Bob Cole

Bob Cole

On Air Talent – Host of the KOKE FM Morning Show weekdays and the Sunday Morning Gospel Show.

In bringing back KOKE FM, Bob Cole has realized a true dream in being able to create a renaissance of the most iconic radio station in Austin history.

Bob’s commitment to cultural preservation is demonstrated in his other business ventures as well. He owns Austin’s Hill’s Café and formerly The Tavern and Frisco Nighthawk restaurants. These cultural icons are alive today because Austinites remain committed to seeing this aspect of Austin’s unique character survive for future generations to enjoy.

Bob Cole is also the voice of The University of Texas Longhorn Band and the stadium announcer, with Bill Little, at all Longhorn home football games.

Bob Cole was Inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2003 and the Texas Radio Hall of Fame in 2008. Bob has also been the CMA’s DJ of the Year in 3 different market size categories, as Austin’s population has grown.

Community Service is also a major part of Bob’s commitment-serving as Austin’s most visible and requested non-profit fundraiser event host, emcee and board member.

Married 34 years to wife Linda, a son, Jason, 25, who attends St. Edward’s University and daughter Amanda, 24, who attends Texas State University. Cole resides in deep South Austin with his family and 3 dogs and 3 cats.

Famous for coining the phrase, “Ain’t it great to be alive in Austin, Texas”.

A man who truly loves Austin— “Barbeque Bob Cole”

Eric Raines

Eric Raines

on Air Personality – Program Director And Producer Of The KOKE FM Morning Show.

Eric was born and raised right here in Texas! He has a little different perspective on radio because he has been on both sides of it…. behind the mic of course and, he spent 15 years of his life on and off the road with different bands.

He played drums with Ty England for 3 years and even got to play several times with Garth Brooks Stillwater band. After that it was on the road with Rick Trevino and even had a brief stint with Cory Morrow filling in for a while. He finally gave up on that dream after kids arrived in his life. He still plays on the weekends with a local cover band Sprung.

He started his radio career here in Central Texas and he feels lucky to be back working in the area he has lived in since he was four. His radio career has spanned 15 years and in that time he was a innovator of the medium. While working for Starsystem, he was the first person to send a Voice Track in the new modern radio world. He was also proud to host The Music Series in Austin for 6 years.

Eric Raines….Producer, Father, Musician.

Scott Bennett

Scott Bennett

On Air Personality and Traffic Guy

Scott Bennett was born in Austin and began life as a baby DJ and drummer and evolved into a voice-over artist and producer. He attended The University of Texas at Austin from 1988 to 1992, majoring in Radio, Television and Film. He planned to go into radio and, instead, ended up using his music knowledge to consult nightclubs all over the United States. He then took his production and voice-over talents and opened an ad agency which is still in operation today. He has also been the music director and DJ at the world famous Dallas Nightclub for over 22 years. In his spare time he still likes to play the drums and annoy the neighbors. Scott currently sits on the executive board of MDA Central Texas. He lives in Round Rock with his wife, Kelli, and their 3 kids: Courtney,18, Brooke,12, and Jack,10.

Jason Nassour

On Air Personality

Jason Nassour is a founding partner in the law firm of Keel & Nassour, LLP. He is an active litigator in the areas of state and federal criminal, administrative and general civil law. Mr. Nassour is a 5th generation Austinite with his family opening its first retail merchant store on what is now known as 6th Street in 1893.

Mr. Nassour received his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Texas (1994) and a Juris Doctorate from Baylor University (1997). He was licensed to practice law by the Texas Supreme Court in 1997 and holds federal licenses in the United States district courts for the Western, Eastern, Southern and Northern districts of Texas.

Mr. Nassour is the General Counsel to the Texas Labor Council and oversees and administers the legal defense plan for the Texas Fraternal Order of Police state legal defense plan.

Mr. Nassour was a walk-on player for the University of Texas Longhorn football team in the 1990-1991 seasons and he has remained active in athletics as a coach in the Western Hills Little league for over twelve seasons. Mr. Nassour coaches for the Westlake Chaps Pop Warner football program and has been an active board member in the Westlake Pop Warner organization for the past four years. In addition, he is the general counsel for the Central Texas Pop Warner Program and the Alive at 25, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating our youth about making prudent decision in their early years.

Troy Kimmel

Troy M. Kimmel, Jr.

