KOKE FM’s Pet Of The Week: Tugg

KOKE FM’s Pet Of The Week: Tugg

Tugg is just about the most fun dog you’ll ever meet. He’s wiggly and wriggly and loves to play! Tugg is, as his name suggests, a true toy connoisseur. You need a dog to snatch that tennis ball out of mid-air? Check! Need a good arm workout? This pup will keep you busy for hours with just his rope toy, and let’s not even mention his love for frisbees. Tugg is not just about the toys though, no siree! He is also a member of our Total Obedience Program where he’s learning all the basics plus some fun stuff like place, so when Tugg brings you his tennis balls, you’ll never have to worry, because all it takes a ‘drop’ and the ball is spit out, with Tugg expectantly wagging for the next toss!

Tugg’s waiting to show you his rope toy in his new forever home, so stop by our Town Lake location or email .

Do you love your rescue pet? Tickets for the Love Your Rescue Pet Day Benefit Concert featuring artists such as Leo Rondeau, Beth Chrisman and Carson McHone are on sale! Get yours early at!

Adopt. Foster. Donate. Or Volunteer to help Tugg and other animals like him!

Rita Ballou

July 13th, 2017

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