taking an antibiotic. Bob says he stopped taking it when he started to feel better, and whatever he had came back. Then, he and the guys spend the majority of this segment talking about the release of CIA documents regarding US military torture interrogation tactics.

SEGMENT 2– Bob tells us about a story about a town in Maine that had a debate about “Christmas” vs. “Holiday” decorations. Eventually the town just decided not to put up any decorations at all! The guys talk about the Jonathan Gruber apology and hearing from yesterday and we listen to a clip of Gruber and House Representative Darrell Issa. Bob recaps some of the plumbing issues he had at this house a few weeks ago, and trying to take care of his family while also being sick himself.

SEGMENT 3– The show talks about city council meetings and Coach Strong’s press conference in Houston for the upcoming bowl game against Arkansas. Jimmy Carter checks in to talk about many things including the decline of gas prices, Mary Ann Mobely’s death, and the protests at Cal Berkley. Jimmy also tells us about President Obama’s visit to Nashville yesterday and how he interacts with others.

SEGMENT 4– The guys talk about people breaking into cars (especially around the holiday season) and share some of their own experiences with car theft. You gotta hear this from Scotty Bennett! Apparently Charlie Sheen is upset with Chuck Lorre, the creator of Two and a Half Men, because he won’t let him come back for the series finale. Lebon James got in trouble for putting his arm around Prince Will and Princess Kate for a photo, and Obama guest starred on The Colbert Report.


Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Bob is back!! He’s here and ready to get the show going. He gives us an update on his health and how his family is doing, as they have also been in and out of the hospital. Bob and the guys recap Blue Santa from last Friday. They were so pleased with the amount of donations we received! Bob compares this years goals to the total from last year. Bob also reads us a letter he received from a listener.

SEGMENT 2– The show talks about the success of UT basketball so far this season, both the men’s and women’s teams. The guys dissect the decision for TCU and Baylor not to be included in the NCAA college football final four teams. They also talk about other bowl games and talk more about the Christmas song discussion we got into yesterday on the show. Bob goes through some of the songs on iTunes list of best songs in 2014, as well as a few other best/worst lists. The show also discusses transgender sex changes not being covered by company health insurances.

SEGMENT 3– Joe Allbaugh is sitting in with us today. The show talks about the mayoral run-off election coming up, and the limited shopping days left until Christmas. Bob also reads a list of the lamest Christmas gifts to receive. Archer Hadley stops by to tell us about the final total raised for his Mr. Maroo Challenge. We talk to Jimmy Carter about the bad weather in New York, singer Craig Morgan sending moonpies to soldiers in appreciation for their service, and being a picky eater. Jimmy also talks to us about the Sony blackmail problems. And, we make a big concert announcement!

SEGMENT 4– It’s time for Face-off! This morning, the panel discusses the problems and controversy of the release of information regarding military torture interrogation tactics.


Monday, December 8th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Today we’ve got the “C” team running things. Bob and Eric are both out today, so we’ve got Scotty hosting with some help from Dick Ellis, Don Miller and intern Morgan. It’s Insider’s Club, and the crew recaps what they did over the weekend. We also talk about the upsetting results of the final four teams in college football playoffs.

SEGMENT 2– Scotty informs us about the Blue Santa event that took place on Friday and tells us about the money raised and the delivery day coming up. Did you know the Holidays can be good for your health? Studies showed that those who enjoy giving during the Christmas season are shown to have lower blood pressure. You gotta hear this! A good person anonymously pays off $15,000 in Walmart layaways, Pat Sajac may be in some trouble, and SNL does a parody of the new Star Wars trailer.

SEGMENT 3– Some of the morning show crew debate over Dolly Parton’s “Hard Candy Christmas”. We replay the segment of Hero Sergeant Adam Johnson, the officer who took down the shooter in Austin two weeks ago, from Blue Santa. Jimmy Carter gives us a call to chat about the huge fire in LA,  college football results, and Grammy nominations. Jimmy also tells us that though Garth Brooks is having success with his tour, his new album is not selling well.

SEGMENT 4– Our friend Chad Hastings from our sister station, 104.9 The Horn, stops in briefly to chat with the guys about the final 4 teams in the NCAA football playoffs. The show discusses possibilities for the future of how to make the team selections more fair. And, should there be a Big 12 championship? The morning crew tells us some of their favorite Christmas song and we hear from some callers on what songs they enjoy.


Friday, December 5th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Live coverage from Blue Santa at the Shoal Crossing Event Center.

SEGMENT 2– Continued coverage of Blue Santa.

SEGMENT 3– Continued coverage of Blue Santa and special guest, Hero Sergeant Adam Johnson.

SEGMENT 4– Wrap up of live Blue Santa coverage.


Thursday, December 4th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Bob stopped by for a little bit today. He’s still not feeling totally up to par, but he wanted to get out of the house for a little bit. Bob and the guys talk about the missing brains at UT, using a nettie pot, and talk about the officer who killed the shooter in Austin this past weekend. Rolling Stone came out with a list of the best and worst songs of the year, and we play a few of them.

SEGMENT 2– The Orion spacecraft was supposed to launch today, but there have been multiple delays. You gotta hear this from Scotty Bennett! Mariah Carey has a horrible performance at last night’s tree lighting in Rockerfeller center, a kid calls 911 because he got stuck in a chimney, and we hear Taste of Country’s top 3 songs for the year. Conan O’Brien also pokes fun at the missing brains from UT. Our friend Joe Allbaugh has stopped in today. He talks with the guys about the fall of the NASA program, Ferguson riots and now the protests in New York. The guys also discuss why Ebola and ISIS have suddenly disappeared from the news.

SEGMENT 3– The show discusses a little bit of college football and weather before Jimmy Carter calls in. Jimmy gives us his opinion on the protests in New York over the Eric Garner case. He thinks a lot of the protesters are there just for the publicity. He also talks about the Bill Cosby accusations and some of the people who are defending Bill Cosby. Brooks & Dunn and Reba McEntire are planning on headling a show in Vegas, and Jimmy talks about Brooks & Dunn’s break up and their differences. Jimmy also tells us about some of the violence in Acapulco and the guys discuss the dangers in Mexico.

SEGMENT 4– Eric calls Jason in for a legal opinion of the Eric Garner case, the man who died in a chokehold by an NYPD officer. The officer involved in the case was not indicted by a grand jury. The guys think that the officer was in the wrong, and talk about the options for a civil court case. The guys also get into a discussion about Bill Cosby and the stories of women who are just now coming forward to tell their stories so many years later. Eric gives us some info on Blue Santa tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Bob is still out today. Be sure to keep him and his family in your thoughts! We’re hoping he’ll recover quickly. Scotty and Eric say he just really needs to rest. We attempted to get Willie Nelson on the program today, but he is in Hawaii. The tradition of BEVO turned 98 on the Thanksgiving football game. Dick tells us about 100 brains that have gone missing at UT. Merle Haggard was awarded with the Artist of a Lifetime Award at the CMT Honors last night. The guys also talk about some other events from the  show. You gotta hear this! Scotty tells us about Bruce Springsteen filling in for Bono for the AIDS concert, a monkey on the loose in Florida, and LA getting a ton of rain.

SEGMENT 2– The guys give us some more info on the Blue Santa event this Friday and the Director for Blue Santa, Guy Benson, calls into the show. He lets us know about delivery day, the silent auction and all the features of the event. We also talk about the college football rankings. TCU is currently number 3 and ahead of Baylor even though they lost to the bears. We tell a nice story of Nyle Maxwell, former mayor of Round Rock, providing the Granger police department with safety vest.

SEGMENT 3– Eric talks about the Jack Ingram HEB Christmas commercials. His son introduced Jack at a show one time, and now thinks it’s cool that he knows “the HEB guy”. Jimmy Carter checks in. Bobby Keys, sax player for the Rolling Stones died. Jimmy talks about Taylor Swift’s performance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and he talks about the CMT Honors show including Merle Haggard’s Lifetime award, Keith Urban’s performance, and others. Jimmy thinks the media is beginning to back down on Ferguson and beginning to cover other relevant things instead. Jimmy talks about Al Sharpton, and more.

SEGMENT 4– Ricky Brennes stops by the show. Ricky is Bevo’s handler and also responsible for all of the marketing/fundraising involving Bevo. The tradition of Bevo turned 98 on the day of the Thanksgiving game, and he tells us about the anniversary. He also clears up the truth about where the name came from, as well as some other inside information about Bevo.


Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

SEGMENT 1-Well, Bob is still out sick today. The show talks about Christmas shopping and Blue Santa coming up on Friday. Eric forgot his phone this morning and was searching for it on his way to work, and the guys talks about doing stupid things while you’re driving. You gotta hear this! With all the bad in the news right now, Scotty tells us a feel-good story about a man who was committing “random acts of pasta” by feeding those in need with his Olive Garden unlimited pasta pass that he won. A homeless man in Austin had intentions of robbing a butcher shop for food, but fell asleep in the midst of his robbery! Eric reads us a list of 5 ways to become a morning person if you aren’t one.

SEGMENT 2– KOKE FM will have a big concert announcement next week! In other news, Girl Scout cookies can be ordered and purchased online this year. The guys also talk about the Trail of Lights and Troy lets us know the old Mueller control tower will be lit tonight. The show discusses some of their favorite Christmas specials and songs. They also talk about whether it’s too early to start playing Christmas music or not, and we get some opinions from callers.

SEGMENT 3– We hear from Jimmy Carter to talk about a Merle Haggard special airing on CMT. Ronnie Dunn has signed with a new label and this gets the guys started on a discussion about 90’s country music. Jimmy also talks about the Ray Rice story continuing to be a presence in the news, Jeb Bush’s possible run for election, and more on Sony’s cyber hacking. Jimmy tells us about Sons of Anarchy coming to an end and number 1 Christmas songs and albums. We begin our first segment of face-off by discussing the shooting in Austin and the different opinions on more gun control vs. open carry.

SEGMENT 4– Face-off continues. We play a clip of Charles Barkley giving his opinion on the Ferguson case. The panel talks about the media fueling the fire and how they influence the public perception of the black community. Our panel also discusses the Bill Cosby allegations. Why are all of these things just now being brought up?


Monday, December 1st, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Good morning! We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. The crew is back in today, but Bob is out. He lost his voice over the weekend and his son is having surgery. Rita Ballou is helping out this morning though! The show talks about the Rock the Red Kettle event that took place last night benefiting the Salvation Army. We also talk football including UT, the Cowboys, and Colt McCoy starting for the Redskins. You gotta hear this! Scotty tells us about the new Star Wars trailer that was released over the weekend, we talk about former Creed singer Scott Stapp going broke, and play Jimmy Fallon’s Thanksgiving thank-you cards.

SEGMENT 2– The show talks details about the awful shooting that happened in Austin over the weekend. Then we move onto a lighter note; today is Cyber Monday! We talk about getting good online deals and how the internet has changed the way we shop for Christmas. We also talk about the Blue Santa event happening this Friday. Scotty tells us about some of the movies he saw over the break. The men of KOKE FM talk about their facial hair and the contest they had for “Movember”/”No Shave November”

SEGMENT 3 Jimmy Carter checks in to also talk about some thing we touched on earlier including the Austin shooting and Cyber Monday. Jimmy talks about more problems in Ferguson, and protesters blocking the highways. Sony has been hacked and movies and other things are being released by hackers. People magazine published Kurt Douglas’ obituary story by mistake, because he hasn’t died. The guys give Rita a hard time about kicking her Christmas tree and not liking Christmas.

SEGMENT 4– The cold temperature for today is already setting in! The show talks about the hassle of putting up Christmas lights, even though they love the way it looks when its actually done. Rita tells us more about how she doesn’t really care about Christmas. UT Men’s and Women’s baskeball teams were victorious! We have more “jock talk” and discuss the UT game against TCU. Jason Nassour talks with us about coaching his peewee football team in Westlake. Rita talks about her issues she had over the weekend with family.


Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– We catch up briefly with Scotty, Dick and Intern Morgan about their Thanksgiving plans and who is winning in the KOKE morning crew contest on the best facial hair. Eric played a prank on Scotty yesterday and Bob and the guys explain the story. Bob says he watched a little bit of the Ferguson coverage on CNN last night before he got tired of it and switched to a channel called Palladia and watched some performances by artists.

SEGMENT 2– Bob reminds us of some important dates coming up. Rock the Red Kettle is this weekend to benefit the Salvation Army! The guys talk about Colt McCoy starting in the Redskins game this next Sunday and the possibility of replacing Robert Griffin III. The guys also discuss RG3’s career and how things aren’t looking too good for him right now. We play a funny clip of Chris Rock explaining “how not to get your ass kicked by the cops”. Friend of the program and Director of Professional Scouting for the KC Royals, Gene Watson, calls into the show to tell us about some of the baseball players who will be present at Rock the Red Kettle this weekend.

SEGMENT 3– Here’s Jimmy! Jimmy talks with the guys about Thanksgiving plans and delicious eats! He tells us Budweiser is temporarily doing away with the famous Clydesdale horses, and the guys are pretty upset! This gets them to talking about different beers, and they all make fun of Bob for liking Bud Light Limearitas. Jimmy also informs us on holiday travel traffic, Officer Wilson of the Ferguson case, and earthquakes in north Texas. The guys talk more about Budweiser after Jimmy.

SEGMENT 4– We’ve got comedian Pat Hazell in the studio! He talks about his work on Seinfeld as a writer and his new play that will be in Austin this weekend, A Kodachrome Christmas. He and the guys also discuss Thanksgiving and holiday foods and traditions.


Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Well, last night it was announced that the grand jury in the Ferguson case has decided not to indict the officer in the Michael Brown shooting. The morning crew begins a discussion on how police are handling the riots happening in Ferguson and the awful reporting that is being done. Bob also says this case isn’t about race. We have a caller whose brother is in law enforcement over in Ferguson right now and she gives a personal account about the things she has heard from him.

SEGMENT 2– We move on to some lighter topics. The 2015 Austin rodeo lineup has been partly announced! It’s a pretty great lineup with some awesome performances. Two of the acts include Randy Rogers Band and Lee Brice, and Bob thinks these two singers sound alike. Nick with the Georgetown Turkey Trot gives us a call to give us some information on the run and benefiting the Williamson County Meals on Wheels.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter checks in to talk mostly about Ferguson and the riots that are happening, but he also gives us an update on Bill Cosby and lets us know that tonight is the last night for TV ratings. Then, we begin our first portion of Face-Off with our weekly panel. Thankfully we have legal experts like Jason Nassour and Susan Oswalt, and they give us some perspective on the process of selecting a grand jury and talk about the fact that Missouri won’t release the jury vote count.

SEGMENT 4– Face-Off continues this morning with more discussion on Ferguson. The panel talks about the race issue of the case, saying that everyone should comply with police regardless of race and that when it comes down to it, this happened because someone felt threatened for their life and had to make the decision to pull the trigger. The panel also talks about the looting and crime happening with the riots.


Monday, November 24th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– The rest of the crew is running a little behind today, so we start off with Scotty, Dick, and intern Morgan to talk briefly about the amazing catch by Odell Beckham Jr. Then we’re back to normal with Bob, Sammy, and Eric on deck! The guys talk about CVS’ decision to stop selling cigarettes and Bob tells us about some septic tank issues he had at his house this past weekend. The guys talk about college football, including the LSU vs. A&M game on Thanksgiving and Bob tells us a Willie Nelson story.

SEGMENT 2– It’s time for Scotty’s “You Gotta Hear This!” he plays a clip of NFL wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts, T.Y. Hilton, breaking down in a post-game interview talking about his newborn daughter. We also hear a clip from residents in Reading, Pennsylvania, complaining about the town’s ugly Christmas tree. Zilker is renaming the Trail of Lights Christmas Tree to the “Holiday Tree” and the guys aren’t too happy about it. The show also talks a little bit about last night’s American Music Awards.

SEGMENT 3– We’ve got an awesome throwback clip of Sammy on the radio from 1970! Jimmy Carter calls in and talks about the Ft. Sam Houston lock down, the Ferguson verdict being put off, and the AMA’s. He also lets us know about Charlie Daniel’s Christmas for Kids concert and informs us on “text neck”. Bob and the crew talk about the idea for the “Grow America Act” .

SEGMENT 4– Bob tells us about the “Hairiest Cities in America” list. Austin made 4th on the list! The guys talk about “Movember” and “No Shave November” and all of their participation. Bob also reads us a list of words that have a completely different meaning in Texas. And they are pretty spot on! Bob informs us about celebrities who have high IQ’s.


Friday, November 21st, 2014

SEGMENT 1– It’s Friday and Bob is back! The guys talk about what a great job Kevin Fowler did filling in yesterday, and Bob tells us that listening to the show while sitting in traffic gives him a completely different perspective. The show talks about Austin traffic problems and touch on Obama’s speech from last night. Then, Congressman John Carter calls in to weigh in on Obama’s speech regarding immigration and problems at the border.

SEGMENT 2– The guys talk college football including the possibility of Texas State going to a bowl game, but the unlikely possibility of Texas and A&M playing against each other in a bowl game. They also discuss the UT vs. TCU Thanksgiving game. Cher has had to cancel her show in Austin and Bob is pretty sad. To cheer up, the show sings a few Cher songs. Scotty tells us about some upcoming events and the guys talk about the yucky weather we’re having.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter checks in and tells us that another show in St. Louis has been cancelled because of concerns with Ferguson. Jimmy tells us more about the two country singers, Ty Herndon and Billy Gilman, who have both come out as gay. Jimmy talks about Taylor Swift’s successful career and about some of the movies coming out this weekend. The Hunger Games; Mockingjay is supposed to be a huge hit with fans! Jimmy also gives us more insight on the Bill Cosby allegations. Cory Morrow gives us a call to give us more info on his event, Rock the Red Kettle, to benefit the Salvation Army.

