KOKE FM’s Pet Of The Week: Brimmer

KOKE FM’s Pet Of The Week: Brimmer

Brimmer Pet of the Week

Have you ever seen an arctic fox playing in the snow? With that extra special pounce? Brimmer has the imitation down! Look there’s a ball. Running leap with a giant pounce!

Brimmer is a self-starter with a bit of spunk. He loves running around the pens and playing with balls. He doesn’t ever really pick them up, just sort of propels it around the yard with his nose and chases after it. He would be a great running or hiking partner.

Brimmer seems house trained and is working on focusing on his people while on the leash, and will likely improve with a steady routine. He is very affectionate with people, and loves to have his belly rubbed. He will nuzzle right into your chest to ask for one. And his fur is very soft – you’ll want to oblige him.

We think he’d do best as the only pet in a more active household with older kids who can help in his training. With some consistency and love in his life, we think he will really blossom.

If you’re looking for a little special something in a dog, you might find what you are looking for in Brimmer. He has tons of untapped potential, just waiting to shine.

He’s a 3 and 1/2 year old English Setter mix. His nicknames include Brim Bram in the flim flam and Brim Brim. Not to mention his name can be sung to ‘Chim Chim Cheree’.

He has the softest fur and the perfect spotted ear. Brim is a low-key guy that might seem aloof at first, but the joy he shows every time his person walks in the door is umatched. He’s crate and house trained, loves a good stroll on the trail and knows sit. He loves squeaky toys and finds joy in sunbathing.

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February 14, 2017

Rita Ballou

February 14th, 2017

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