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ERay’s “Onnit” Fitness Journey: Blog #3

ERay’s “Onnit” Fitness Journey: Blog #3

Well, here we are. It’s week #3 of working out at Onnit Gym. This is the week frankly that everyone on KOKEFM and the Horn got competitive. It’s funny, we started this off as a ‘fitness challenge’ where we were challenging ourselves and now that everyone has gotten comfortable with the gym and Chris (our trainer) it’s turned into “Hey I’ve done more sets than you.” I love it that competitive juices are flowing. Having someone push you sometimes is the key. Too many times when you’re just walking in a gym and trying to do feel better you WON’T challenge yourself. Have a girl do more pushups than you and it’s game on.

All kidding aside, this is the first week I’ve felt like I’m back in a gym and feeling my endurance pick up. I still refuse to step on a scale and honestly the before pictures haven’t been taken yet. We are all working out with Chris separately but, keeping up with each other collectively. I can tell I’m improving from day 1 to week 3. It’s as much of a mindset as seeing muscles pop out or pounds fall off. I didn’t grow this tire around my waist in three weeks, it’s NOT gonna fall off in that amount of time either. I’ve downloaded a My Fitness Pal app on my phone. Yes, I’m counting calories, carbs, all the things we hate to look out. I don’t obsess about it but keeping track of what you eat, actually looking at it makes you think about it more. My diet is improving..not perfect but, improving. I’m actually sitting on a couch in Galveston getting ready to play with Sprung (a band I play with) for Mardi Gras weekend. Then I’m heading to Nashville for the Country Music Seminar CRS so, the struggle will be real — trying to not eat like a pig and drink like I’m on vacation. I’ve brought my workout clothes with every intention of getting up and trying to maintain some sort of physical activity. Dropping your diet and movement for a week is a killer so this is as much mental as it is physical. I will say the entire group at Onnit Gym has been supportive and truly has gone above and to make sure our group is staying involved. From the actual workouts to diet and positive reinforcement, this isn’t your normal workout box. I’m loving getting my rear kicked weekly. Let’s keep moving forward. #GetOnnit


Rita Ballou

February 2nd, 2018

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