SEGMENT 4– KOKE FM’s very own Rita Ballou calls in to tell us that she will be live tweeting from the American Music Awards this Sunday! Bob tries to address the “fued” between Rita and Scotty and they both give their sides, and give each other a hard time. Then our intern, Morgan, joins us on the program for our Fun Friday Singalong.


Thursday, November 20th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– KOKE and Cole in the morning, minus the Cole. Bob is off today taking care of some family business so we’ve got the “B team” of Eric, Scotty and Dick Ellis. There was another rock throwing incident in Austin. Next season’s Longhorn football schedule is already out! We hear from Scotty for, “You gotta hear this!”. An Italian cook can’t say “worcestershire sauce”, a little kid can’t whistle, Garth Brooks slams YouTube, and Kim Kardashian thinks her photos in Paper Magazine are considered “art”.

SEGMENT 2– Kevin Fowler sits in on the show with us today to help out with co-hosting. Joe Allbaugh calls in to talk about the Austin mayoral run-off election, Obama’s speech for tonight regarding border control, and Russia. Kevin talks with us about his music video for “Panhandle Poor Boy” and his event this weekend benefiting the Ronny Smith Memorial Buyers Group and FFA 4H Clubs Fundraiser!

SEGMENT 3– Kevin is still hangin in with us. He tells us more about his new Rustic Ranch out in Wimberly and the show talk about Chris Hemsworth being voted as the “Sexiest Man Alive” for 2014. Jimmy Carter gives us a call! He gives us insight on Mike Nichols death, the campus shooting at Florida State and the Bill Cosby allegations. Jimmy also lets us know about movies coming out this weekend and more. Kevin and the guys talk about blowing things up with tannerite.

SEGMENT 4– Kevin and Eric talk about Cody Johnson’s musical success and discuss how the Texas country music scene has been getting more support and exposure because of the fans. Kevin and the guys wrap up the show by talking about deer breeding, MusicFest in Steamboat and Kevin doing a signing in Bastrop.


Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– The guys start the show off by talking about the mayoral run-off election coming up soon between Steve Adler and Mike Martinez. Then, Bob reads us a funny list of the “22 Easiest Ways to Piss of Every Austinite”. The guys decide which points they think are accurate and which aren’t. The show jams out to some Meatloaf songs and Scotty tells us about a time he tried to get Meatloaf to come onto the show.

SEGMENT 2– Chief Acevedo pays us a surprise visit! He and Bob discuss the soon due Ferguson verdict and a case of an officer-involved shooting. Dr. Mike Clark with Natural Bio Health calls into the show to talk about the benefits of men taking testosterone. We continue speaking with Chief Acevedo, and  he and Bob talk about meeting John McCain and the last UT vs. A&M game. Chief Acevedo tells us about getting called to go to Washington D.C. often to represent Austin in important discussions regarding public safety policy.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter makes his daily report and tells us about a special on the Today show that shows us hidden hotel germs. Gross! He also lets us know Tracy Morgan isn’t recovering well from his bus accident from over 5 months ago. Jimmy tells us about some rumors in US magazine claiming Natalie Morales and Will Geist were fired and informs us about an app called “Yik Yak”. The show talks about Garth’s return to music and we hear his touching new single “Mom”.

SEGMENT 4– The guys talk about their opinions on “Mom” and the possibility of a double meaning of the song. Bob and Eric discovered a new artist that they liked name Mickey Guyton and we play one of her songs. The rest of the morning show gives their opinion on her. It’s November and the men of the morning crew are partaking in “No shave November” and “Movember” to promote men’s health month.


Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Bob starts off by reminding everyone about the Mr. Maroo Challenge tshirts to help out our friend Archer! The show compares ABIA to the old Austin airport, Mueller Airport. It seems Texas, as well as the rest of the country, is getting our cold weather at an earlier time this year than last year. The show talks college football and about the name change of Texas State from Southwest Texas State. Bob reads comments from an Aggie forum about concerns if they have to face UT in a bowl game.

SEGMENT 2– Amy’s Austin is celebrating it’s 30th birthday! We have Steve Simmon’s from Amy’s to talk a little bit about celebrating with free ice cream and some of the other businesses they have begun. He also tells us the story of how Amy’s got started and informs us with a little bit of ice cream science! The guys talk about freezes and cold temperatures all over the country and also talk about the shooting in a Jerusalem synagogue.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter gives us a call to talk about Kenny Chesney’s boat, the Ferguson verdict, and Garth Brooks’ album sales. Charles Manson is getting married and Neil Young is boycotting Starbucks. This leads into Jimmy telling us about some of Starbuck’s new employee policies. Then we begin face-off with our weekly panel, including guest panelist, Tony Plohetski of the Statesman. The panel begins a conversation about the child who was struck by lightning a few months ago while out at soccer practice. They discuss how to look for warnings and who is held responsible.

SEGMENT 4– We had a parent call in who was there on the field the day that the boy was struck by lightning. The fields have since implemented lightning detection. The panel discusses the lawsuit and the issues. Then, the panel wraps up by talking about the importance of investigative journal.


Monday, November 17th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Brrr it sure is chilly in Austin, Texas on this Monday morning! There is even a freeze warning. And the Longhorns are going to a bowl game! The guys discuss that opportunity as well as other college bowl games. The guys briefly discuss the possibilities of the Ferguson and Rick Perry verdicts, which are both expected to be announced soon. Bob tells us about missing emceeing the rodeo event this past weekend because his son is in the hospital. We also replay the Cory Morrow and Jimmy Carter Fun Friday Singalong.

SEGMENT 2– The guys discuss more college football including Florida State, Oklahoma State and A&M. TCU struggled against Kansas, who hasn’t won a game all season. The show also imagines the thought of a UT vs. A&M bowl game. Only 10 days until Thanksgiving! We also speak with Coach Fredenburg of the Mary Hardin Baylor football team about the program, their success and a little bit of his coaching history.

SEGMENT 3– We get the perfect chance to humiliate Scotty! When he was a kid, he was in the ‘Little Mister Texas’ pageant with the one and only, Matthew McConaughey. The guys give him a hard time and he gives us a little bit of insight on the pageant. Jimmy Carter gives us a call to talk about how much he enjoyed his trip to Austin this past weekend including places he went and his fondness for Austin Bergstrom International Airport. Jimmy also talks about movies, more college football, the Hollywood film awards, plus more!

SEGMENT 4– We play a clip of Texas Tech students who are unable to answer questions that everyone should know such as “who won The Civil War?” and “Who is the Vice President?” The guys say that kids pay attention to the news in social media and only remember things to be able to pass a test. The show also discusses Jonathan Gruber and the Obamacare controversy.


Friday, November 14th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– The show begins the morning by talking about their love for John Denver, even if it isn’t the coolest thing to admit. Eric is having some improvements done to his studio. Bob’s son was in the ER last night and Scotty had to call the Fire Department to his house! The show discusses the disrespect people have toward Obama and they feel that even if you don’t agree with him, he is the President of our country and should still be respected.

SEGMENT 2– Jimmy Carter is live in the studio with us today! Archer Hadley from Austin High School calls in to chat with Bob about their playoff game tonight and to give information on his “Mr. Maroo Challenge” tshirt. Jimmy and the guys discuss some of the differences and similarities in Austin such as traffic and universities. Commissioner Zak Covar of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TECQ) calls in to tall about conservation, recycling and America Recycles Day tomorrow.

SEGMENT 3– We discuss all of this cold weather! The guys recognize that Oklahoma gets some of the worst weather with tornadoes, snow and ice and fires. We play a clip of Kevin Fowler’s “Take Care of Texas” commercial. Jimmy Carter gives us his report including talking about the high ratings for the Fox report on the SEAL who killed Osama Bin Laden, Garth Brooks’ album sales, Taylor Swift’s success and  college football.

SEGMENT 4– Cory Morrow is in the studio with us! He gives us information about a benefit concert on November 30th that benefits the Salvation Army. Bob and Cory discuss some of the great work Salvation Army does for the homeless in Travis and Williamson counties and Cory tells us how he got involved with the cause. We wrap up our show with a pretty entertaining singalong with Cory Morrow, Jimmy Carter and the rest of the morning crew.


Thursday, November 13th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Bob’s printer broke last week, and he tells us about trying to deal with that and buying a new printer. The guys discuss iPhone vs. Android operating systems. The reminds Bob that he heard that there are more germs on a cell phone than a toilet. This leads into a discussion of who is responsible for cleaning the toilet at their houses. The show also talks about part 2 of the Fox report on the SEAL who says he killed Osama bin Laden. It’s super chilly today in Austin! Bob tells us about a time he had to drive back to Austin from Oklahoma while there was ice on the road and how scary it was.

SEGMENT 2– Today is Ray Wiley Hubbard’s birthday and so we replay his performance from when he was here in the studio earlier this week. We’re having some technical difficulties this morning! While the guys try to figure out what’s going on, Bob talks with us about some controversial commentary made about Obamacare.

SEGMENT 3– We got the rest of the crew back! The show talks some more about Jonathan Gruber and the Obamacare issues. Jimmy Carter gives us a call, and he’s actually in the airport on his way to come to Austin! He will be in town for a wedding, but is stopping by in the studio tomorrow morning. Jimmy also contributes his thoughts on the SEAL story and the Jonathan Gruber story and also mentions that he is happy about the low gas prices right now. Then, the guys talk about the Garth Brooks phenomenon and tell stories about meeting and seeing celebrities and performers in Austin.

SEGMENT 4– Troy tells us about some of the freezing cold weather the rest of the country is getting right now, including snow! The show talks about the run off for Mayor between Mike Martinez and Steve Adler and about both of their press conferences from yesterday. Austin has been rated the most gay-friendly city in Texas and we read off some of the ratings other Texas cities received. The guys also discuss the mentioning of a proposed Barrack Obama statue at Auditorium Shores.


Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– The guys start off talking about a love for music and how songs can bring up certain feelings, and they notice how some songs get really popular long after they are released. It’s Willie Wednesday here at KOKE FM, and this inspires some great Willie Nelson stories from the morning crew. Bob talks about being upset that he missed the Merle Haggard show last night, but a few listeners call in to tell us about it. Then the show talks about some customs that are considered rude in the US compared to other countries and vice versa.

SEGMENT 2– The show wants to thank everyone for listening to the Veteran’s Day Round Table yestersday.From there we get a call from Mayor Lee Leffingwell to speak about the efforts and support of Honor Flight Austin. The guys also talk about the donations received from yesterday and the show. We then discuss how so many  veterans are not taken care of when they return home from war and Bob has an idea that those who have served should not have to pay income tax.

SEGMENT 3– The guys discuss the controversy of the story of the SEAL who says that he was the one who killed Osama bin Laden and they question why all of this information is even being given to the American public. Jimmy Carter calls in and he agrees with the rest of the guys about our veterans not being taken care of. Jimmy tells us about the veteran concert on HBO featuring Eminem, and he dropped a bunch of F-bombs. Jimmy also tells us about new additional Robin Williams autopsy results, the Space Program, an interesting YouTube social experiment, and more.

SEGMENT 4– Our friend Thad from Meals on Wheels for Veterans calls in. He speaks with us about the importance of really socializing with these veterans when meals are delivered to them, because most of them just care about having someone to talk with. He also highlights on the donations that have been made and volunteering efforts. We wrap up with a hilarious song from Carlos Machiste making fun of the morning show crew to the tune of ‘I am Woman’.


Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– This morning on Insider’s Club, the guys begin with talking about Veterans Day. The guys discuss some of the places where veterans can get free meals today, the diminishing amount of World War II vets who are left, and Honor Flight which works to get WWII veterans to D.C. to see their memorial. Today is also our very own Bob Cole’s birthday. But, he is not big on celebrating his birthday and would rather focus on our country’s veterans. The guys also discuss the fact that no one on the program today has ever served and that there are actually less and 1% of Americans serving currently. The show also discusses a list of the best places to retire and internet hacking.

SEGMENT 2– Our Austin Radio Network Veterans Day Round Table has begun! The panel begins with talking about Meals on Wheels efforts to feed veterans and we speak with Bob from Meals on Wheels to talk about providing the vets with meals and assistance. The guys also agree that organizations like these are so helpful because many vets still want their independence. Chip and Chad from The Horn bring Frank Hutchinson on the phone to talk about carrying two leather-bound volumes to the top of Mount Everest to pay tribute to our soldiers.

SEGMENT 3– We continue our round table coverage with JB & Sandy from The Fringe. They call a veteran they met who goes by “Beetle”. He speaks with us about the American attitude change towards veterans in the 1960’s & 70’s versus now. He is actually proud to be a veteran and this is one of the first years he will actually participate in Veterans Day activities. Then, Allen from Honor Flight calls in to give us some more info on getting these remaining WWII veterans to D.C. so that they can see the WWII memorial. We also get to speak with the oldest living World War II veteran.

SEGMENT 4– We hear  from Nate Boyer, the UT long snapper, who served in the military before coming to the university to play football. He talks about his decision to join the military and civilians thanking veterans for their service. We wrap up with Sandy from The Fringe reading “What is a Vet” and everyone in the studio sends a special thank-you to a veteran they want to thank personally.


Monday, November 10th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Happy Monday! The guys begin by talking about the unexpected victory of the Texas game this past weekend and also discuss their predictions for the game this upcoming weekend against Oklahoma State. There was a meteor/fireball of some sort in the sky in Austin this weekend! Scott tells what areas might have seen it. There is an elementary school whose name is being dedicated to a fallen officer. The guys also discuss Veterans Day tomorrow and more college football.

SEGMENT 2– We go to Scotty for “you gotta hear this!” and play a clip of Obama trash talking Michael Jordan’s basketball team and some funny Jeopardy clips. Matthew Mcconaughey talks about being in the little Mr. Texas Pageant as a kid and it turns out, our very own Scotty Bennett was in the same pageant with him! Archer Hadley joins us by phone to talk football, update us on the Mr. Maroo challenge, and give us some info on where to buy t-shirts to support his efforts.

SEGMENT 3– The guys discuss Mary Hardin-Baylor football before Jimmy Carter calls in. Jimmy talks about Netflix and some of the interesting movies they have on there as well as some of the movies coming out soon and some that have come out recently. Jimmy also mentions Jeb Bush’s possible run for election. Then the guys discuss Rick Perry’s trial from Friday.

SEGMENT 4– Gerald Daughrety calls in briefly to discuss all the issues with roads in Austin. Bob tells us about some of the people he went to high school with who ended up becoming famous. The show discusses new silence zones for trains in Austin and Obamacare registration. They also talk about the book, No Easy Day, which was written by a a former  SEAL about the mission that ended in the killing of Osama bin Laden. This leads into a discussion of Veterans Day and taking care of our Veterans after they  return from war.


Friday, November 7th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– The boys have all agreed they like Randy Rogers so God bless ’em! A benefit to having such an early start to the day is the chance to see the moon one last time while awake. The boys try and figure out what kind of moon was out last night, its called something strange! With the moon gone and the sun coming up, we can see the burnt orange sun rise. Meaning favor is with us this weekend, so Hook ‘Em! The boys weight in on what they think about Coach strong and what it means to be a coach. Some men from Black BBQ come by and talk about the grand opening of one of there stores as well as making the BBQ all the way in Lockhart.

SEGMENT 2– After Jason Aldean says a joke at the CMA’s, a lot of people get offended. The boys give their two cents and how humans are just too sensitive these days. They also discuss what the verdict of the Ferguson case might mean for the city.

SEGMENT 3– No need to fear, Jimmy’s here! Jimmy calls in and talks about what he thinks of  certain talk show hosts. He also is shocked about Miley Cyrus performances recently. The boys remind you to donate to the Mr. Maroo challenge and support Archer Hadley as he tries to reach his goal of $40,000. Lieutenant Rich Richmond comes in and tells us about his fundraiser coming up and what its like being an officer on a motorcycle.

SEGMENT 4– We listen to a Chubby Knuckles choir band song and discuss a little bit more about who they are. Bob was amazed with their skill and so should you, give it a listen! Loyal listener Luis Alverez is here today. He tells us about his restaurants and his upcoming event that he is hosting. Come and support!

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Bobs late for an odd reason involving shots and testosterone. After viewing the CMA’s last night, the boys think that Kasey Musgrave has been working very hard. Suzy Bogguss calls in and we continue talking about the CMA’s last night as well as her new album that is her covering songs by Merl haggard. She is coming to Austin today from Nashville so we remind her to keep an eye out for Rita. We finish our segment by listening to one of Suzy’s newest songs!

SEGMENT 2– Unfortunately Troys mic is malfunctioning so he has to say goodbye for the moment. The boys talk about congress changing players and how Bob can’t back up Obama anymore. Obama is having a hard time accepting the Republican sweep. To the boys surprise the CMA’s were not as bad as usual. They continue with the CMA’s by discussing the meaning “All About The Bass” and how young females are starting to make songs about inner beauty. Joe Albaugh talks to as about the republican win and what it might mean for the future of America

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy calls in and tell us about his experience at the CMA’s. He believe we are moving away from bro country.Hap Feuerbacher, Rodeo Austin President, and Melvin Sobotik, chair of the BBQ Committee come into the studio and tell us about the upcoming rodeo event. Also Bob encourages listeners to partake in movember even though it is proving harder than expected for the boys.

SEGMENT 4– We continue with Melvin and Hap today and hear more about the rodeo after listening to a snippet of Luke Bryan. The Rodeo has been doing wonderful things for our community, so listen, show up and come dance for support! After the wonderful men leave, the boys continue to talk about the new elected officials and what the Ferguson verdict might mean for the town.

