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ERay’s “Onnit” Fitness Journey: Blog #4

ERay’s “Onnit” Fitness Journey: Blog #4


Can I touch my toes?  That’s a weird way to start a blog but, last week I realized I’m close.  I never put too much emphasis into stretching.  That’s all changed in the last several years since I’ve gotten older and felt pulls and tears everywhere.  Onnit gym treats stretching, warming up and down as a priority in workouts.  This is week #5 of Onnit Gym. I’ve still not stepped on a scale.  I have some goals and yes one of them is to drop around 10-15 pounds of fat.  I think you have to change some habits both eating and just feeling like you need to get into a gym.  I’m there with that part at least.  Once you start working out and moving daily, you don’t feel right unless you’re doing something productive.  I’m still working on the diet part.  I like to eat and that’s why I workout.  This week we’ve changed the daily workouts. I’m doing lots of leg exercises so, I’m walking a bit slower.  It’s pretty humbling looking across the room and seeing Lifetime Longhorn and NFL Pro Bowler Earl Thomas working out right next to you. But, just like anyone else he has to work at it daily to stay on top of his game.  While I was struggling to do another set of pushups Earl just smiled and said ‘keep it up’.  Whatever motivation it takes I’m still moving. I would recommend checking into Onnit Gym regardless of where you are in your fitness journey. From pro athlete to someone who just wants to step up your fitness game. I’d also recommend getting a trainer.  Chris works with me and there’s nothing like having someone training you correctly so you not only see improvement but, most importantly don’t hurt yourself. Let’s face it if you’re doing it on your own your more likely to skip a workout or not really give it your all.  I promise if you’re paying someone to help train you, this won’t happen.

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Rita Ballou

February 21st, 2018

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