THURSDAY 2.16.17

THURSDAY 2.16.17
Release date
31 December 1969
THURSDAY 2.16.17
31 December 1969 |

Ritas tells us about presenting an award with Johnny Knoxville last night. The crew listens to Lady Gaga’s audio from the Super Bowl and talk about old musicians and groups that they enjoyed and think sent good messages to their audiences.

Eric plays the audio file of Rita and Johnny Knoxville last night presenting an award. Johnny told Rita that she’s lovely. Troy Kimmel checks in with the show. Eric talks about the time Rita pulled her skirt up backstage at Lonestar Jam and Rita updates us on what’s trending.

Scotty and Rita have a rematch of yesterday’s game “Name that tune.” Rita accidentally slips up and says something she shouldn’t and Eric reminisces on his old college Fraternity days.

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