Drew Kennedy Releases ‘At Home In The Big Lonesome’

Drew Kennedy Releases ‘At Home In The Big Lonesome’

“This is the story of what life is like for those of us somewhere in the middle of it all. It’s about the journey to get to this point, and the giant question mark-shaped path we’re following onward from here. Of how even the best-laid plans for your next big step have to so often be altered because life calls,” singer-songwriter Drew Kennedy says of his new album, At Home In The Big Lonesome. Released Friday, the 11 tracks find the husband and father in familiar territory, though he ventures into his most complex musical territory to date.

“To be honest, I got tired of waiting for somebody to sing to me on the radio,” Kennedy said. “I kept wanting to hear someone tell a story that I could relate to at this moment in my life, but I couldn’t find it. So, I figured I’d sing it myself.”

Rita Ballou

November 7th, 2017

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