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– The boys discuss last night and the republican sweepstakes. We compare politics to football and what its like when your team/party loses. People get there feelings hurt and when people don’t vote the same like you it gets tough on your spirits.It seems to us people are getting more cynical about the government. On a different note, Bob is a little confused about the gender of the “all about the bass” girl by the sound of her voice. The Boys end this segment by debating who is going to get country song of the year tonight.

SEGMENT 2– 6 days till veterans day! Dale Dudley from KLBJ -FM has a story to tell on his station about his time at the F1 track and we share the audio. Turns out the first time Bob had his first major weight loss was because Dale Dudley made fun of him! Major Dan Rooney calls in to tell us about fold of honor and his upcoming fundraiser.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter calls in and boy its nice to have him back at this time. Our favorite news entertainer tells us about the Republican sweepstakes  and the CMA’s.  Many states have now legalized marijuana and Jimmy ends his time with us by talking about the new movie Interstellar.Then Rita calls in and tells us about her time in Nashville  and tells us the story of how she gave her Hunter Hayes pass to a homeless man.

SEGMENT 4– Not a lot of people voted for this past election. Dick spent the night at the studio last night! Gerald Daughtery calls in and talks more about the Urban rail. Turns out most women voted for mostly Greg Abbott which shocked us.

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Bob was thrown off of his usual morning routine today, and the guys talk about how that can kind of affect your day. The show talks about the future texting and driving laws. Today is Election Day! So we begin the talk of today’s election and the candidates running. We hear a clip about water pollution in Austin and discuss the issues it’s causing.

SEGMENT 2– Troy is back today from his weather conference at OU. The show discusses the Voter ID laws and how they affect minority voters. Mayoral candidate Mike Martinez calls in. We discuss with him the texting and driving law, election day and the other candidates. We also replay the clip of him on the show doing his Fun Friday Singalong.

SEGMENT 3– We hear from Jimmy Carter to also weigh in on predictions for today’s elections. Because the CMA’s are coming up this week, ABC had a countdown last night of the top 15 most important songs in country music. Jimmy talks about New York City’s idea of country music, network TV shows pushing the envelope with scandalous scenes, and announced that next year will be the biggest year in country music for tours. Face-off begins this morning with a call from Austin City Council candidate Pete Phillips to talk about his campaign. The panel also talks about their predictions for Proposition 1 votes.

SEGMENT 4– We hear from a few more candidates by phone running in today’s election. Mike Mcnamara, who is running for Travis County Judge, calls in. More candidates running for city council call in including Chris Riley, Ellen Troxclaire, and Matt Lamon. The panel discusses construction and building in Austin.


Monday, November 3rd, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Good morning! The guys start this Monday off by talking about Saturday’s Texas vs. Texas Tech game. Bob had to listen to the game on the radio in his car while he was in Galveston because the TV in his hotel wasn’t carrying the game. Bob tells us about his trip to Galveston for Tom Allen’s induction into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame. Then Archer Hadley joins us on the program to talk with Bob about football and update us on the Mr. Maroon Challenge fundraiser.

SEGMENT 2– Troy is out today, he’s in Oklahoma for a weather conference. Bob tells us about a study that is being tested to see if women can be hypnotized to not go into menopause. The guys discuss if men should be the one to pay for going out on a date and talk about a cell phone etiquette survey. Tomorrow is Election Day and we will be doing Election coverage!

SEGMENT 3– Wild Hog Wayne calls in for a Low Budget Review. Bob tells us about Tom Allen’s induction ceremony and plays a recording. Jimmy Carter calls in back at his old time today. The CMA’s are coming up this week, Taylor Swift’s new album is selling really well, and there are some good movies coming out. Jimmy really enjoyed ‘Nightcrawler’. We also talk about a NASCAR fight, SNL, and much more!

SEGMENT 4– The guys play some great throwback songs! The show also discusses the Formula 1 race from this past weekend. The guys talk about and play a clip of a weatherman who was caught on camera peeing in the snow and also discuss a recording of two Austin police officers who were joking about sexual assault.


Friday, October 31st, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Happy Friday morning and Happy Halloween! The guys begin by talking about all different Halloween songs and movies. Bob plays an old Halloween song that none of the other guys have ever heard of. The show talks about how disappointing it was when they were kids to get lame Halloween treats when they were trick-or-treating like apples or raisins. The Texas vs. Texas Tech game is this Saturday, and we play a clip from UT defensive coordinator Vance Bedford at a press conference.

SEGMENT 2– Mayoral candidate, Steve Adler, joins us on the program. He speaks with Bob about running in the election race and the voter turn out in Austin.

SEGMENT 3– Steve Adler is still with us. He and Bob discuss the Urban Rail. Rick Travino joins in with Steve Adler for the Fun Friday singalong to sing ‘Beautiful Texas’. Next, Tom Allen joins us on the show to talk about his induction into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame and his Saturday morning program, The Country Gold Show.

SEGMENT 4– Tom Allen is still with us, and we give a brief history of his career in country radio. Jimmy Carter calls us to give his appreciation for Tom Allen and also talk about Latin Music with Rick Trevino. The guys all discuss discovering big artists and things such as movies coming out this weekend, the Auburn vs. Ole Miss game, and the cold weather coming up. And, Jimmy will be returning to his old time at 7:50 next week. Don Kurtz calls in to discuss the last minute special for the Alaskan Cruise package. Then, Rick Trevino plays us a song in the studio.


Thursday, October 30th, 2014

SEGMENT 1-The World Series is over and once again, San Francisco is the winner!  The boys talk about the world series and the difficulties of watching baseball. Eric talks about how his baseball payer son has a hard time watching the World series himself. The boys listen to some old tunes and talk about what year the singles went gold and how Neil Diamond is doing these days.

SEGMENT 2– Lesson to be told, never let voting interfere with football!  The boys talk about what they think of the moon rock in the Smithsonian and reminisce about the Houston Oilers. Also they chant the old Oilers fight song! While Football is still on our minds, the boys talk about the new A&M fighting aggies helmet. Eric talks about his time yesterday with Wade Bowen and how he is on the rise to be the next big star.

SEGMENT 3– The boys are a little confused with the fiasco confused with the San Francisco. It’s been difficult to adapt to jimmys new time but we listen to a Doobie Brothers songs to calm our nerves. We talk about Archer Hadley and how amazing that young man is.

SEGMENT 4– Andrew Taft calls in and tell us all about the upcoming fall festival. He mentions his time in Alaska as a fisherman and farming over the years. Most importantly though he tell us about the corn maze and the different events happening at the festival. Jimmy calls in and tries to explain why Al Sharplin has his own talk show hour on MSNBC. The boys and Jimmy also discuss who they would have play at their own living room concert if dreams came true. NASA doesnt seem to be getting any support from the president and Jimmy weighs in on that.

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Well, we start off this morning with some power outage problems. Our station, 99.3, is off the air and Bob explains to us how all of that works. Kansas City won game 6 of the World Series last night, tying them 3 for 3 with the Giants. Tonight is the final game of the World Series. Bob is rooting for the Royals, and he and the guys discuss some of the players for each team. Bob goes back to talking about the power outage issue, and says that he gets an alert to his phone when it happens. But sometimes, the weather affects this alert. Bob and Eric tell stories about leaving their previous company to begin KOKE FM.

SEGMENT 2– Good news, the power is back on 99.3! This leads to the guys talking about setting alarms and oversleeping. This weekend is the Formula 1 races out at COTA. The show talks about the major decline in gas prices recently and college football rankings. Travis County early voting has turned out pretty flat, with low numbers. Halloween is this week! The guys talk about costumes and festivities.

SEGMENT 3– An inspiring and delightful young man named Archer Hadley joins us on the program to tell us about his Mr. Maroo Wheelchair Challenge at Austin High School, which is a fundraiser to get all push automatic doors in all of the buildings on campus. He also talks about some fun things with Bob like football.  Mike Mcnamara calls in to talk with Bob about running for Travis County Judge.

SEGMENT 4– The guys talk about Jon Stewart being in Austin to film the daily show. Jimmy Carter gives us a call, and he and Bob discuss listeners being upset that he has moved times on the program. The missing Denver Broncos fan has been located, John Carter Cash stipped down to his underwear in an airport, and Larry Gatlin has a clothing line coming out. We play a clip of Brad Paisley on the Daily Show singing a song that jokes about Texas.


Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Bob declares today as KOKE FM’s Colt McCoy day! The boys are very impressed with both Colt McCoy and Tony Romos humble character. November is coming up and that means a Movember as well! Grow whatever classy facial hair you care for cancer awareness. There have been some streakers at these football games, so a caller calls in and request we play “the streak” by Ray Stevens. We do just that!

SEGMENT 2 – Colt McCoy day continues and early voting ends Friday! So to all your listeners who want to vote, now is a good time as any to go vote. Bob tells us a story that is truly unfortunate. The current Mayor and Mike Martinez use to be close friends but something seems to have gotten in the way of their friendship. We talk about F1 this week and how we are very grateful to have  Don Miller here with us.Bob explains what happens to our sleep schedule during daylight savings and our hearts go out to the St. Louis Cardinals.

SEGMENT 3– We talk about last nights game again and how impressed we all are with both quarterbacks character. We have a hard time adjusting to jimmy carters new time slot but Chip Roy calls in to chat with us in the meantime. Chip talks about congress and the possibility of them coming back by January. He also mentions green cards and shares his insight in the matter.

SEGMENT 4– Chip Roy continues to talk with us about border issues and Bob tells a story about a listener who was sadly deported even after serving the military. Apparently the Democrats in this Governor election seem out of touch with the democratic scale. Jimmy then calls in and we continue on the matter of politics with the story of Chris Christie and all of his interviews going on. A man at a Broncos game disappeared and no one has seem him since. Bob tries to name an Allman brothers song after hearing their last show is tonight.

Monday, October 27th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– There is a big game tonight with the Cowboys facing the Redskins. The guys contemplate who to to root for, since Colt McCoy will most likely be starting for Washington tonight. The guys also discuss the disappointing UT loss and predictions for upcoming games against some tough teams. Phil Collins is the largest collector in the world of Alamo artifacts, and he is donating many of them to the Alamo to use for display. Scotty plays us a clip of Howie Mandell. Although he is a known germaphobe, he is surprisingly not freaking out over Ebola. We also hear a clip of Aretha Franklin and Jim Carey’s SNL skits.

SEGMENT 2– Bob speaks briefly about the tragic passing of 22-year-old St. Louis Cardinals player, Oscar Taveras. The show talks about early voting, the Blood Center of Texas’ need for O negative blood, some of the worst interviews they’ve experienced, and Oprah running someone over. Mary Hardin Baylor remains undefeated in football, the time change is coming up this weekend, and Mike Martinez is early voting today. We also replay the clip of him on the show from last Friday for the singalong.

SEGMENT 3– Carlos Machiste calls in to speak with Bob about some work he had done on his air conditioning. Jimmy Carter calls briefly for a big announcement– he will be moving his show to 8:50 from now on. The show talks about the Proposition 1 campaign and arguments. Bob tells us about some birthdays today and the guys sing to some songs.

SEGMENT 4– The show discusses prank calls. Jimmy Carter calls in for his new time! He tells us about Kenny Chesney’s revival tour, George Strait’s TV appearance, and Honey Boo Boo’s show being cancelled on TLC. Jack Bruce of the band, Cream, passed away. The Ebola nurse has been released. Jeb Bush is moving forward with his campaign for president. Jimmy tells us about law enforcement plans to use drones to help with cases and more.


Friday, October 24th, 2014

SEGMENT1– Eric isn’t in the studio today and the boys discuss what he is doing. Bob was a key note speaker last night and has a guessing game with the rest of us to see if we can guess who he sat next to. The weather has been very delayed in changing this year and the boys discuss how Austin is one of the most diverse places to eat. The number of food trailers around the city is unimaginable and it is just another reason why it is a great day to live in Austin, Texas.

SEGMENT2– Louis come into the studio today to talk about his food ventures. Bob has a few words to say about a disrespectful listener and reply’s with a responsible email he reads us.There has been a shooting in the Travis Country area and Dick tells us the news. Then everyone gets distracted by the sunrise. Typical!

SEGMENT3– Jimmy calls in to tells us about being corrected by listeners. He also talks about different artists that went for it and were turned down, but that did not let that stop them. Among these artists is Taylor Swift. Jimmy ends the day with us by telling us about some celebrities who have recently either bought or sold a house recently. Dale Watson come in to talk with us about his commercials and what becoming a parent has meant to him.

SEGMENT4– Mike Martinez comes in to sit with Dale Watson and discusses his candidacy. He also mentions the current Mayor whose health is not doing too well right now. He answers a phone call from a listener and the team all sing “teardrops on my guitar” for sing along Friday!

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

SEGMENT 1– In support of domestic violence awareness, Bob tells us to wear purple. Bob also apologizes for not being able to give friends more of a head up. Today is Papa Henry Salas’s anniversary. Also we learn a bit more about the Austin legend Dick Ellis and his history.There was some drama yesterday that Bob informs us about. New cars have great functions, when you figure out how to use them! The boys talk about certain instances where they have car gadget trouble. Turns out we might start paying our football players

SEGMENT 2– Scotty gives us a woody the woodpecker laugh and  America has stepped up to vote! The number have been very impressive compared to other years in early voting. The boys start starting about how this country is being run and the curse of the second term. We listen to a snippet of the Ebola press conference and a Louisianan man can’t seem to answer the question.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy calls and he has a lot to say about the Canadian incident. He is very impressed with the Prime minister. The U.S. president can’t seem to call these incident what they are. Ebola seems to have finally died down. NYC apparently has a very efficient bomb threat plan if ever one was to occur. The trial in Ferguson is coming to a conclusion and the city is worried what the result might  incite.

SEGMENT 4– Precision camera’s Greg Berger comes in to talk to us and he tell us us about the function going on this week in support of our military. Come if you would like to ride motorcycles with some of Sons of Anarchy’s cast! We talk about Flores relationship with Willie Nelson and close out the show by listening to The Band Perry’s cover song.

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

SEGMENT 1– This morning, Bob starts us off by talking about some secret service codes. This leads into a discussion of nick names and where he got his nick name, “BBQ Bob” as well as where a few others got their nick names from. Bob introduces the discussion we will have later on the program today concerning Urban Rail. The guys gave Dick Ellis a new nick name over the commercial break. The Travis County Fire Chief is going to resign. Last night was Game 1 in the World Series, with a Giants win.

SEGMENT 2– Police Chief Art Acevedo joins us this morning! He discusses safety in Austin and services such as Lyft and Uber operating in Austin. The chief also touches on the Ebola crisis. Then Jimmy Carter calls in briefly to talk about railroads, the political debate, Taylor Swift’s security and the World Series.

SEGMENT 3– The time has come! Mayor of Austin, Lee Leffingwell, and Travis County Commissioner, Gene Daughrety, go head to head in a friendly debate to discuss all things Urban Rail. The Mayor supports Prop 1, and tells us about the traffic problems and congestion in Austin. The Commissioner disagrees, and compares statistics from the Red Line rail to what the proposed Urban Rail will do. The two also discuss the comparisons between the Urban Rail and the current bus system. We also hear their opinion on how it would help/hurt college students, where the rail would travel, the costs, and much more.

SEGMENT 4– The debate continues. We hear a few questions from listeners and people in the streets of the city. How would the construction of the rail affect traffic now? Why wouldn’t the rail go to the airport? The two men also talk about the problems with traffic continuing to be studied and talked about, but nothing major has been done to fix it. The Mayor and Commissioner give their final thoughts. Mayor Leffingwell tells us why people should vote for this proposition, and Gene Daughrety tells us that this Urban Rail will not help traffic and will raise taxes.


Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Last night was the final game in the Orange vs. White UT Baseball scrimmage. Bob tells us about being able to hear some of the things the UT Football coaches say when he’s in the press box announcing during the games. The World Series begins tonight. Bob reminds us of some approaching dates such as Halloween, the time change, and Thanksgiving. We get a little history lesson in where the Kansas City Royals got their name. The guys get a kick out of the “band name” generator that Rita posted on the KOKE FM Facebook. The show discusses the changing music industry and decline in record sales.

SEGMENT 2– Bob plays us some “bubble gum” music he enjoyed when he was younger and the guys sing along. Bob tells us about his votes for the CMA awards. Mayor Lee Leffingwell calls in to discuss his support and opinion for the Urban Rail in Austin.

SEGMENT 3– The show discusses the places named in the Texas Highways Top 40 Travel Destinations in Texas list. We hear from Jimmy Carter and he also chimes in on some of the greatest places in Texas. Jimmy tells us that Bob Seger and Jason Aldean will be doing a Crossroads special on CMT. Jimmy discusses some of the plans for the CMA awards, criticism towards Obama about his lack of handling Ebola, and the Alabama Republican House Speaker has been indicted. We begin Face-Off by talking about the Houston mayor, who is openly gay, issuing subpoenas demanding that pastors turn over any sermons dealing with homosexuality or gender identity. Is she overstepping her power?

SEGMENT 4– Manager of Pro Scouting for the Kansas City Royals, Gene Watson, gives us a call to talk about working for the Royals, past trades, and the excitement for the World Series. He tells us of the mutual respect between the two organizations and all the people who work behind the scenes. Our panel continues in Face-Off to discuss the mayoral candidates for this election. They wrap up by talking about an idea for a new law in San Antonio; citations for people giving money to homeless people.


Monday, October 20th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– We begin the morning by talking about what else, but the football games of this past weekend. Early voting begins today! The guys talk briefly about the cost of Urban Rail and the John Kelso roast. We’ll have more on both of these topics later. The World Series begin tomorrow night. Bob began watching Madam Secretary and Dick Ellis says he enjoys the show too. Bob reads off a list of celebrities who have never been married and we talk more football.

