KOKE FM’s Pet Of The Week: Whiskey

KOKE FM’s Pet Of The Week: Whiskey

Whiskey is full of boundless love, loyalty, and affection. He is constantly rolling on the ground for belly rubs, especially if he can you think he’s been a good boy about something… cue the laying down on the ground and rolling over for a belly rub as a thank you…. and you’d be doing that a lot because he IS a good boy. Whiskey is really smart and has a lot of skills under his belt – sit, down, place, come – he knows them all.

Whiskey is also house trained and comfortable in a crate. When out of the crate, he knows what toys he can play with and what things are off limits. Though he loves a good romp or a game of fetch, he is equally fond of naps and lounging on the couch. Really, being with his people is his favorite thing. He’s just the most affectionate little love muffin you’ll ever meet.

Whiskey is also in the Total Obedience Program. The Total Obedience Program (TOP) is modeled after the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. As a TOP dog, Whiskey has a personalized training plan and works with a volunteer trainer several times a week to help him learn the skills to become the best dog he can be!

Whiskey is now TOP Dog Ready, which means he has already learned all the skills in his training plan, including walking nicely on leash, sitting calmly when approached by strangers, calmly walking past another dog, staying in a sit or down until told “free,” and coming when called. Whiskey has worked hard to become a wonderful pet and as a part of APA’s Total Obedience Program you can work with APA staff to continue to build a training relationship with Whiskey after adoption and master all the TOP dog skills together. Check out a video on APA’s CGC program, on which the TOP was based:

Whiskey’s the type of dog who totally knows when you had a bad day, and will up his snuggle game accordingly. He is for someone who is looking for a soulmate. If you think you’re in the market, you should come meet him!

Kristen Townsend

July 12th, 2018

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