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FACE OFF: Featuring Jason Dorsey

FACE OFF: Featuring Jason Dorsey

Today Face Off welcomed a special guest, Jason Dorsey.


Jason Dorsey is a bestselling author, Millennials expert and co-founder at The Center for Generational Kinetics. He and his team lead Millennials and generations research across the U.S. They specifically teach companies how to solve the Millennials sales and employment challenge.

Here are a few of the more controversial angles he has uncovered at his Center:

  • Millennials are breaking into TWO generations. This is having a profound impact on the economy, politics, parenting and our future.
  • Millennials are NOT tech savvy, but tech dependent. They don’t know how technology works, just that they can’t live without it.
  • Entitlement is 100% a learned behavior. Where did Millennials learn it? From their Boomer parents who saved them from consequences/struggle.
  • The group most offended by Millennials acting entitled: Millennials who do NOT feel entitled. They think they’re getting a bad rep from the other Millennials!

If you want more interesting bio details, such as awards, CEO endorsements, etc., click here.

If you want to watch a short video that pretty much sums up Jason’s unexpected (and funny) research check it out below.

And if you want to read his brand new study on Gen Z, click here. The study includes what they think about politicians.


Take a listen to the entire Face Off segment below.


February 23rd, 2016

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