SEGMENT 2– The UT stadium stands actually stayed full this past Saturday with an exciting game against Iowa State! There was a story about Dick Ellis in the Statesman. Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty calls in to discuss his opinion on the Urban Rail. The guys discuss the future of politics, will the Republicans take over the house in the next election? Tonight is the final fall scrimmage of UT baseball.

SEGMENT 3– We speak with Jimmy Carter about the new documentary coming out on the life of country music singer, Glen Campbell. The film is called “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me”. Jimmy and Bob discuss the awful things that come with Alzheimer’s disease, which Glen Campbell was diagnosed with. Singer Dustin Lynch sprayed champagne on the crowd he was performing for, and a fan threw a beer bottle back at him and hit him in the face. In LA, a street artist depicted Hillary Clinton as a flying monkey from the Wizard of Oz.

SEGMENT 4– Bob discusses the beginning of early voting and the voter ID laws that are in place in order to vote. Long-time Austin American Statesman writer, John Kelso, joins us in studio to talk about the books he’s written and his roast coming up this week. He and Bob also discuss an article he had written about him and Sammy once.


Friday, October 17th, 2014

SEGMENT 1-Today is UT journalism schools 100th anniversary. A Georgetown man has voluntarily quarantined himself because he was on the flight with the second nurse who got Ebola. A hospital worker who handled Ebola samples is on a cruise ship. Unfortunately the second nurse who has Ebola has admitted that she had symptoms when she boarded the plane in Dallas. Bob went to a city council meeting.UT football is going on this weekend and the boys bring up the UT and OU game again. we play with the audio board and listen to Jimmy Fallons habit of saying “fun”.

SEGMENT 2– We talk to former Austin city council member Ronney Reynolds. We also  talk about Vic Mathias.Tom Sapio is on the phone to tell about the benefit Sunday for Jessica Hollis. The money will go towards a memorial for Jessica at the water crossing where she passed away.

SEGMENT 3 Jimmy checks in and talks to us for a while about Ebola and what has been happening in Nashville,Tennessee. Lyft and Uber seem to be practicing the art of serge pricing when events such as ACL and SXSW come around town. Bob went to a city council meeting and was a little disappointing with how they’re still trying to get the terms straight on both services.

SEGMENT 4– Sadly today is intern Shelby cokes last day and she come on air to sing the Texas State fight song. Go Bobcats!We discuss details about the upcoming festival this weekend in Hutto,Texas.


Thursday, October 16th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Ebola is the big topic on the show today. The guys start off talking about the nurse who contracted the virus after being in contact with the patient from Liberia. Three Belton schools have closed today after finding out that two students were on the same flight as the nurse who has contracted Ebola. They do not show any signs of the virus. The guys criticize the government for the lack of treatment towards this crisis.

SEGMENT 2– UT long snapper and Green Beret Nate Boyer calls in to talk about the Caring for Camo event happening tonight and tells us how important it is for people to show their appreciation for service men and women. We also hear from political advisor, Joe Allbaugh, to give us his opinion on shutting down US flights and controlling Ebola.

SEGMENT 3– Michael Pursley from the Next to New Shop calls in to tell us about the shop’s 55th birthday celebration event. Next, we talk with Jimmy Carter more about Ebola and other issues. Doctor Jim “Bubba” Cullington and Doctor Adam Weinfeld stop by the show to also talk about the seriousness of the Ebola epidemic.

SEGMENT 4– The doctors are still in with us. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and the docs talk with Bob about early detection and the different kind of options women have when it comes to breast cancer procedures. Then, singer Charlie Daniels calls us to talk with Bob about, you guessed it, Ebola. He also gives us some details about his concert tomorrow night. Then the guys talk about Ebola in comparison to the AIDS epidemic and falling gas prices.


Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

SEGMENT1– The boys start the day off by talking about Mack Abernathy and his changed lyrics to suit KOKE FM once upon a time. The boys think it is quite a clever trick. Apparently we have 60 days or less to get Ebola under control according to World Health Organization. The CDC’s budget is $6.2 billion and the boys aren’t too sure if they like how that money is being used. A second healthcare worker is diagnosed with Ebola and FDA releases the information that chicken raised in the U.S. contain arsenic.

SEGMENT2-NBC health reporter Nancy Snyderman recently returned from Liberia and is seen out in public. Cameraman is thought to have contracted Ebola by washing a car. We have a green egg give away. UT does a very humble thing after OU game over the weekend.

SEGMENT3– Jimmy call in and it is his birthday! On his birthday apparently there is some stock market trouble. He mentions the economic effect on Ebola. After Jimmy leaves we listen to Toby Keith’s new song “Drunk Americans.” We then talk to UT band director Dr. Robert M. Carnochan on the phone

SEGMENT4– Chief of Austin police Art Acevedo comes in and talks about speaking with women in the media today. There is also an open house coming up with the department and he talks how someone can go on a ride along. Later Bob tell the story of an anonymous random act of kindness for the veterans of honor flight.


Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Tonight Texas State will be playing the only college football game in nation against Louisiana Lafayette. Early voting is just around the corner, it begins next week! The guys talk about some issues surrounding voting. We do everything else online, so why aren’t we able to vote online? And did you know only 10% of voters in Texas voted in the March primary? The guys talk about getting people to the polls is always a problem. Texas had the first of three baseball scrimmages last night. And we talk about the scrutiny of the CDC Director.

SEGMENT 2– The guys briefly discuss the nurse who contracted the Ebola virus. We then play a song called “Turtles All the Way Down” by Sturgill Simpson and talk about the meaning of the song name. After last week, there are some new college football rankings. Artist Mack Abernathy pays us a visit to talk with Bob about the Bacon Bash event coming up this weekend and to play us some songs!

SEGMENT 3– We finish up with Mack and then hear from Jimmy Carter. Jimmy calls in to talk with us about Ebola, Kim Jung Un resurfacing, beef jerky and more. We begin our face-off segment this morning by talking about the CDC Director, Tom Frieden, facing continuing criticism. The panel discusses the concerns for Ebola rising and getting worse.

SEGMENT 4– Face-off continues. Texas State head football coach Dennis Franchione gives us a call and talks about tonight’s upcoming game and last year’s football season in comparison to this year’s football season so far. Coach is asking for support from the student population and the town of San Marcos, as tonight is the only college football game in the nation! The panel then moves on to talk about Wendy Davis’ newest campaign ad against Greg Abbott. Is this a desperate move? How much truth is there to these accusations? The panel discusses the two candidates campaigns and other issues.


Monday, October 13th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 The guys begin with talking about the storm that’s about to roll in and today being Columbus Day. A new patient has been diagnosed with Ebola, and the show talks about the severity of the situation and also how the media tends to scare the public with the way they report about Ebola. The Texas/Oklahoma game was this past weekend, the guys discuss the game highlights and players. A&M/Ole Miss also played this past weekend, with Ole Miss coming out with a victory.

SEGMENT 2– The guys talk more football including the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks game last night, UT improvements, and other college football games. A number of birthdays today include Marie Osman, John Ford Coley, and Paul Simon. We play some music from all of these artists in honor of their birthdays.

SEGMENT 3– We play an old clip of Charlie Rich lighting John Denver’s award ballot from the CMA’s on fire and the show talks about their predictions for the A&M and Alabama game this upcoming weekend. Jimmy Carter gives us a call this morning and he discusses Mississippi State being ranked #1 and other college football games. Jimmy tells us about his latest addiction; monopoly on his phone. The guys talk more about Ebola and trying to stop the disease from entering the US. Jimmy tells us about some new service companies coming out, and much more.

SEGMENT 4– There is a UT baseball scrimmage tonight! Bob reads us an email from a listener who tells us about all the offenses that can be taken from different professional athletic team names. Then, we hear a happy story about Austin firefighters who saved a kitten from a storm drain. Scotty plays some funny clips including Iggy Azalea and a paparazzi in a fight, and John Cleese making fun of Taylor Swift’s cat. Assistant UT baseball coach, Skip Johnson, calls in to talk about the upcoming scrimmage and last years games in the College World Series against Vanderbilt.



Friday, October 10th, 2014

SEGMENT1-It is Texas OU week and the boys start Friday off woth talking about some good old american football ball. The man who created the hook em horns sign has past away. His name was Harley Clark and at one point in his life was a UT yell leader. The weekend weather is looking a little gloomy but dont let that set you back on planning to vote, there is only 11 more days till early voting starts! We talk on the phone with Former UT football coach Berry Switzer which is always a good time.

SEGMENT2– Emily Emerson is here with us! She is an old intern who has made her way back to Austin after leaving. She talks about her support system while battling cancer and an organization she is apart of called caring for camo. We end our time with her by singing “The eyes of Texas are upon you”. Old UT football player Randy McEachern comes in and has just been ranked the number one spot on the top ten red rivalry moments.

SEGMENT3– Jimmy Carter calls in and informs us on all the hot movies out right now. As well as topics ranging from Harley Clark passing to gender exclusive bathroom signs. Randy is still with us and he mentions old team spirit and how it measures up to the new team spirit.

SEGMENT4– Football football football! the boys still talk about football and none other than John Mackovic calls in from California to talk about his UT coaching days and what he keeps on his desk. The boys end today with OU jokes from Bob.


Thursday, October 9th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Bob thinks that he’s been gaining weight and the guys talk about the difficulty of staying on track with good eating habits. Bob tells us that other cities look to Austin for inspiration on how the city is run. We’ll talk to Mayor Lee Leffingwell later on about that. The show talks about UT’s defense and we hear clips from Coach Vance Bedford’s press conference.

SEGMENT 2– Scott plays us some funny clips. Tony Bennett sang the wrong words to “God Bless America”, some guys who were cooking meth accidentally butt-dialed 911, and Jimmy Fallon tells jokes about Putin, Democrats turning to Bill Clinton, and baseball. Don Kurtz of Paradise Vacation and Travel Company joins us by phone to talk with Bob about the Alaskan cruise and general information on life in Alaska. Mayor Lee Leffingwell also calls in to weigh in on other mayors looking up to Austin for ideas and the upcoming election.

SEGMENT 3– Our friend Jimmy Carter gives us a call to tell us how he feels about the Ebola problems. Why aren’t we isolating the country from those traveling in from places infected with the virus? Jimmy thinks that not enough information is being told to the public. The guys discuss all of the possible Republican candidates for the primary elections. A woman convinced a man that she was singer Allison Krauss and stole his life savings. Jimmy tells us much more! Jack Ingram called us today to inform us about his Songwriter U contest.

SEGMENT 4– The guys wrap up the show this morning with talking about baseball and the final four teams left with a chance to play for the World Series. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and there is a day coming up for women to “set the ta-tas fee” and not wear a bra that day in order to create awareness. The guys discuss the case of an Austin man who is being charged with homicide after chasing down and killing a driver who was trying to carjack a delivery car at a Domino’s. This leads Bob to tell us of a time he chased down some convenient store robbers and another story of when he helped a young woman and led police to arresting the man who sexually assaulted her. The guys talk about doing the right thing but not risking your life.


Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– There is a lunar eclipse this morning and a world phenomenon known as a selenelion. Today is national walk to school today, so use those feet and breathe in that fresh air. Bob talks about his old days biking to school. we listen to “I don’t look good naked anymore” by Snake Oil Willie Band. We also talk about the football game this past weekend and Eric mentions his experience.

SEGMENT2– As we hunt for this selenelion, we send our intern Shelby to the roof to find it. We have a prime location for seeing all around but unfortunately the cloud coverage was making it difficult to see. Two women officers come in and talk about police recruitment for women and what is going on around the area for those who would like to be recruited.

SEGMENT3– Jimmy Carter calls in and discusses things such as Seattle replacing Columbus day and the controversy surrounding lyft and uber. Austin is in the running for Americas top toilet! Valerie Gregory calls in and discusses domestic violence. There is two events this week honoring women who have been killed in a domestic violence relationship.

SEGMENT4 Do not forget to vote for Americas top toilet in our very own city, Austin, TX. There is a new feature at the UT games sponsored by Coca Cola and we explore the panorama feature. At the game, Matthew Mcconaughey reenacts one of his famous movie chants from Wolf of Wall-street.   Tonight is UT’s Torchlight parade. Apparently George Straight is coming out of retirement.

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– This morning Bob begins by talking about his experiences on cruise ships and talks to us about the Alaskan cruise opportunity for listeners. The guys talk about how quickly Halloween is approaching and decorating for the holiday. Bob tells us that he doesn’t really care for dressing up in costumes. We talk a little bit about the Seahawks and Redskins game last night. On this day 9 years ago, Boy George was arrested for having a large amount of cocaine in his home and we play some Boy George songs as well as songs from Robert Plant and Toto.

SEGMENT 2– Bob gives us a brief history lesson on 7-11 and Motel 6. The guys discuss past Texas vs. Texas Tech games and how all sports fans should be able to appreciate an incredible play, even if it is for a rival team. The show also talks about the rivalry between UT and A&M and spam emails. Chief Acevedo calls in to give us some information on National Night Out tonight.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter calls in and starts off by comparing the differences between generations growing up and how times have changed. He tells us about Blake Shelton’s success, the programs that are doing well on NBC’s network and movies coming out this weekend. Jimmy also weighs in on the race for president coming up in a couple of years. It’s Tuesday, which means it is time for Face-Off! The panel begins their discussion by talking about the rise and fall of gas prices.

SEGMENT 4-Face-Off continues. Our panel talks about the continued concerns with the Ebola virus. Why should we keep allowing people to fly in from infected areas? Will shutting down these flights affect the economy? The panel wraps up their discussion by giving their opinions and predictions for the future of congress and the presidency.


Monday, October 6th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Good Monday morning! The guys start the show off by talking about the football games this past weekend both in college and the NFL and also talk about their predictions for next weekend’s games. Scotty saw someone on this road this morning who appeared to be a drunk driver. Some ground beef has been recalled by HEB because some customers have found metal in the meat. Bob and the guys talk about funny insurance commercials. We hear from Scotty for, “you gotta hear this!” to talk about Mariah Carey, a guy falling while singing the Canadian national anthem, and a comment made by Vice President, Joe Biden.

SEGMENT 2– Former NFL player and UT running back Ricky Williams is with us this morning! He talks about staying in shape, his time playing at the University of Texas, and how much Austin has changed since he played at UT. We introduce Dick Ellis to the morning show! He tells us a little bit about his history with the news and radio.

SEGMENT 3– The guys talk a little bit about Ebola before Jimmy Carter calls in. He tells us about the new movies that came out and BB King. TNT is cancelling Dallas and Los Angeles is reported to get an NFL team. Jimmy finishes up by talking about voting for governor, the Texas State Fair, and college football. We’ve got guest Bruce Elfant on the phone to  tell us about voter registration including where you can go to register and what you need in order to register.

SEGMENT 4– The show talks about the new Jack in the Box, Subway, and Carl’s Junior commercials featuring food items with bacon. KOKE FM’s very own Tom Allen will be inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame! We listen to a clip of Jon Stewart making fun of everything that the government says is going to kill us. We wrap up with a call from Senator Ted Cruz to talk about Ebola and creating jobs in Texas.


Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Segment 1 Happy Friday! Bob starts out by talking about the Ebola Virus that has made its way to the United States. He talks about how the man who has the virus in Dallas is set to face trial in Liberia for leaving the country if he lives. The guys have callers call in to try to guess who the guest is and the first caller guesses Dick Ellis which is correct!

Segment 2 Pastor Mac Richard joins us in studio to talk about his 4 week message about gospel in Johnny Cash’s songs. They play a Johnny Cash song and talk about his life.

Segment 3 Jimmy calls in to talk about what is out in the entertainment world, Ebola and his opinion of Julia Pierson. The guys then talk about the apps Uber and Lyft and the problem with Austin not having enough taxis.

Segment 4 Barnacle Bill joins us in the studio to tell us about the No Bad Days gold tournament in memory of his dear friend Pootie. He talks about Pootie’s life and the details of the upcoming event.


Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

SEGMENT 1– The boys start the morning off by talking about native born Texan Larry Gatlin and his move to Nashville. A strange accident on 360 sparks a conversation of road rage and custom license plates. Apparently there is not a more notorious driver than Jim ray. Larry Gatlin and Billy Dean record a song together inspired by the beheading in Oklahoma called “American with a Remington”. song can be found on Kokefm.com. We also listen to some more Larry Gatlin.

SEGMENT2– After caller calls Bob and sets the record straight on the Tennessee time zone, the other boys side with the caller and leave Bob to fight his own battle on this one. After yesterdays story about the red skins not being politically correct, we find out that the owner of the team is also the owner of the radio station being chastised. We ask ourselves is government getting to involved and isn’t it a little unnerving? The guys then talk about the new direction of the Texas Longhorns.

SEGMENT3– The boys get the privilege of getting to talk to Joe Allbaugh and his view with what is going on in the world and secret service. Jimmy calls in after and talks about Ebola and whether he thinks America is handling it appropriately.

SEGMENT4-As the morning show comes to a close, Bob and the boys talk about the bureaucracy in Austin and how Austin Code is getting a name change. They end the show with some feedback questions.


Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

SEGMENT 1– The guys talk about the White House intruder and a story of a man who rode in the elevator with President Obama with a loaded gun. President Obama has had ten times the amount of death threats compared to any other president. We hear an audio of some major criticism of Director Julia Peterson. Bob tells us about his experiences visiting the White House. The guys move on to talk about Ebola. Ebola has now entered the US from a Dallas man who was traveling. They also talk about the impact Ebola may have on the economy and the symptoms of Ebola.