KOKE Weather Person, Entreprenuer And Author

Troy Kimmel is currently  a senior lecturer at the University of Texas in Austin. Troy graduated from Texas A & M University and started in television back in 1978. He has worked with Bob Cole and the Bob Cole morning show for many years and will continue to be an integral part of the new KOKE-FM morning show as well as the stations chief meteorologist.

He can be reached at

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter

KOKE FM Entertainment Reporter

Jimmy’s life can best be described as someone who’s been sitting on the front row. From covering Presidents to Hollywood stars and lots of things in between. Jimmy has been covering all things entertainment since 1968 at age 15. He was part of the number one morning radio show in Austin for many years and now he is back with Bob Cole on KOKE-FM! The fact that he is an ALABAMA football fan will not diminish his credibility in the Austin market. Just talk slow around him.

Tom Allen

Tom Allen

On Air Personality – Host Of Tom Allen’s Country Gold

Tom Allen celebrates his FIFTIETH year in broadcasting this year (2012). Tom got his big break in commercial radio when he got the call one early New Years Day (3AM) in 1962 from one of the radio stations in his hometown of Duluth, MN. It seems the regular morning DJ had a bit too much celebration on New Year’s Eve, and Tom got tagged to sub for him. Radio’s been in his blood ever since. After five years in rock radio in markets like Hartford, Seattle, Lansing, and Cincinnati, Tom switched to country in 1967 and immediately fell in love with the music. Tom has been country ever since, working in many major markets including St. Louis, Dallas, Detroit, and Austin. Tom’s great love is Classic Country, and loves doing his Country Gold Show which he has done in Austin since 1998. After retiring for two years, Tom now has hung his hat at KOKE-FM where his Country Gold Show resumes every Saturday morning from 5 to 10AM. Tom is married to wife Marianne, with two daughters, Anne Marie and Tammi, and two grandchildren, Logan Thomas and Taylor Anne. When Tom isn’t doing his favorite thing, (playing classics on the radio), he and Marianne love to spend time with the grandchildren and RV with friends. Tom has been an RV’er since 1974.

Drew Bennett

Drew Bennett

On Air Personality

drew bennett is a native austinite and sixteen year radio veteran of the austin airwaves. born in austin and raised in amarillo, drew began his radio career in the panhandle but the majority of it has been spent right here in central texas. “i made a two year stay up in kansas city, too. i realized how much of a texas boy i really am and how much i loved austin so i came back and made a vow to never leave again.”

After sixteen years in Austin radio and twenty three years in the industry, Drew feels most at home with his show on KOKE-FM. “This is hands down my favorite time to be in radio. To get to work with such a great new company and on such a legendary station… I feel really blessed to get to do this with my friends and to get to share this music with our KOKE-FM audience. Austin deserves a station like this I am really honored to get be a part of it. Email Drew at

Joe Allbaugh

Joe M. Allbaugh

Mr. Joe M. Allbaugh is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Allbaugh International Group, LLC. As Director of the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) from 2001 through March 2003, Allbaugh led the charge in managing and coordinating the U.S. Government’s response to some of the most devastating man-made and natural disasters in the U.S. While at FEMA, Allbaugh managed 2,500 employees and an annual budget of $3 billion.After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Pennsylvania and the Pentagon, Allbaugh coordinated the Federal government’s response and recovery efforts which cost well over $8 billion and were completed ahead of schedule.

Allbaugh was a founding member of the U.S. President’s Homeland Security Advisory Council.

Prior to moving to Washington, D.C., Allbaugh served as the Deputy Transportation Secretary for the State of Oklahoma. In 1994, he was brought to Texas by current President George W. Bush to manage his campaign for governor. After Bush’s victory in Texas, Allbaugh worked as his Chief of Staff for 5 years. Within this capacity, Allbaugh helped shape the state’s response procedures and approach to natural disasters such as tornados, floods and hurricanes which were common in the state.

In the latter part of 1999, Allbaugh shifted posts to become the campaign manager for the Bush-Cheney Presidential campaign. Allbaugh helped lead the campaign to victory and was a key member of a tight circle of aides serving the U.S. President that the media dubbed the “Iron Triangle” which included Karl Rove and Karen Hughes.

As U.S. President, Bush nominated Allbaugh to become Director of the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The U.S. Senate confirmed Allbaugh on Feb. 15, 2001, placing him at the helm of the nation’s response and assistance efforts to emergency and natural disasters.

Today, Allbaugh is applying his vast knowledge, experience, expertise and skills to provide emergency and disaster preparedness strategic counsel and services to private and public entities.