MONDAY 3.13.17

MONDAY 3.13.17
Release date
31 December 1969
MONDAY 3.13.17
31 December 1969 |

The crew tells stories about moving after Eric mentions that he moved over the weekend- Bob seems to hurt himself a lot when moving. Eric is totally out of it this morning and missed his exit by quite a bit while driving to work today. One of the Sister Sledge girls passed away over the weekend, Bob talks about Ivanka Trump’s clothing line sales, and Rita paid over $1,000 for her purse.

Bob talks about the weather and welcomes Troy Kimmel onto this mornings show. Bob asks Rita about her knowledge on some government stuff then informs her on it. Carlos Bachista wrote a new song about the hate Rita has for deer. Bob brings up a bill that a Houston Legislature woman has proposed that would restrict men from doing many things.

Bob reads off a list of the happiest places to live. Eric wants to do a bracket for NCAA basketball. Rodeo Austin President, Eddie Ledesma, checks in and Bob talks about UT Baseball.

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