SEGMENT 2– Jimmy Carter was pretty riled up yesterday about the concerns in the White House regarding the secret service. Last night was the governor debate. The show talks about the campaigns between Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott.  The guys discuss the time change coming up and a Ray Benson and Willie Nelson song is number one, and we play a clip of it. Singer Mack Abernathy calls into the show and talks about his old song, “Don’t Tax My Beer” and details of the Bacon Bash event on October 13th!

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter calls to discuss some of the main issues right now such as the White House intruder, the beheading in Oklahoma and the air strategy for the US regarding ISIS. A mayor in California has died. Jimmy talks about the Ebola case that has come to the US and we hear an audio clip of President Obama addressing the issue. Jay Leno and Kevin Eubanks visited an Air Force base, a Rascal Flatts concert did not have enough bathrooms for the crowd, and the Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga album is number one in the country.

SEGMENT 4– We hear audio of The Browns from the Grand Ole Opry. The show discusses cows and the effects they have on global warming. The FCC is considering punishing broadcasters for using the “Red Skins” when talking about the Washington football team, as it is considered offensive. We hear some clips from our audio board and start with the guys of late night television. Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman both talk about the break in at the White House. We play clips of the 3 best and worst singles that went to number 1 from the past decade. Finally, we play clips from the Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga album


Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– September has flown by! Tomorrow is the start of October and Halloween will be here before we know it! The guys comment on the fact that Christmas decorations come out almost immediately after Halloween is over. The Kansas City crowd broke the record for being the loudest crowd last night. The show discusses Jamal Charles looking great on the field and players who have suffered after their careers in football from concussion syndrome. We are going to try to broadcast the Governor debate tonight. Bob plays some clips of some of the worst blunders from past presidential debates.

SEGMENT 2– The show discusses talk of City Council designating the Warehouse District as Austin’s “Gayborhood”. Scotty tells us some interesting news stories on his segment, “You Gotta Hear This!”. Former Australian golf pro, Mark Allen, crashed his Mercedes while on the phone for a radio interview.  Scott goes into more details about the KC Chiefs fans breaking the noise record. There are kids going into Apple stores and bending the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus phones that are on display. Various late night TV hosts talk about George Clooney’s wedding.

SEGMENT 3– Tonight is the Trailer Food Tuesday’s event at the Long Center, where you can sample food from different food trucks of Austin. Bob reads us some interesting life expectancy statistics. The guys talk football and some game day predictions for the UT and Baylor game as well as the A&M and Mississippi State game.  We hear from Jimmy Carter to tell us a story of an Arkansas real estate agent who was found dead. He and the guys discuss the severity of the case of the man who jumped the White House fence, saying that the Secret Service did not take the proper actions to stop the intruder.

SEGMENT 4– It’s time for Face-Off! Today the panel talks about the Ebola case that has been reported in Dallas and how the dead bodies of those who have died from the disease in Africa are not being disposed of properly. The panel talks about the factors that contribute to greenhouse gases and talk about the relevance of Global Warming. Finally, should Austin City Council designate a “Gayborhood”? The panel discusses the setback this has on non-segregation.


Monday, September 29th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Good morning! The guys start off talking about the news of Coach Charlie Wise being fired. They also recap the UT and Kansas game from Saturday as well as the Cowboys and Saints game from last night. Troy Kimmel will not be on the show with us this morning, his flight got cancelled and he is still in Mississippi. Bob tells us about his experience and privilege doing the Honor Flight Austin trip this past weekend. He also shares his experience hearing Michael Morton’s story on Sunday. The guys talk about some confusion people are having with lottery ticket scratch offs and George Clooney’s wedding.

SEGMENT 2– The show talks about a story of a woman and her husband who thought they did not win on their lottery ticket, but it turns out that they won a million dollars! The guys talk about the amount of money that advertisers make from the commercials that air during football games. Bob met a nice fan this past weekend who was a big fan of the old “Sam and Bob show”. We talk about some predictions for college football games next weekend. A guest from the Salvation Army calls us to tell us about their Ladies Bruncheon event to raise awareness of the homeless community.

SEGMENT 3– The Simpsons/Family Guy crossover show aired last night. Jimmy Carter calls to talk about some Waylon Jennings items that are being auctioned off. We also talk about George Clooney’s wedding, the new Denzel Washington movie, and the amount of money artists make off of concerts. A pledge at Clemson died from fraternity hazing. Jimmy tells us a strange story about a man trying to get through the border with 51 turtles strapped to his body, and more. Today is Jerry Lee Lewis’ birthday! Guest Allen Bergeron calls into the show to talk about the Honor Flight Austin program.

SEGMENT 4– We go to Scotty for “You gotta hear this!” and he tells us some silly news stories. A reporter interviews Kristen Wig and Bill Hader about their new movie coming out, but he clearly has not seen the movie. Derek Jeter ended his baseball career at Fenway with an RBI Single and the guys talk about the impact Jeter has had on major league baseball. Sarah Palin says the wrong address for The White House in public. It is the anniversary of singer Gene Autry’s death, and we play some clips of his songs.


Friday, September 26th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Happy Friday! Bob is running a little behind today, but joins us on the phone. He tells us about his upcoming trip with Honor Flight Austin this weekend and gives us some details about the program. Derek Jeter played his final game in Yankee Stadium last night. We talk about people’s perspective of traffic in the Austin area. We talk more details of Honor Flight, including Bob telling us about his dad’s time in the war and where they are going once they get to Washington DC. Today would have been Marty Robbins birthday, and Kyle Park is doing a tribute to him.

SEGMENT 2– The show talks about the Apollos Hester interview; a football player from East View High School in Georgetown whose inspirational post-game interview went viral. Someone made an auto-tune song out of the interview and we listen to it. The guys talk about what Marty Robbins did in WWII and what a “coxswain” is as well as the proper pronunciation of the word. We hear a song by Marty Robbins.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter calls us to tell us about a fire that broke out at an air traffic control, Justin Bieber needing surgery, and Kim Kardashian being attacked in Paris. We also talk about the term “bro country” and what singers think of it. Jimmy talks about The Equalizer, late night television wars, the star trek cast, and more. The show talks about the upcoming Michael Morton service and the Apple stock market being at its lowest point. The Teas State Bobcats are playing Tulsa this weekend. We hear an open letter from Joe Cortez about the children’s rock band, “Electric Inferno”.

SEGMENT 4– We have guest Blake “Pee Wee” Henson in the studio with us. We talk about the TFW– The Texas Firewalkers cruise October 30th-Novermber 3rd and the Firewalkers organization. “Pee Wee” joins us for our Fun Friday celebrity sing along!


Thursday, September 25th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– The weather has been beautiful! Bob tells us about a listener to called him out yesterday about climate change. We’ll hear from him in a bit. The show discusses the funeral for Deputy Hollis yesterday and the impact it had on the community. Some people were apparently complaining of the traffic it caused. Some didn’t know there was a funeral going on and later apologized, while others were extremely rude. Listener Martin Zamzow calls in to school Bob on his knowledge of weather and climate change and other factors that affect climate.

SEGMENT 2– Pat Green visited the station yesterday afternoon. Bob and Eric talk about how it can be difficult to interview people they are big fans of and how it may affect the quality of the interview. Political advisor Joe Allbaugh calls us to give us his opinion on the airstrikes in Syria and what his predictions about uses forces against ISIS will be. We introduce a new segment by Scotty called, “You gotta hear this!”, where we tell some crazy news stories. The first female UAE fighter joins the anti-ISIS bombing mission, the iPhone 6 plus is bendable, Obama faces criticism after saluting a marine with a latte in hand, and a woman does something strange to stop a dog attack.

SEGMENT 3– We hear from our friend Jimmy Carter to talk about what’s going on in the news. Tony Stewart will not be facing charges after hitting racer Kevin Ward on the race track. Bill Clinton accidentally revealed the gender of his expected grandchild and President Obama will be speaking today on Ebola. Jimmy tells us the suspect in the case of missing the University of Virginia student was arrested in Galveston and more. We have guest Michael Morton call into the show. He was wrongly convicted of a crime he did not commit and spent 25 years in jail. He talks with Bob about his experience, how he got through it, and making up for lost time.

SEGMENT 4– The show talks about some of the issues Austin City Council will be voting on. There is an interlocal agreement to fly drones with A&M University. A consulting program is to be implemented with Austin Energy. The guys talk about the possibility of an admission fee for the Trail of Lights on the weekends. Fees and bills are sure to go up after some decisions are made by City Council.


Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– The guys start off by talking about the recent weather. This has actually been the coolest summer in Austin in the past 7 years. The guys talk about what they would choose between the choice of being in extremely hot or extremely cold weather. The show discusses the news of Obama not saluting the marines who were exiting the plane and the controversy it has caused.

SEGMENT 2– ACL is coming to Austin next weekend and some parts of Zilker Park are already being closed to prepare for the festival. The Pecan Street festival is coming up this weekend on 6th street. The guys talk about the attraction and tourism 6th street brings for being a famous party street. The show talks about the UT player who has been kicked off of the team and discuss the new core values as a football team. Bob was asked to be a guardian for the honor flight organization. Chief Art Acevedo joins us in the studio along with Sheriff Hamilton on the phone to talk about the devastating loss of Deputy Jessica Hollis.

SEGMENT 3–  Chief Acevedo is still with us, he gives us his insight on police officers with children, the accountability within the task force in Austin compared to other cities. He also tells us how the police force may not be perfect, but that they will always tell the truth. Jimmy Carter calls into the show to talk about law enforcement ideas to help prevent officer deaths and not releasing 911 tapes. He also tells us about the iphone 6 and more.

SEGMENT 4– The show talks about the UT football coaches and more information regarding the motorcade for Deputy Hollis’ funeral. Sunday Austin and Geoffrey Puryear call in to talk about the Greg  Kelley case in terms of what he was tried for, what happened and other critical details of the case.


Tuesday, September 23rd,2014

SEGMENT 1 Bob and the boys talk about the weather that the first day of Fall brings along with Americas attack against ISIS the night before from missiles launched by submarines. They also touch on what makes ISIS seem more threatening than terrorist groups in the past. All this talk about water and Bob is reminded he had lost water pressure in his shower. The sound board is handled a little different today. A man jumps the fence at the white house and Bob reminisces on his trip to the white house in the 80’s along with his style. There is a woman who is getting a third breast in the middle of the chest and we hear why.

SEGMENT 2 The morning clouds of Fall have already caught Bobs eye and he tries to capture the magic on air! We hear statistics of the average Americans water usage and food intake in one lifetime. Through the years there have been many songs written about the infamous Bonnie and Clyde. As we listen to some of them, we are also reminded that criminals are often romanticized even in today’s culture. We learn about the worst cars ever to hit the street according to USA Today and Susan McDowell calls in with information regarding the Harvest Moon Festival.

SEGMENT 3 We listen to a handful of Mac Davis songs. The secret to how to get your bowels moving correctly gets out! Jimmy calls in and informs everyone what his personal favorite Mac Davis song is. He also mentions Emma Watson profound UN speech. New information arises about NFL player Rob Bironas and his fatal car wreck. After the missiles launched on ISIS, Jimmy believes america should be on the look out for retaliation.

SEGMENT 4 Susan Oswalt comes in and discusses the plastic and paper bag issues around grocery stores. They also discuss the Texas Governor candidates, Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott responses in the governors debate last night and chime in with their own opinions.


Monday, September 22nd, 2014

SEGMENT 1 Sammy Alfred joined us this morning in the studio with Bob. Bob starts out by talking about the 12 best sidekicks and then goes into an overview of this past weekends football scores. The official start of Fall is tomorrow so be looking out for some cooler weather! Nyle Maxwell calls in to talk about the new 2015 cars on the lot and the 2014 vehicles still left.

SEGMENT 2 The guys talk about the new movies that were released in theaters this past weekend. Bob talks about the sad death of former Tennessee kicker Rob Bironis who died in a car accident. The guys talk about Rita’s post on facebook about the snake she found in her backyard over the weekend.

SEGMENT 3 Dr. Jim “Bubba” Cullington calls in to talk about snakes and snake venom. Bob talks about how Pop Tarts will be turning 50 years old. The guys discuss social media and in a poll 54% of teens say life would be better without the use of social media.

SEGMENT 4 Brian Estes calls in to give details of the HAAM event taking place in Austin tomorrow. Details are on the morning show site. Eric plays the audio of a very positive Georgetown football player Applos Hester interviewing after a game. The guys discus the newly released nude pictures of celebrities and Clay Aiken’s reaction to the release of these photos.


Friday, September 19th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Happy Friday! The guys start off by telling us about a movement in Austin about people leaving their porch lights on in support for the missing officer who lost her life.  There are still low water rescues still happening due to the rainfall. A Westlake officer tried to save a man ignoring the barricade. The investigation is underway to figure out the real reason Ron Washington is retiring from managing the Texas Rangers. Texas Monthly was having a state wide competition to decide who has the best margarita and Trudy’s margarita has been nominated number one. We talk some more about nearby low water rescues. The Travis county burn ban has been lifted.

SEGMENT 2– There was a chemical leak in a building in Round Rock. We talk some football and Mary Harden Baylor is playing in Wisconsin. It’s been reported that the Boston Bruins have the most profane fans. We talk details of Fowler Fest for this upcoming weekend. The guys discuss the issues with gender specified rest rooms in Austin. We go to the audio board to hear the “What’s the Bee?f” segment from Jimmy Fallon, a clip of a man singing about waiting in line at the post office, and Jimmy Fallon talks with Billy Crystal about his favorite Robin Williams memory.

SEGMENT 3– Kevin Fowler calls in this morning to tell us about his hunting trip to South Africa and about his Rustic Ranch wedding venue.  Bob tells us a story about Southwest Airlines changing the gate for a flight his wife was taking. A Jet Blue aircraft malfunctioned after departure before finishing their safety inspection. We hear from Jimmy Carter to talk about the iphone 6 and the ioS8 update, Scotland’s vote against independence, new movies in the theaters and much more.

SEGMENT 4– Johnny Bush calls in and tells us the story about changing his name and some of his health issues regarding his vocal chords. The Calfry begins tonight! We talk some more about the rain affecting Austin and the surrounding areas. The Pootie Party No Bad Days golf tournament is coming up! Bob reads a poem about time and karma.


Thursday, September 18th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Good morning! We had some crazy rain last night. The guys talk about power outages, flash flooding and other effects of the weather around the Austin area.  Bob reads off the list of the happiest countries as well as those who were the least happy. America was number 12 on the list and the show compares the happiness of Americans to some of the countries higher up on the list.

SEGMENT 2– The show continues to talk about the list of the happiest countries. Costa Rica was number 2 on the list, and the guys talk about how beautiful it is and why people must be happy there. Joe Allbaugh calls in to discuss President Obama’s plan to eliminate ISIS and Joe also shares his opinion on America’s lack of leadership. The guys continue to talk about last night’s storm and the use of smart phones in emergencies. The show talks about  Texas, Idaho and Utah having the fastest roads, while Alaska has the slowest roads. Chris Watters gives us a call to tell us that his company will be featured on the show, Shark Tank.

SEGMENT 3– We hear from Jimmy Carter to talk about the end of David Ash’s career, the Americana Awards, a live Whitney Houston album and more. A woman was killed in a car crash when some construction debris hit her windshield. Bob and Jimmy talk about the life and career of George Hamilton IV. An on-duty officer lost her life this morning in Austin due to the flash floods from the rain last night. The show talks about the difficulties of water rescues.

SEGMENT 4– Thomas Martinez calls into the show to give us some information regarding the Taylor Business Expo and Job Fair. He also talks about the new Taylor city manager and new additions to the city of Taylor. Bastop High School is on lock down this morning after a reported stabbing. The go to our audio board to hear a clip of the Minnesota Vikings press conference where the phrase “get it right” was said 25 times in regards to the entire situation with Adrian Peterson. Another player had a much better press conference because his answers were honest and not scripted. The Iranian President’s translator sounds like Borat and we play some funny clips comparing him and Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat voice. Seth Myers talks about Obama and the plans for controlling ISIS.


Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– We start off this morning talking about crime on joggers and people disappearing while running. The guys talk about expensive hotel prices and that leads into the silly Carlos Machiste song about Bob being cheap when it comes to hotels. Bob tells some stories from his experiences at hotels. Robin Thicke is being sued by Marvin Gaye. The guys talk briefly about the difference between ISIS and ISIL and also talk about using websites such as Kayak to find hotel prices. We go to the audio board to hear a clip of a Barbie doll that sounds like it’s saying a bad word, a clip of Neil Armstrong’s “one small step for man” that sounds like, “man will spacewalk” backwards, and Lee Harvey Oswald’s “and the fair play for cuba” backwards sounds like, “I wish to kill president.” Creepy!

SEGMENT 2– A Texas doctor has been accused of poisoning their ex. The Viking’s have reversed their decision with Adrian Peterson. Some predictions for the World Series are being speculated and the guys talk some more about Major League Baseball and different stadiums. Bob saw the UT football players walking to practice when he had to go up to the university for a meeting yesterday. The guys talk about the story in the Statesman about the Colton Turner case and the investigation. Scott found her Facebook page before the police took it down and talks about her posts and comments. The guys talk about her background and family.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter calls into discuss NFL scandals and Ebola. The President has ordered 3,000 troops to Liberia. There is another James Bond movie coming out. The doctor who operated on Joan Rivers took selfies with her while she was under anesthesia before her surgery.  Jimmy also discusses the Tony Stewart incident and more. Bob talks about the Calfry event and guest Doug Moreland joins us.

SEGMENT 4– Guest Doug Moreland is still with us and sings us a song and he and Bob discuss the Calfry.


Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– This morning, Bob and the guys talk about getting older. Bob tells us about a song he remembers calls Desiderata that has a positive message. He remembers a line specifically, and talks about not comparing yourself to others. The guys finally find a clip of the song and we play it. They talk more about the positive messages that the song provides.  The show discusses some other versions of Desiderata and also talk about Dale Watson’s new song.

SEGMENT 2– Bob talks about the Allstate 10 Best/Worst Drivers report list. Surprisingly, Austin isn’t on either one of the lists! But we compare the driving in Austin compared to other places on the list. It’s been reported that college students are at high risk for identity theft. There is a shop in Buda that is acting sketchy with its customers by not sending them their orders. The guys discuss a controversial TV show called, Black Jesus. Bob tells us the difference between the terms ISIS and ISIL. The guys talk theories about how the US is going to stop them and talk about why nothing has been done.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter checks in to talk about the Adrian Peterson arrest. He and the rest of the show discuss their opinions on corporal punishment and tell stories from when they were kids of being swatted by their parents. A congresswoman was rudely insulted by fellow member of congress. Ebola hasn’t come up in the news in awhile. And there’s rumor that Scotland may try to break off from the UK.

SEGMENT 4– In Face-Off, the panel begins by playing a clip of Sheriff Painter of Midland County,  discussing suspicions of ISIS entering through Mexican border. Then the panel goes into discussion about Adrian Peterson. This all follows with criticism of telling or not telling parents how to raise their kids. They talk about getting swats when growing up, teaching right and wrong to children, and how punishment may depend on the child,  the family, or other factors.


Monday, September 15th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– The show begins by talking about a preview for Matthew McConaughey’s new movie, Interstellar. The guys discuss the UT game, the headlines and the stadium and parking. Eric tells us about his son’s baseball game this past weekend. Jerry Jones took some scandalous photos with some women. The guys talk about Adrian Peterson’s arrest. We go to the audio board to listen to a news report about Adrian Peterson. We also hear Charles Barkley’s opinion on Adrian Peterson. We hear a hilarious clip of a dog saying no to its owner when asked to go in kennel.

SEGMENT 2– We play some George Hamilton songs including Rose in a Baby Ruth, Truck Driving Man, and Abiliene, after we hear news of his heart attack. Bob and the guys talk about the expenses of hotel prices. Bob went to a Rangers game this past weekend and tells us about the game. We listen to a silly Carlos Machiste song making fun of Bob. Barnacle Bill calls in to tell us about the No Bad Days Golf Tournament 9 Hole Golf Tournament and gives us all the details.

SEGMENT 3– We hear from Jimmy Carter to talk about both the NFL and college football. Greg Norman was involved in a chainsaw accident. Nicole Kidman’s father has passed away. A young boy accidently shot mom in west Alabama while dove hunting. We also talk about Dancing With the Stars, paperless tickets, Tim McGraw’s new album and more. Cedar Park Police Chief Sean Mannix calls in and talks about the Colton Turner case. This reminds Bob of a case from 20 years ago in Austin. The Chief gives us more details of the Colton Turner investigation and talks about child abuse awareness.

SEGMENT 4– Bob had a listener complaint about wanting the A&M score, and he addresses it. They talk about some of the other different college football scores from the weekend. We heard a clip of Sarah Palin on audio board.  The guys further discuss Adrian Peterson and child abuse awareness. Bob tells us a story of his child passing out.


Friday, September 12th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Happy Friday! The guys talks about a dog show in Austin and Austin being the leader in renewable energy. There was some really bad traffic on I-35. Two 18 wheelers hit each other around 1 a.m. And both the North and South bound lanes were closed due to an oil spill. We had guest caller Craig Gore on the phone to tell us about a Fish Fry Fundraiser.

SEGMENT 2– The guys talk about the new Pat Green and Lyle Lovett song. There is a vintage store in Austin ripping customers off. Bob addresses listener Margot who was angry with Bob about not supporting dogs. Jason Aldean is upset about not being nominated for a CMA. Bob talks about his predictions for the UT game this weekend and the price of tickets. The guys talk about the NCAA power rankings, with Baylor being number one. The show talks about Vincent DiNino funeral details. We have guests in the studio, Tracy Walker and Elizabeth Brumbach to give us some details on the Strut Your Mutt event.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter calls in to discuss Sarah Palin, the new iPhone, the CMA Song Writers series and Dolphin Tale 2. They also discuss the song, “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” and the death of Bob Crewe. The guys talk about the Strut Your Mutt event and 5k walk details. There is a woman who won $12 million lottery and will keep her job waiting tables in Minnesota. We discuss tipping, Head for the Hills free music series and guest Nyle Maxwell joins us on the phone to discuss employee relationships, sales of vehicles and kids classic.

SEGMENT 4– The guys talk about golfer Tom Kite who has helped the children’s hospital in Austin. We have guest Armondo Zambrano to give us some details about the Kids Classic. It;s Fun Friday, which means we have our sing along! Bob sings “I am woman”. We go to audioboard to hear a Seth Myers clip about Bristol Palin punching someone at a party. We hear another Seth Myers clip of Obama and about Alex Trebek’s mustache. And Olive Garden is having a deal for never ending pasta!


Thursday, September 11th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Good morning. We start off by talking about remembering 9/11 this morning and how the Letterman show is kind of going downhill since he announced his retirement. We discuss actors who got their start on SNL and the new Richard Linklater movie, Boyhood. We have some crazy and sad news, yesterday the body of a woman was found in our building parking lot. Her death was believed to be a suicide and that leads the show to discuss depression and suicide.

SEGMENT 2– We briefly discuss the Light Rail. Bob plays a clip of actor Bill Hader describing a funny skit about Casey Kasem that did not make it onto the Saturday Night Live show. The show talks about President Obama’s speech last night addressing how to handle ISIS.

SEGMENT 3– Joe Allbaugh calls in briefly to talk about his opinion on Obama’s speech. Then we hear from Jimmy Carter to talk to Bob about where they were on September 11th and the thoughts and feelings they remember having at that time. They discuss how important it is for our country to remember this day in history. Bob and Jimmy also discuss Obama’s speech.

SEGMENT 4– Some guests from Orion International, a company that helps to find veterans jobs, tell us about a 5K fundraiser they are having. Football is leading in TV ratings right now. Someone wrote Bob an angry email. Bob found an awesome singing group on America’s Got Talent called Sons of Serendip, and we play a clip from them.


Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Legendary Longhorn band director, Vincent DiNino passed away last night. We will pay tribute to him later in the show. President Obama will speak at 8 tonight on issues in Syria.  Bob discusses the Washington Post poll regarding the Americans who support strikes in Syria.

SEGMENT 2 Bob starts out talking about Cher songs and plays Cher song. John Stewart’s show will be coming to Austin October 27th through October 30th. The Austin City Council approved buying 75 acres in the city which will cost $29 million to buy. Guest Randall O’Toole calls in to give his opinion on cities transportation and road improvement.

SEGMENT 3 There will be an election held in November for Austin road improvements and light rail system. A young boy was struck by lightning at soccer practice and is now suing Lake Travis Youth Association. Jimmy and Bob discuss The Obama speech that will take place tonight and the new iPhone that is set to be released on September 19th. Jimmy talks about singer Brenda Lee and plays her song Too Many Rivers.

SEGMENT 4 Guest Bob Thonhoff calls in to discuss the Fish Fry fundraiser. UT professor Jerry Junkin calls in to discuss fond memories of his late friend Vincent DiNino, the history of the UT band and DiNino’s friendship with Darrell K.  Royal.


Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– The guys start off the show with talking about the hateful attitude people have towards the President, including Obama right now and presidents in the past. Ray Rice was suspended from the Ravens. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka got married. Judge Judy admits to taking nude photos in the past, however, she did so in such a time when there was no digital record of these kinds of photos and was able to discard the photos. We hear a song by Carlos Machiste about Austin City Council members appropriately named “Riley, Martinez, and Cole”. Cher was supposed to be coming to Austin, but has reportedly had to cancel her tour due to sickness. The show jams out to some Cher hits.

SEGMENT 2– We’ve got Pastor Randy Phillips sitting in this morning, he will be on Face-Off coming up later. Mike Capps, radio broadcaster for the Round Rock Express, calls us to discuss some of his experience with CNN covering the Gulf War. He and Bob talk about the success and other news happening with the Round Rock Express this past season.

SEGMENT 3– Pastor Randy Phillips and Bob talk about the case of wrongly convicted Texas man, Michael Morton. Jimmy Carter calls in to discuss the story of an Air Marshal who was stabbed with a syringe in Nigeria and then flew to Texas. Jimmy and Bob discuss the advancement of technology and the release of the new iPhone and a Smart Watch. Jimmy talks about the school lunch regulations by Michelle Obama, a sweet deal Olive Garden is promoting and Nicole Kidman’s secret to a happy marriage.

SEGMENT 4– It’s Face-Off! Susan Oswalt, Jasson Nassour, Troy Kimmel, Pastor Randy Phillips and Bob talk about the Ray Rice suspension, how the situation was handled by the NFL, and the problems with domestic violence and abuse. We also talk about bias in the media regarding politics and the absence of God in society.


Monday, September 8th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Good Monday morning! Well, the Longhorns lost this weekend and the guys talk about how disappointed and embarrassed they are. Coach Strong feels the same way; we play a clip of him expressing his feelings about the game on Saturday. But the guys are optimistic and talk about the predictions for next weeks game against UCLA. We talk NFL football as well. The Cowboys lost and the show thinks there needs to be a change or they will continue to play poorly. Bob also thinks Colt McCoy has a chance to play this season for the Washington Redskins if RG3 gets hurt. The Atlanta Hawks owner is in hot water after sending an offensive and racist email. Bob talks about the Box Office hits and misses for this past weekend.

SEGMENT 2– A&M had quite a rain delay on Saturday before they could play. They also have started praying before the games and the show discusses their opinion on that. Bob tells us about his Sunday and we hear from some callers to tell us how their weekend went. The Vince Gill concert was this past Friday and was a hit! The guys talk about the new Greg Abbott commercial and how he became paralyzed.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter calls in and talks about Truett Cathy’s death, Garth Brooks’ concert in Chicago, and the new iPhone release. Kate Middleton is pregnant again and there were some bad movies in the theaters this weekend. Jimmy talks about Joans Rivers funeral, the Dollar Shave Club, and more!

SEGMENT 4– The show talks about Mack Brown’s debut as a sports analyst on ABC and they thought he did well! We talk about more UT football. The guys were pretty upset by the outcome of the game and talk about the way the team played. Matthew McConaughey shot a new commercial for Lincoln cars, and it was filmed right here in Austin!


Friday, September 5th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– It’s finally Friday! The show starts off with the sad passing of Joan Rivers. The guys talk about how her death was unexpected and reminds us all of our own mortality. We play a hilarious clip from America’s Got Talent of an old man who sings a dirty song that he wrote. The show talks about a Craiglist advertisement gone wrong in Waco. The list for the ‘Top Uniforms’ in college football has been released!

SEGMENT 2– Austin City Council is beginning to take the considerations for gender neutral bathrooms very seriously. The guys talk about Longhorn football including the suspended players, Coach Strong’s discipline, and aspects of drug testing regulated by both the NCAA and individual universities. We also discuss predictions and new names for the bowl games this year. We have musical guest, Rich Russell, from the band Lonesome Heroes. He talks with us about the band’s musical style and sings us an original song.

SEGMENT 3– We hear from Jimmy Carter to talk about Garth Brooks’ concert and selling his music on Ghost Tunes. We talk about Joan River’s sudden death and her influence on female comedians. There are plans for a CHiPs remake and a Greatest American Hero Remake. Jimmy also talks about Dancing with the Stars, some crazy statistics and more. Rich Russell is still on the show with us and we do a sing-a-long to “I’ve Just Seen a Face” by The Beatles.

SEGMENT 4– Brandon Rhyder calls in to tell us about the new movie, ‘The Virtuoso’ starring Randy Travis. He also gives us some details for a concert. Bob tells us about some strange guests who stopped by the station to visit The Fringe. We go to Audioboard to hear clips from the UALR Athletic Director talking about a player’s mother’s breasts accidentally while he was live on the air. We also hear a clip of a 911 call from a woman who shot a home invader. Bob tells us a story about a time someone broke into his house.


Thursday, September 4th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Good morning! The guys start off talking about the remake of Bad News Bears and other movies that didn’t do well in the theaters but ended up becoming successful fan favorites. There are some UT players who have been suspended for breaking “core values” of the team. This leads into a discussion of NCAA rules on recreational drug use, Coach Charlie Strong’s values and standards, and how coaches need to start cracking down on players. The bowl predictions for college football have been announced as well. Joe Biden shares his proactive attitude toward targeting ISIS.

SEGMENT 2– There are fast food restaurant protests going on to push for higher pay and Bob tells a story of some silly sit ins he did in high school. Joe Allbaugh calls in to discuss criticism of Obama and his lack of leadership recently. The planes in Libya are still missing. ISIS has been using social media to reach and threaten the US. Our relationship with Turkey has suffered under this current administration.

SEGMENT 3– Edith Royal calls in to talk about the Darrell K Royal Research Fund for Alzheimer’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Support and Care in Texas and the benefit concert featuring Vince Gill. She and Bob share some fond memories of Coach Royal. We also hear from Jimmy Carter to hear about his favorite country singer, more opinions and reviews on the new Garth Brooks song, CMA news, the media turning on Obama and more.

SEGMENT 4– Bob tells us about the list of the cheapest cities in American to live in and discusses the arguments on solar power and renewable energy. We have some special guests from the Salvation Army to talk about Emergency Preparedness Month, and their efforts to focus on helping homeless women and children and the homeless population in Austin in general.


Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

SEGMENT 1– The show talks about the problems in the Ebola outbreak such as symptoms and how it’s being contracted. There are missing Lybia passenger jets and it’s causing some major concerns and fears of 9/11 type attacks. The Austin mayoral debate is coming up and we hear a report on Sheryl Cole taking a trip to South Africa on tax payers money.

SEGMENT 2– Garth Brooks released a new song today. We take a listen to that and hear opinions from the guys as well as a few callers. The show talks about the power of the internet and social media and how the ice bucket challenge has continued to reach people. We play a funny clip of Dolly Parton doing the ice bucket challenge. Bob brings up more issues with Austin Energy.

SEGMENT 3– David Ash is out and the Longhorns will be starting Tyrone Swoops as quarterback this weekend for UT. Jimmy Carter calls in to discuss CMA nominations, Ebola, Garth Brooks new song, and more.

SEGMENT 4– Dr. Jim “Bubba” Cullington is on with Bob to talk about the Ebola outbreak. They talk about how Ebola has not been relevant enough in the news, how to fight the virus, the CDC report and helping refugee camps in Africa. They also discuss the new UT medical school and new plans for the Frank Erwin Center.


Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Happy “Monday on a Tuesday”! We hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! Scotty went to Vegas this weekend and had pretty bad luck.  Eric went to the UT game and the show discusses the drone that flew over the field and the concerns, violations and future laws with drones. The guys recap the game and talk about the attitude and fan behavior for the first game of the season. David Ash is out with a concussion and with that leads into conversation of other injuries in college football and the NFL. Bob also went to the last Round Rock Express game of the season. There is another hacker on the loose. A fire burns down Mack Brown’s home in North Carolina and the guys discuss the impact of his departure from Texas on the other coaches.

SEGMENT 2– Bob talks about the renewable energy plans that were passed by Austin City Council on Thursday night and his opinion on how this will be more costly to the city of Austin. The guys talk some more about David Ash’s injury, Scott’s trip to Vegas and other aspects of gambling and casinos.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter calls into the show to discuss college football this past weekend; he likes college football better than the NFL because of the marching bands and school spirit. Jimmy also talks about news with Carrier Underwood, Garth Brooks and Luke Bryan, cell phone addiction, the new iPhone release, and more. We begin Face-Off with Jason Nassour and Susan Oswalt by discussing the city ordinance against single-use bags in grocery stores.

SEGMENT 4– Face-Off continues with talking more about other ordinances that have been passed by the Austin City Council such as the gender neutral bathrooms. The panel talks about how the smoking ordinance that passed in Austin a few years ago started a movement to pass other ordinances in Austin. The show talks about the cost of using renewable energy and the affordability, or lack thereof, of living in Austin.


Friday, August 29th, 2014






Thursday, August 28th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Bob talks about the financial organizations that were hacked into, believed to be hacked by Russians. The guys on the show are getting some suspicious spam emails to their personal email accounts. We talk more college football! Defensive Coordinator Vance Bedford is upset that the UT game hasn’t sold out and the guys discuss some of his coaching background. There is a new rivalry tradition between Texas A&M and South Carolina.

SEGMENT 2– A ‘Cops’ crew member was shot during the filming of a robbery in Omaha. There is discussion on the history of ‘Cops’ and some audio clips. The guys on the show commend our law enforcement but comment on the hardships of being a police officer. Bob talks some more about the Austin energy plans.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter calls in the show to discuss college football, the financial organization hacking, the naked fad with celebrities and on TV right now, Michael Keaton’s new movie, and more!

SEGMENT 4– Bill Little visits the station to talk about his history working in the University of Texas athletic department. The Bill Little media center dedication is tonight. Bob and Bill discuss numerous significant figures in UT athletics history. Bill talks about working with past Texas football coaches, the transition of coaching staff, and what Charlie Strong will bring to the field. Bob and Bill talk about baseball and how Coach Augie Garrido got his start with UT baseball.


Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– The show talks about some awful news, three children in Austin were struck by lightning yesterday. UT football is just right around the corner! The guys discuss Charlie Strong and the football team uniforms.  Bob brings up the Urban Rail and Austin Energy.

