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ERay’s “Onnit” Fitness Journey: Blog #2

ERay’s “Onnit” Fitness Journey: Blog #2


It’s week two of workouts at Onnit and sometimes I think when you’re trying to get back in shape your expectations can be a little off. I’ve done this yo-yo exercise regime enough over the year to understand to NOT expect a sixpack and a ton of weight loss this early. Honestly, I haven’t even stepped on a scale and probably won’t for a while. I’ve been going to Onnit gym, using the supplements and ‘trying’ to eat better for a couple of weeks now and the main progress I see is in my attitude. If you’re truly going to try and get moving and feeling better the attitude part sometimes is the hardest. At least it is for me. My workouts have been similar over the last two weeks and I’m noticing that my stamina is better and Aharon and Chris (trainers) have been great making sure I’m keeping great form and not hurting myself. I’m also at the point now that I’m looking forward to walking into the gym. Having a trainer that holds you as accountable as the goals you’ve set for yourself is important and these guys are great. Monday I sit down with a dietician to look at what I’m doing and how I can improve upon my diet. I know that’s my biggest hurdle.

Oh, yeah…I’ve had a couple of people ask how many days a week I’m working out. I train with Onnit twice a week and try to get to the gym in some capacity at least two days on my own. This week I made it four days in a gym and tried to at least walk the dogs a couple miles at home to make it 5 days of moving forward. The mindset is getting better. I’m using an Iwatch and tracking my steps and a food ap to at least see what I’m eating at this point. Again I’m NOT on a strict diet YET. I have a feeling that is all about to change. I think the first two weeks were like when Mr. Miyagi made Danielson wax the car and sand the fence to get him ready for what’s about to happen. It’s all out in front of me and this week is important because I travel to Nashville in a week and need to make sure I make improvements and keep pushing.

For more details about Onnit gym check out their website HERE. Wherever and however you decide to workout, just keep moving forward and trying to keep a positive attitude doing it. #Getonnit

Rita Ballou

January 29th, 2018

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