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Mel’s Onnit Fitness Journey: Blog #5

Mel’s Onnit Fitness Journey: Blog #5

My middle name should have been Grace. Two weeks ago, I tripped in a pot hole crossing the street in Dallas(WEARING UGGS of all things!) and sprained my ankle. REALLY. BAD. I have never sprained my ankle like this… not even through all the years that I have played sports! On top of the KANKLE, I ended up getting sick the following Thursday! Talk about a rough week! I missed only one workout though(when I was sick)! I had to brag, because old me would have used the ankle as an excuse to not workout. Instead, we did all arms!

The second that it happened, I thought about my work outs with Onnit. I was so upset at the thought of not being able to continue to work out with Onnit! That’s when I knew I was truly committed to trying to make a change. Commitment, is one of the single most important thing that you need to stick to making a healthier lifestyle change. It’s not easy, it’s actually really hard to break bad habits, or go to the gym when you’ve had a super long day at work or just down right don’t feel like it. I have done several different programs and diets etc. and I can tell you the times that I wasn’t fully committed, no matter what program it was, it didn’t work. I think it’s extremely important to surround yourself with people that are supportive and respect your journey. If you are just getting started,  have never even been in the gym or have just been out of the gym for a long time, I think it is SO helpful to have a personal  trainer or a partner that helps push you and hold you accountable. I am so grateful to have both through this journey. It really does help!

All of this being said, my ankle is thankfully on the mend! Chris (my trainer) has been awesome about helping me rehab it and working around the kankle!

I also was given a huge box of supplements and goodies! Let y’all know what I think soon! #GetOnnit


mel hering

February 28th, 2018

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