SEGMENT 2– We’ve got author Jenna McEachern to talk about her book, 100 Things Longhorns Should Know and Do Before They Die and past UT coaches, the Aggie rivalry and more. Jimmy Carter calls in to talk college football kick off, Neil Young’s divorce, the Buddy Holly country tribute album, the MDA Telethon post Jerry Lewis and much more.

SEGMENT 3– Jenna McEachern is still with us! Her and Bob continue to talk all things Longhorn history.

SEGMENT 4– Bob talks about the new Pat Green and Lyle Lovett song. We go to the Audioboard to hear a montage from the Emmys, Obama’s awkward American Legion speech, a two year old girl who swears doing an ice bucket challenge, and a funny clip from comedian Chris Rock.


Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– School began this week for Austin ISD and the surrounding areas. The Emmy Awards were on last night and the show talks about Seth Meyers hosting, the winners, and the Robin Williams memoriam. Scott tells us about a game show he’s trying out for and how he doesn’t care for Alex Trebek from Jeopardy. Bob and Eric went to a meeting near the UT campus yesterday and decided to visit the Co-Op while they were there. Bob talks about some robbers who are using advanced technology to break into cars. The guys talk about some epic events today in history.

SEGMENT 2– UT college football kick-off are coming up! The guys talk about the continuing hot weather and past weather patterns. There are scams happening at hotels with people asking for credit card numbers over the phone who aren’t legitimate. Bob talks about the future for lower, cheaper energy in Austin. The guys discuss an Austin City Council proposal of gender neutral restrooms.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter calls to discuss a big accident that happened to him, a Buddy Holly tribute album, Merle Haggard’s opinion on current country music, the first Superman comic being auctioned off, and more!

SEGMENT 4– In Face-Off, we have Jason Nassour and Susan Oswalt, as well as calls from listeners, to weight in on the topic of unisex/gender neutral restrooms.


Monday, August 25th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – Happy Monday! School starts this week, and so does the college and high school football season! The show talks UT football – the upcoming season, past seasons, and coaches. Also, are we seeing a trend in meth labs in small communities? In Ice Bucket Challenge news, Scotty is using the handicapped card to avoid dumping a bucket of ice water on his head – can you blame him?

SEGMENT 2 – In more Ice Bucket Challenge news, someone died completing their challenge – so be careful, please. Bob finally looked into his genealogy after having someone research it a few years ago, and was surprisingly interested in his lineage. The show discusses Bob’s relatives and their own family history. Bob met a Vietnam vet this weekend while shopping at Goodwill and had a great conversation. Scott moved his daughter into her college dorm this weekend and is feeling emotional about the situation. The show discusses the highlights of last night’s VMAs.

SEGMENT 3 – The show does their best impression of Woody the Woodpecker, following Britney Spears’ impressive video. We listen to some old hits including the Woody Woodpecker song, The Sound of Silence, and others. No Jimmy Carter today! He’s in-route to the hospital with an injury, but nothing to be alarmed about. The show discusses a list that names the top 10 things that make men and women feel confident.

SEGMENT 4 – Tony Plohetski calls in to give us the update in Rick Perry news.

SEGMENT 5 – Bucky from The Horn makes an appearance on the show and discusses his UT football, his coaching past, and the Alaskan cruse he just returned from.


Friday, August 22nd, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – It’s finally Friday! And whew – how about that triple-digit weather? The show discusses Johnny Manziel and we reveal some guests that will be joining us on the show in the next couple of weeks.

SEGMENT 2 – Bob’s almost glad he didn’t go to Alaska – it’s been a busy week in news. The show discusses some of the prominent issues going on right now. On a lighter not, the show sings along to Jim Crow songs.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in to talk about Willie Nelson’s protest, the border crisis, and ISIS.

SEGMENT 4 – The show discusses the Ricky Steinmark movie, the origin of the word “T-sips,” the Ice Bucket Challenge (that’s still happening?), the Little League World Series, and Quick Hits!

SEGMENT 1 – Bob is sad that he’s not in Alaska, but he’s loving the photo-shopped pictures of him photo-bombing the Governor. Bob can’t believe that the Ice Bucket Challenge is still going, and the show discusses the good that it is doing for ALS research. We play a clip of George W. Bush completing the challenge. The show contemplates what they would do if they had a ton of money.

SEGMENT 2 – The show talks about Vince Young’s interview yesterday on our sister station, The Horn, and speculates on where his career would be had he returned to UT. CNN Politcal Advisor Joe Allbaugh calls-in to talk about global warming, George Bush, Perry’s indictment, and ISIS.

SEGMENT 3 – Bob warns that school zones are being checked this week – so slow down and don’t get a ticket! The protests in Ferguson are finally diminishing, and we listen to an interview with the Austin man, Billy Moreno, who has been arrested several times throughout the protests. Jimmy Carter joins us and talks about Ferguson, and the important things happening in this country that deserve more attention than they’re getting.

SEGMENT 4 – We listen to a clip from yesterday’s Vince Young interview. Bob talks about seeing the first pro-light rail sign and A&M’s strange tee-shirts. We go to the audio board and hear clips from last night’s Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman. The show discusses their favorite ice cream.


Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Bob went to Rick Perry’s booking last night and talks about how awful parking is downtown and his accidental photobomb on the news. The guys discuss how they feel uncomfortable drinking or eating alone in a public place. The ice bucket challenge continues to go viral and have huge success. The show talks more about the riots and coverage in Ferguson, Missouri.

SEGMENT 2– We have mayoral candidate Steve Adler on the line to discuss partaking in the ice bucket challenge, his debate against candidate Mike Martinez, some of their differences, his campaign strategy and more.

SEGMENT 3– Jimmy Carter calls in to weigh in on Rick Perry’s indictment. He discusses the journalist who was beheaded by Isis and how people are tuning out the news due to all the negativity. The guys talk about possible Super Bowl performances, a movie theater with bed bugs, and more in the news.

SEGMENT 4– The show talks more about the Ferguson riots including a troublemaker from Austin and the police force.


Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – The show kicks off by discussing the Ferguson riots – are they mainly composed of instigators looking for publicity, or locals looking for change? How do we fix it? The guys talk about Johnnny Manziel flipping off the Redskins – oh and his performance in last night’s game. The dads on the show talk about their kids and the joys (ha!) of fatherhood.

SEGMENT 2 – The show talks about Rick Perry’s indictment, but we will not be talking about it on face-off. Bob tells us a story about getting busted for no-showing while on vacation. Someone keeps eating candy out of Bob’s candy jar. We go to audio board and talk about the death of Don Pardo – announcer for SNL – and how SNL has gone downhill. The show discusses the beef between Steve Adler and Mike Martinez, as well as Brett Favre’s Ice Bucket Challenge. On another note – there are some ugly trends on the fashion front; Matthew McConaughey wore a fanny pack to an Astros game – is this ok? The show is annoyed with Scott Elder and his irritating commercials.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter joins us to talk about the Pope, Don Pardo, Taylor Swift’s new song, Alabama’s new album, and the latest on the Ferguson riots. We also hear about Willie’s opinion on the border crisis. Also, it’s Tuesday and that means FACE-OFF! Susan and Jason join us to discuss college football, Charlie Strong, and what’s new with the Austin City Council.

SEGMENT 4 – Face-off continues with a discussion about the Ferguson riots and what they mean for the nation as a whole.


Monday, August 18th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – Happy Monday! The show discusses Governor Perry’s indictment, the situation in Ferguson, and the Rosemary Lehmberg video. Lot’s of serious news, but no worries – we’ve got some silly stuff too. Do you have trouble eating breakfast?  Listener Carlos Machiste has a message for you about something called “breakfast dysfunction!” Never heard of it? Well, neither had we. The show discusses the Ice Bucket Challenge trend, and which celebs have posted the best videos.

SEGMENT 2 – Eric, Bob, and Scott discuss Florida Georgia Line, and whether or not they’re capable of producing anything remotely decent. Eric says yes – bold statement! We have a listen to a clip from their newest song Dirt. Tony Plohetski of the Austin American Statesman joins us to talk to about Governor Perry’s indictment and what we can expect in the coming weeks.

SEGMENT 3 –  Jimmy Carter calls in to discuss the Ferguson riots, and what it could mean for our nation as a whole. Is this a war over race, or a war over poverty? Is President Obama really going out there? Find out in Jimmy Carter’s not-so-entertainment report!

SEGMENT 4 – Mike Clark from Natural Bio Health joins the show to explain the complications of depression – why and how it happens, as well as signs and symptoms. In Quick Hits, the show discusses several crazy news stories from this weekend. Prepare to be vexed.


Friday, August 15th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – JB from the Fringe brought his dog to work today…  Bob tells us about how he accidentally stepped on his cat. This gets the show talking about their like/dislike for cats. Bob has decided to do this Ice Bucket Challenge and will be doing that later in the show. The show discusses Robin Williams’ Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. The show makes note on how Scotty’s crankiness is improving.

SEGMENT 2 – Bob and Jeff Armstrong have a misunderstanding about American Idol. Bob has tickets to the Uncle Lucius concert tonght, but can’t decide whether or not he should go. Eric gets called out. The show discusses a new restaraunt/bar called Willie’s Joint opening in Buda.

SEGMENT 3 – Saturday is the anniversary of Elvis’ death, and the show discusses where they were when they heard the news. We go to audio board to listen to the “Top 5 Country Summer Songs” and a Robin Williams interview. Jimmy Carter joins us to talk about Ferguson, Israel, the Mexican border, the Ukraine conflict, and Ebola.

SEGMENT 4 – Bob completes the Ice Bucket Challenge! Tom Allen joins us for the Fun Friday celebrity sing-along.


Thursday, August 14th, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Eric and Scott start the morning off discussing back to school orientations and celebrity birthdays. Someone in Portland called the police about a chicken blocking the road and causing traffic. A 14-year-old boy was found living in a Walmart in Corsicana.

SEGMENT 2– The sunrise this morning looks beautiful. Joe Allbaugh calls in to discuss Obama’s lack of involvement in making decisions, the spirit of America and current issues in comparison to World War II.  Labor Day, football season and school are all coming up.

SEGMENT 3– The anniversary of Elvis’ death is coming up on Saturday. The guys discuss Star Trek and Scott’s attempt to get Meatloaf to visit the station. Jimmy Carter calls in to talk about Celine Dion’s cancelled tours, Casey Kasem, possible super bowl entertainment, and more!

SEGMENT 4– The guys got a surprise phone call from former UT football coach John Machovik this morning and they talk about what he’s up to now and his past with Texas football. The guys talk some more about the Urban Rail and the potential problems it could cause  in Austin. We have guests from Rodeo Austin come in to inform us about their scholarship program and upcoming events.


Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – Good news – the server outage has been fixed! The show discusses a city council meeting and what constitutes a good tip.

SEGMENT 2 – Eric had a cancerous patch removed, and the show talks about the importance of wearing sunscreen and taking care of your skin. Bob and Eric talk about gross things they text each other. Lauren Becall died yesterday and Bob talks about her career. Police Chief Art Acevedo is in the studio with us today. He tells us about his birthday party, and how he keeps a positive outlook on life.

SEGMENT 3 – Art Acevedo talks about Austin’s police department hiring more officers and employees. He also addresses mistakes and areas for improvement in the Austin PD. Jimmy Carter calls in and discusses the deaths of Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall.

SEGMENT 4 – The show discusses the Wendy Davis ad investigation, and Bob talks about Elvis and Lauren Bacall.


Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – The show discusses the unexpected death of Robin Williams, and the impact Bob hopes it will have on society. Bob shares some little-known statistics about Travis County.

SEGMENT 2 – The show shares a tribute to Robin Williams and talks about the nation-wide server crash.

SEGMENT 3 – In Face-Off, Susan, Troy, and the show discuss taxes, roadwork, and city council.

SEGMENT 4 – Susan and the guys talk more about Robin Williams, and share some statistics and facts about suicide.


Monday, August 11th, 2014






Friday, August 8th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – It’s finally Friday – and getting to work was a challenge due to traffic light and power outage problems. Bob has a bone to pick with a few Westlake people. Eric tells us about his show with Drew Womack last night. The show discusses why the new waterpark in Pflugerville is called Hawaiian Falls.

SEGMENT 2– Most people love Fridays, but Bob loves Mondays and tells us why. The show discusses Colorado’s marijuana legalization, the light rail that may be coming to Austin, and a stabbing that happened last night. The show also talks about last night’s Cowboys game and the UT Medical Center. Jimmy Carter joins us to talk about Obama’s speech, Russia conflicts, football season, and movies.

SEGMENT 3 – Jason Roberts Band is visiting and we talk about Billy Joel, Asleep at the Wheel, and working in the music industry.

SEGMENT 4 – Rick McRae talks about playing with George Strait, and we do our Fun Friday Singalong to San Antonio Rose.

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – The show discusses last night’s Aaron Watson concert – the last of the Free Texas Concert Series. There was a TAB meeting yesterday, and the show discusses how the music industry is changing. We once again discuss the pros and cons of having an ID card system here in Austin, and share a news story that aired last night.

SEGMENT 2 – Austin-American Statesman Reporter Tony Plohetski is on the show with us this morning. We discuss the Rosemary Lehmberg case, the Travis County government, weather, and, on a lighter note, Yeti coolers!

SEGMENT 3 – Eric is playing with Drew Womack tonight and is pretty pumped up about it. In news, we discuss Russia’s move to stop accepting US food products, immigration, and the presidential election.

SEGMENT 4 – Traffic is a serious problem in Austin, and we consider solutions to the issue. It’s a big weekend for Scotty as his daughter is leaving for college, and Eric is excited because he’s taking the kids to Six Flags for the first time. We discuss a teacher in Oklahoma that was arrested for showing up drunk and pant-less. We talk further about the TAB convention, Yeti coolers, and Toobapalooza.


Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – The guys kick off the show by expressing their views on different pharmacies. Bob reads a story about the arrest of a suspect in the I-35 rock-throwing case, but the show doesn’t think it’s the right guy. The Spurs have hired the first full-time, paid Assistant Coach in the history of the NBA – and the guys think she’s smokin’.

SEGMENT 2 – Bob met the new intern and thinks she’s delightful. The show talks about fraudulent charities, and how to avoid getting scammed. We play a story that KVUE did last night about the Broken Spoke, and the show discusses the few traditional dance halls left. The show talks about the salaries of singers vs. songwriters, and how free downloadable music is leading to an industrial downfall.

SEGMENT 3 – Following the conversation about fraudulent charities, Bob introduces us to CharityNavigator.org – a website that researches where your donations actually end up. The show discusses the light-rail issue, and whether or not it should come to Austin. The show goes to the audio board and plays clips from the CMA Music Festival, the Civil Wars’ farewell song, Seth Meyers, and Jimmy Kimmel. The guys can’t figure out how to work LinkedIn, and confess to being too addicted to their phones due to social media.

SEGMENT 4 – There’s a city council meeting tomorrow, and Bob let’s us know what’s on the agenda. The show discusses their love for PF Chang’s and their obsession with YETI coolers.


Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – In preparation for today’s Face-Off, the show discusses the Larry Eugene Jackson case. Bob let’s us know we’ll be talking to an Austin City Councilman today who rides his bike everywhere. Bob tells us a story about getting in a heated,on-air argument with a man named Reverend Frank Garrett. A listener calls in and speaks her mind about the Larry Eugene Jackson case, and Bob can’t help but agree with her.

SEGMENT 2 – Continuing their earlier conversation, the show talks about people taking advantage of the legal system, and innocent people going broke as a result. The show discusses the homeless issue in Austin, and Bob admits to giving money to a handicapped man on the side of the street.

SEGMENT 3 – It’s time for Face-Off, and this week we have both Jason and Susan in the studio – although Jason has a mild case of laryngitis and can barely speak! In light of the Jackson case, the show discusses other controversial cases before being joined by Councilman Chris Riley. Councilman Riley tells us about the council’s plans to expand come January, and what this will mean for the citizens of Austin.

SEGMENT 4 – Our second guest on Face-Off is Austin-American Statesman Reporter Tony Plohetski – who elaborates on the Larry Eugene Jackson case, and why it’s so controversial.


Monday, August 4th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – Guess what city topped the list for fastest home sales in the US? Yep – Austin, Tx! The show discusses the real estate market and Bob ponders selling his own land for some big bucks. The show also discusses the Greg Kelly, Charlie Strong’s press conference, and drug testing.

SEGMENT 2 – Friday was Intern Alex’s last day, and the show replays his sing-along of choice – Ring of Fire. The show talks about the crazy toxic water in Ohio, Larry King vs. Piers Morgan, and Bob shares a story about interviewing Muhammad Ali. The show discusses Jesse Ventura’s case against Chris Kyle and the criminal who has been throwing rocks at cars on I-35.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in and tells us all about his whale-watching adventure. Other topics include the Ebola outbreak, political correctness, and what’s happening at the movies.

SEGMENT 4 – The show discusses Austin’s “green-ness” and Sammy thinks it’s pointless. Bob points out that Obama’s hair has grayed significantly since he took office, and the show talks about the pressure that must come with running the country at this time. Other topics include Israel, Prop 1, and the Hall of Fame game.


Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – The show kicks off discussing the upcoming UT football season and the changes Coach Charlie Strong is bringing to the team. The sports discussion continues with the Rangers’ victory over the New York Yankees last night.  Bob talks about his son’s career as a Major League Baseball scout. The show talks about Kirk Minihane’s suspension for disrespectful comments made against Erin Andrews.

SEGMENT 2 – The show sings along to the Ernest Tubb classic Thanks a Lot. There’s a meeting tonight regarding the expansion of SH 45 and the show discusses the difference it would make for commuters.

