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DETAILS: Jimmy LaFave’s ‘Go Fund Me’ Account

Jimmy LaFave

Friends and fellow musicians are planning a May 18 concert at the Paramount Theatre to honor longtime Austin singer-songwriter Jimmy LaFave, who was diagnosed with an aggressive and incurable form of cancer last year.

“Celebrating Jimmy LaFave” crowdfunding page has been established for friends and fans to support Jimmy in his time of need:

Jimmy LaFave

Dear Friends of Jimmy LaFave,

Our beloved comrade Jimmy has been diagnosed with a very rare fast-growing cancer called spindle cell sarcoma. Not much is known about it, nor is there a
protocol in place that has been successful in sending it into remission. At this point, it is clear that Jimmy is not going to be living the long fruitful life that he hoped for and that we would wish for him. In spite of this dire news his spirit is upbeat and as courageous as would be expected from our soulful friend.

We can all say unequivocally that Jimmy has touched our hearts and souls with his voice and songs in ways that go beyond thought and reason…something deeper hits us inside where we long to be reached. Jimmy has ushered us into that place time and again with great good humor and humility, always playful and sweet, incredibly musical. We are so grateful to have been in the front row seat to bear witness to his many gifts.

We have asked Jimmy what we can do for him, and this crowdfunding campaign is being born out of that desire. Jimmy would like to set up a vehicle through which several of his favorite causes can be the recipients. All contributions to this site will be made in his name and gladly received.

With appreciation for his music and our years of friendship in mind, we are organizing a Songwriter Rendezvous, a celebration of the life and songs of Jimmy LaFave, at the Paramount on May 18. The Songwriter Rendezvous will feature some of the top songwriting talent in the country. The lineup and details will be announced soon at the Paramount website.

We expect this to be a night where our community is reminded of the best part of ourselves and all that is of value in our lives. We hope you will join us in creating a glorious evening for Jimmy.

With love,

Friends and family of Jimmy LaFave

Click HERE to donate.

Rita Ballou

April 21st, 2017

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