TUESDAY 6.13.17

TUESDAY 6.13.17
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31 December 1969
TUESDAY 6.13.17
31 December 1969 |

We start the morning with a lesson on Roger Creager from Rita and Eric. We talk about Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors winning the NBA Finals last night finally getting Durant his first championship ring and the MVP title. Eric makes fun of Rita’s Louis Vuitton purses and we talk about Bill Cosby’s trial which leads to Bob telling us a story about a time he addressed the court himself and got shut down by the prosecution very quickly.

Bob talks about an app that can disable your phone while you’re driving and Scotty shows us how Siri reads your texts and sends texts for you. Mayor Steve Adler calls in for Ask The Mayor. Bob reads us a list of the cleanest and dirtiest fast food restrooms.

We listen to a song by a Texas band out of Dripping Springs named Midland and talk about some of the story behind their band. Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody calls in to talk about things he’s implemented since he became Sheriff and recent cases in the news that are taking place in Williamson County. Bob talks about the celebrity softball game that just took place in Nashville and we listen to a clip of audio from a reality show that Bob has some questions about.

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