SEGMENT 3 – A college course that encourages women to grow their hair out is gaining attention; the show talks about the public school system and how some traditions are discouraging critical thinking. Jimmy Carter joins us to talk about the Ebola outbreak, the immigration crisis, as well as some lighter topics such as country artist earnings – then and now. Garth Brooks’ Malibu home is up for sale – Bob tells us a story an experience he had with the singer.

SEGMENT 4– It’s time for Face-Off – in this segment we discuss a local man that got 100 years in prison for possessing child porn, the Greg Kelley case, and income protection.


Monday, July 28th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – This morning we are joined by Nick and Don Miller. Scotty is out of the office today and for most of the week spending time with his family and coping with their tragic loss, and Eric is on vacation until Wednesday. The show kicks off Monday discussing the cold front coming in this week, and a relatively old movie that Bob finally watched and actually loved. We discuss Twitter, the mass Chicago shootings, and Austin Energy’s rising charges. The show discusses air traffic, and how many planes are in the air at any given moment.

SEGMENT 2 – The show discusses the convenience and annoyance of Facebook birthday notifications. Bob Cole tells a story about how he was jipped on a handshake. Art Acevedo is having a dry birthday party, and the show discusses the ins and outs of attending such an event. The show talks about the upcoming cold winter and funny tee-shirt slogans.

SEGMENT 3 – Greg Maddox was inducted into the Hall of Fame this weekend, and he made a fart joke. Jimmy Carter calls in and talks about the bizarre lightening strikes in California that left one dead and several injured. The show discusses the conflicts in the Middle East, Garth Brooks’ ticket sales, alcohol poisoning at a Keith Urban concert, and a crazy accident that involves Comic-Con and zombies.

SEGMENT 4 – Quick hits – the show discusses interesting stories in the news from this weekend. We get a preview of Brad Paisley’s new album, and listen to an oblivious Keith Urban talk about how “awesome” his concert was (he had no idea numerous people were hospitalized due to alcohol poisoning). Bob tells us a crazy story about a concert he went to – it involves a giant homeless man on PCP and a knife. Bob shares with us several random stupid facts, as well as the ten most dangerous cities to travel to.


Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – The show starts off nice and early with a talk about naps and how many hours of sleep is actually best. The guys pick up where they left off on Mondays conversation about America’s homosexual population. Bob tells us about an article he read over the many issues in Russia.

SEGMENT 2 – The show talks UT football – Charlie Strong and Mack Brown – before taking conversation to a more serious level regarding property taxes,  immigration issues, and what America needs to do with illegal immigrants who are already here.

SEGMENT 3 – The show discusses an unsettling story out of Brooklyn, and Jimmy Carter calls in to talk about the Ukrainian spy jets, Garth Brooks, Sarah Palin, and (boo) Luke Bryan.

SEGMENT 4 – Bob talks again about his delicious bacon jerky, and political expert Mark Levin calls in to talk about being on cable television network C-SPAN, and the excess of prisoners in the system. The show breaks the news that another plane has crashed in Taiwan, killing at least 50. Discussion about robbers on the UT campus, the legalization of weed, and the 10 best beaches to take the family.


Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – Bob’s only been back for one day and he’s already feeling sick. The show discusses the weather, Art Briles, and the Longhorns.

SEGMENT 2 – The show discusses Rick Perry and his border control initiatives and Jason Biggs’ dumb comment about Malaysia Airlines. Jimmy Carter calls in and talks about border issues, Isreal, Ted Nugent, and James Brown.

SEGMENT 3 – It’s time for Face-off! This week we discuss Russia and Ukraine, a short work week, border problems, Nuclear Iran, and Israel. Everyone lists the one thing that they think deserves the most media attention right now.


Monday, July 21st, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – Bob is officially back in the studio today, and he tells us all about the long drive back to Texas. The show discusses Rick Perry’s border efforts, Tim McGraw’s groping incident, the woman breastfeeding at Brad Paisley’s concert, and baseball. We address some issues we’ve been having with the website, and talk about the father who beat a guy to a bloody pulp for molesting his son.

SEGMENT 2 – The show tries to determine the best place to get a bagel in Austin. Bob has a complaint about a new trend he’s seeing while driving in the rain. The show discusses the teen that drowned in Lake Georgetown, and signs to watch for while swimming with friends and family. Bob bears bad news about Austin Energy’s rate hike.

SEGMENT 3 – Bob is fired up about his bacon jerky, and makes everyone on the show try it out. Jimmy Carter calls in and has a bone to pick with Southwest Airlines. He and Bob discuss traveling habits and must-haves, James Gardner’s legacy, a horribly depressing day in the news, and movie reviews.

SEGMENT 4 – Everyone on the show tends to over-stuff the trash can, and now there’s a fee for it. The show speculates on the new socks and sandals trend and several blue laws. Bob is skeptical about a new study that states the percentage of LGBT in America. The show discusses a very important matter – the political correctness of midget wrestling.


Thursday, July 17th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – Bob is with us today from Tennessee! The show discusses football and the insanely high salaries of pro athletes. Bob tells us about his aunt’s funeral, and the guys discuss Dale Watson’s concert and the standards of country music.

SEGMENT 2 – Former FEMA Director Joel Albaugh is in the  studio with us – we talk about the Espy’s and the immigration issue. Congressman John Carter calls in and discusses border madness. Jimmy Carter gives us an update on the world of entertainment and selfies.

SEGMENT 3 – The show takes things down a notch and talks celeb birthdays, Bob’s hotel, Charlie Sheen, Eric’s hair, and…. threesomes?!


Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – Dale Watson is in the studio with us today! The show discusses Dale’s busy schedule, as well as the free show he’s putting on tonight. We listen to one of the songs off of Dale’s newest album, and he tells us a story about why he wrote it. While Bob is out, the show takes advantage and pokes fun at his awful singing.

SEGMENT 2 – Jimmy Carter joins us and gives us an update on the world of entertainment – Garth Brooks tickets, Lionel Richie, SNL cast layoffs, and crazy Taylor Swift fans.

SEGMENT 3 – The show plays the Dale Watson classic That’s Country My Ass – and Dale tells us about recording it. Dale talks about his new album Truckin’ Sessions, and what makes a good “truckin’” song.


Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – Bucky from The Horn is in today as Bob drives to Nashville for his aunt’s funeral. Bucky, Eric, and Scott discuss that annoying construction on Mopac and the upcoming college football season. Bob gives us a call and updates us on his journey.

SEGMENT 2 – The show discusses the top 20 college football teams for the new season – UT made the list, but not where you would want it. Bucky, Eric, and Scott talk about the crazy TV show Naked and Afraid. We get a call from Author Carl Russo about his new book about mafia crime in Sicily.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in to discuss entertainment news – Billy Bob Thornton, Sandra Bullock’s stalker, and the show 24.

SEGMENT 4 – FACE-OFF with Jason Nassour. The show discusses the immigration problem, Israel, Bowe Bergdahl, and Fracking.


Monday, July 14th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Monday and everyone is getting caught-up from the weekend. The show discusses the upcoming football season, local news, and – what else – BBQ!

SEGMENT 2 – Bob makes an official announcement about Josh Abbott Band. The show discusses Garth Brooks, Lebron James, and Rangers baseball. Bob plays a clip of the new Wendy’s commercial featuring Boyz II  Men and everyone has an opinion. Bob finds out his favorite comic strip character is being killed off.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter joins us to talk entertainment, news, weather, and – museums? Rita Ballou calls-in from Chicago to tell us about her exciting weekend at the Windy City Smokeout.

SEGMENT 4 – A KOKE FM listener calls us from Israel and tells us about the experience he and his wife have had there while on a business trip. The show discusses the current situation in Israel and the Middle East, as well as the immigration problem here in the US.


Friday, July 11th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – It’s finally Friday! The show discusses the threats Obama has been getting on social media, lying about radio reality, and being cautious about what you put on the internet. Eric talks about the hair transplant surgery he’s getting on Tuesday. Jim Chesnut joins us in the studio to talk about his new album Sisterhood Roadhouse Saloon, and how he mentally prepares himself for touring.

SEGMENT 2 – Jimmy Carter calls in and talks about Cirque du Soleil, Deena Carter’s LA appearances, Rick Perry, and Garth Brooks.

SEGMENT 3 – Jim Chesnut is still with us; he and the show talk Waylon Jennings, song-writing, and Dale Watson. Today is our intern’s last day, and the show sends her off with a Garth Brooks singalong.


Thursday, July 10th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Thursday and Obama is coming to Austin. We talk about traffic and the continuous problem it will be today. We listen to a clip about Obama laughing at being offered a joint and Mel Gibson feeling sorry for Shia Lebeof.

SEGMENT 2– We continue talk about border security issues. Joe Albaugh visits the studio, and we play clips from Obama’s meeting with Rick Perry.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter gives us the latest scoop and we get to have a nice,  long chat with Ted Cruz

SEGMENT 4 – We wrap up Thursday morning with Jeanine from the Salvation Army about how you can help and get involved.

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – Happy Wednesday! The show discusses Garth Brooks’ Dublin show cancellations, and Eric talks about what it was like working with the country music icon. Bob shares a story about missing a Sammy Davis Jr. concert, just to find out that several hugely famous guests made an appearance. The show talks more about Obama’s visit to Austin, and what might happen between him and Rick Perry.

SEGMENT 2 – A new movie about Freddy Steinmark (former UT football player)  is about to hit the big screen, and we’ve got one of the movie’s stars, Dustin Girch, on the line! Dustin tells us what to expect from the movie, and how it felt to be a part of a great story. Rita Ballou is in for Jimmy Carter today, and gives us an update on Netflix’s dream job opportunity, Pam Anderson, and Garth Brooks.

SEGMENT 3 – Doc Cullington is in the studio. The show talks about a former KOKE FM intern who is currently battling cancer, and gets advice from the doctor. Doc gives medical advice on allergies and other ailments.


Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – People are lining up to get their tickets to see the president. Bob and the show discuss Rick Perry’s comments about Obama and the border crisis. Eric shares a horror story from his vacation last week.

SEGMENT 2 – Bob plays David Nail & Lee Ann Womack’s cover of Glenn Campbell’s Galveston. Bob apologizes for accidentally giving false information regarding the Eli Young/Curtis Grimes concert at Nutty Brown. The show discusses the World Cup, and Tom Allen calls-in and talks about his life in radio.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls-in and talks about Crumbs Bake Shop, Moonshine, and worldwide news.

SEGMENT 4 – It’s Tuesday, so Jason Nassour and Troy Kimmel join us for Face-off. The show discusses the border crisis and what needs to be addressed.

Monday, July 7th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Monday and everyone is slightly worn-out from the July 4th weekend! Bob’s sickness took an unexpected turn over the holiday, but he’s back in the studio regardless. Eric is out on vacation and Nick takes his place for the day. The show talks sports and inspection stickers; Bob makes a big announcement.

SEGMENT 2– Bob gives us some World Cup factoids, but no one can seem to figure out what day the final game is on. The show discusses Joan Rivers’ CNN interview walk-out. Jimmy Carter joins us for entertainment updates.

SEGMENT 3– The show talks Low Budget Reviews, eating contests, and Carlos Machiste.


Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

SEGMENT 1– Bob talks about being sick yesterday, baseball and upcoming holidays. Also, a new study has found that couples spend more time together in the bathroom than dinner.

SEGMENT 2– We listen to some Musical History. Talk about the current issues with the military, Hobby Lobby and more.

SEGMENT 3– We talk to Jimmy Carter about current events and more!

SEGMENT 4 – Chief of Police is in the studio talking to us about Austin news and illegal immigration.


Tuesday, July 1st

SEGMENT 1 – Bob is out sick today. Eric and Scotty take the lead. Is Bob taking the day off to watch USA vs. Belgium? We talked about the KOKE FM Free Concert Series at Nutty Brown and more!

SEGMENT 2– It’s hot in Texas and Troy fills us in on it! Jimmy updates us on the most recent entertainment news. We talk about current Obama administration.

SEGMENT 3– It’s Face-off time! Supreme Court ruling on Obama Care. Opinions on Obama selecting former Procter and Gamble chief to lead Veterans Affairs. We talk about authorities finding an 11 year-old Guatemalan boy’s body about a mile from Texas’ southern border.

Monday, June 25th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – It’s Monday! Bob, Eric, and Scotty discuss their weekends, sports, and some feel-good stories to start your week off.

SEGMENT 2 – Troy Kimmel joins us to discuss the July 4th weather forecast – it’s the first Independence Day in 10 years without a burn ban! Kevin Fowler is in-studio with us to talk about Fowler Fest – and to reveal who will be performing with him that weekend. Kevin and the show discuss Willie’s new album and bro country, among a few other things.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls-in to talk about Dolly’s smash performance at a rock festival in England, news this week, and movie reviews.

SEGMENT 4 – The show listens to some hits from the 60s and discusses a serious news story from Dripping Springs. The show discusses Google’s announcement that users will no longer be able to research or buy guns using the search engine. In lighter news, the show talks about the most popular family pet.


Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – Bob and the rest of the show complain about how every country song seems to have the same content; Eric introduces us to a new voice in country – Ft. Worth Ferguson, who can’t seem to stand today’s “bro-country” either! The show discusses to pros and cons of owning more than one home. The gang also talks about soccer, and its value in the US. Eric, Bob, and Scott debate about Kenny Chesney’s new song – Bob’s not a fan, but Eric thinks it’s catchy.

SEGMENT 2 – Dr. Jim “Bubba” Cullington sits-in on the show and talks about the wonderful city of Austin – and where it lies on sever “Best places to ____” lists. Jimmy Carter calls in to discuss entertainment news.

SEGMENT 3– Legendary former UT pitcher Cat Olderman joins the show and discusses her career, Texas State, and college baseball.


Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – Bob’s back in town – and full of stories from Omaha. The show discusses this week’s storms, Scott’s birthday weekend, and the College World Series. We’ve also got some crazy news stories for the day – you don’t want to miss this…interesting (?) segment.

SEGMENT 2 – Representative John Carter calls into the show and talks politics. Bob presents the show with souvenirs and goodies from Omaha. Jimmy Carter joins us to talk about the entertainment world.

SEGMENT 3 – It’s Tuesday – that means Face-off! Candidate Steve Adler joins us and answers questions about his campaign for Governor of Austin.


Friday, June 20th, 2014





Thursday, June 19th, 2014





Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – The show talks about Longhorn baseball, and Scotty ruffles the feathers of some Raiders fans. Bob tells us about an Omaha adventure and speaks highly of the community. Terry Booth joins us to talk about the Texas Heritage Songwriters’ Assc.

SEGMENT 2 – Scott apologizes to the offended Raiders fans. Terry Booth wraps up his interview. Jimmy Carter joins us to talk entertainment news.

SEGMENT 3 – We listen to voice mail from listeners – mostly angry Tech fans – and Scott is given the chance to defend himself. The show discusses the animosity between rivaling Texas schools.


Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – The show discusses a stabbing incident, homelessness in Austin, and the Tornado that ripped through Nebraska yesterday. Bob talks about baseball and a dinner he attended last night where he spotted a country music celebrity. The show talks about OJ Simpson on the 20th anniversary of the Bronco chase.

SEGMENT 2 – The show talks about Longhorn baseball and a new fuel-efficient car. Jimmy Carter joins in to talk entertainment news.

SEGMENT 3 – Susan Oswalt and Jason Massour join the show to talk about government news and issues.


Monday, June 16th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – The show discusses the Spurs and UT baseball. Scotty and Mike give us their weekend movie reviews for low-review Monday.

SEGMENT 2 – The show talks more college baseball; Bob shares his thoughts on the war in Iraq and how gas prices will be impacted, as well as how his stay in Omaha is going.

SEGMENT 3 – Bob tells us about a delectable treat he has found in Nebraska; the show discusses Casey Kasem’s death.  Jimmy Carter joins in and tells us about his Father’s Day weekend.

SEGMENT 4 – The show discusses sports, sports, and more sports.


Friday, June 13th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – Bob gives us an update on his aunt, the show discusses/plays cheesy songs, and Bob tells us a story about Daryl Strawberry.

SEGMENT 2 – The show discusses more cheesy songs, sports, and Thursday’s storm. Bob talks about Friday the 13th, and Jimmy Carter joins in.

SEGMENT 3 – Eric talks about his dad in lieu of Father’s Day. Mark McKinney joins the show for the Fun Friday singalong.


Thursday, June 12th, 2014






Wednesday, June 11th, 2014





Tuesday, June 10th, 2014






Monday, June 9th, 2014






Friday, June 6th, 2014






Thursday, June 5th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 (first half)

Segment 1 (second half)




Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – Bob talks about getting his dog, Bear, put to sleep yesterday. The show discusses different types of country.

SEGMENT 2 – The show sings along with some of Moe Bandy’s greatest hits and discusses the Taliban prisoner exchange.

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter calls in. The show discusses crime in Austin and talks sports.


Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – Bob, Eric, and Scott discuss losing the family dog, the UT/A&M rivalry, and Mack Brown’s future.

SEGMENT 2 – Chief Officer Art Acevedo joins the show and responds to listeners’ questions. Jimmy Carter calls in to talk sports, entertainment, and other news.

SEGMENT 3 – Face Off with Susan and Troy; the show discusses the Bowe Bergdahl controversy.


Monday, June 2nd, 2014

SEGMENT 1 – Bob, Scott, and Sammy talk sports and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

SEGMENT 2 – Bob talks to Tammy Travis about her husband Tim’s deployment in Afghanistan – she gets a tear-jerking surprise!

SEGMENT 3 – Jimmy Carter shares his two cents on national news.


Thursday, May 29th, 2014




Wednesday, May 28th, 2014





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