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ERay’s Onnit Fitness Journey: Blog #5

ERay’s Onnit Fitness Journey: Blog #5

I’m not even sure what week we’re on now. I do know that I’m now to the point where I not only look forward to working out, I don’t feel good unless I do. Once you hit that mindset, you start wanting to eat better, work out harder and not skip workouts even on your days off. That said last week Chris (my trainer) let me box.

Now I’ve heard about how boxing was an incredible cardio workout and how if done properly it would shred your core. It was pretty neat putting on the hand wraps and then the gloves just like Rocky. I think I was more excited about this workout than I’ve been so far. Chris would call out numbers, and I would punch accordingly. For instance, if he said the number one, I would throw a jab to his left hand wherever it happened to be. Let me be crystal clear I was NOT sparring, I was just going through drills but, over the course of 40 minutes, this by far was one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever been put through. Boxing is NO joke. I actually said, “be careful what you wish for”. If you ever get a chance to box, do it. It will work parts of your body out you didn’t know you had. I had to sit in the truck for about 10 minutes after to gain my composure so I could drive back to work. I think we have three or four weeks left and I’m dreading this process being over. I realize after two months of pushing myself and getting back on a program that Onnit not only is a World Class gym but, an atmosphere of success. Nobody goes there to be social!

I’ve gone to other gyms on my days off because I don’t live in Austin and I just seem to walk around. Having a trainer like Chris Maranon (@2fast323) is the only way to get started again. PERIOD!!! I can’t and won’t do it on my on. I recommend Onnit to anyone I see but, I also recommend wherever you workout, hire a trainer. You won’t push yourself the way a talented trainer will. You get what you pay for. I’m pushing up barbells yesterday and Jeremy Hills is working with Jamaal Charles right next to me and getting a couple of guys ready for the NFL combine. Pretty surreal to watch. Here I am just trying to work on my Dad Bod and next to me these guys are working on where they land in the draft.

Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, just keep moving. Walk down the street, walk your dog, something. Just move and get started. For more details on Onnit Gym check out

I get to box again tomorrow….#GetOnnit.

Rita Ballou

March 7th, 2018

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